croissant making day! (+ a recipe for you!)

i have the most delicious croissant recipe for you today, plus lots of photos (and a video on my instagram!) from a croissant making class our family recently took at mille-feuille bakery! plus a discount for you to take the class yourself.

you might remember when eleanor and i took a macaron making class together at the same bakery a few years ago after our girls trip to paris where she fell hard for her raspberry macaron. we had the best time trying our hand at making croissants this time with josh and samson as well. i am learning i do not have the patience for the time and number of steps required to bake some of my favorite pastries, but this was such a fun experience, and i loved learning something new with my family.

you might recall from my macaron recap post, but i think it’s just the coolest that pastry chef and owner olivier dessyn and his wife nathalie have carved their own path for their family with their bakery mille-feuille. they were both working in entirely different industries in paris (a civil engineer and software engineer) before realizing they wanted to pursue their love of baking and owning a business together about ten years ago. their bakery in greenwich village has seen a lot of success and they’ve since opened a location on the upper west side and as of last month, a brand new location in brooklyn! many thanks to them and to olivier’s chef, jonathan, for inviting our family to their bakery and for this fun class.

below are the basic ingredients for your croissant dough!



  1. combine all dry ingredients
    335 gr of all-purpose flour
    40 gr of granulated sugar
    8 gr of fine salt
  2. add the melted butter
    65 gr of unsweetened butter
  3. combine the yeast with the milk and liquid vanilla and add to the rest and mix
    17 gr of fresh “slow” yeast (or “fresh yeast for bread”)
    155 gr of whole milk
    15 gr of liquid vanilla
  4. wrap the dough and let it set overnight

once you have the dough, you can check out my video on instagram to see how we rolled it out with the butter and formed each croissant before putting them into the oven. if you’re in new york city, i highly recommend taking olivier dessyn’s class since he has so much insight and wisdom and tips to offer throughout the process to really make each croissant perfect.

we used an almond cream for some of the croissants which was insanely delicious.

almond cream recipe

  1. combine 50 gr unsweetened butter (room temperature) and 50 gr granulated sugar
  2. add 50 gr almond flour and combine
  3. add 35 gr of eggs (room temperature) and combine
  4. let the cream set in a pastry bag in the fridge before using


mille-feuille has extended a generous offer of 30% off their croissant baking class with the code “Taza” if you’re interested in attending the class!  you can book your class here.

lots of photos below!

a tip from olivier when it comes to baking with butter: you must find a butter with a high percentage of butterfat (86%) as it’s a whole other level of butter. if it has a high percentage of fat, it’ll bend like in the above photo without ever breaking! my mind was blown. we definitely played with our butter for a while. ;)

we folded the dough (folding in butter) several times before rolling it out, which makes these layers in your croissant dough. the tricky part then is shaping the croissant without crushing all the layers together. olivier did this step so seamlessly each time.

see above for the almond cream recipe…

once your croissants are on a baking sheet ready for the oven, paint them with an eggwash!

some of the best croissants i’ve eaten. we came home with so many we made deliveries to all our neighbors in our apartment building with warm croissants and pastries. and somehow even with sharing the goods, i still ate like 32 and felt sick because of it. worth it though. so worth it.

thank you to mille-feuille bakery for inviting us in for a class!

and if you’re interested in the class, mille-feuille has extended a generous offer of 30% off their croissant baking class with the code “Taza” at checkout. you can book your class here.

  1. rachel

    eleanor and sampson are the most beautiful children ever!

  2. Lauren Young

    In the recipe, I’m assuming the 40 grams of granulated salt should be 40 grams of granulated sugar since there’s another 8 grams of salt below that? Excited to try these out, I’ve always wanted to try my hand at making croissants!

    • josh

      yes, thank you!

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    Why are you no longer post where the clothes are from that you are wearing?

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    Where is your shirt from! Love it

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    could you please link your super cute top! beautiful photos (:

  7. Kelly

    This looks like such a fun day and the Kids look like they had a BLAST!

    xx Kelly
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  8. Allison

    That looked so much fun! What a sweet story about the owners of the bakery. You got me inspired to look for something like this to do with my girls-maybe when they are a bit older :)


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  10. Sandz

    Taza like your pictures & the classes schedule Kids will be out for spring break soon. Do you make fruits Filled Croissants with that fruit glazes please let Us know.

  11. Bethany

    Great post! I always love reading posts about cooking with children, they are always inspiring. Actually, your post has already inspired me to bake a couple of pies and croissants. Many thanks for this!

  12. Hannah

    These look so yummy! I will definitely have to give them a try! And the cream, ooh la la!!

  13. Lauren

    looks like an amazing day out, thanks for sharing with us :)