a video from our family trip to mont tremblant, quebec!


hiiiiiiii! how are you? thank you for being patient with me as my blog has taken a back seat while i finish writing my book. between the writing, the kid rearing, the longest winter ever and sickness fest 2.0 happening AGAIN over here, i’m a little bit all over the place right now. i also i told myself i wouldn’t watch the bachelor this season because life is bonkers but i got sucked in last week when i was up soothing a little one in the night and now i have to add that drama to my crowded headspace (i mean, gladly! … but also #WHATISHAPPENING and are you #TEAMMADI or #TEAMMADI?!).

instagram has been easier for me to keep up with while i write, so if you follow me over there, you might have caught a bit of our family’s trip to canada last week for winter break on instagram stories. i’ll be the first to admit, this trip wasn’t the smoothest sailing (i mean, what trip with kids IS?), but this one felt a bit rockier than usual.  from the long day at the airport to a cancelled flight to a ten hour car drive to a couple days of weather that was extra cold even for mont tremblant, quebec (-24!), it was a bit touch and go there.  BUT, i am thankful we were able to make the trip happen, and the good parts of our time together in quebec and on the road for sure cancel out the trying moments. lots of respect for anyone who parents little ones in a colder climate like quebec, and i’ll shut up now about new york being cold in the winter.

we have some tiny snowboarders on our hands! samson has especially taken to the sport and it was hard to peel him off that mountain even with the wind chill! we spent lots of time in the hotel game room, at the indoor pool of our hotel and eating alllll the food. i have no desire to ever get back into a car with anyone in my family, but josh is still somehow continuing his hunt for an old car to restore even post trip. he is part crazy, and that’s why i love him. i know we’ll graduate from the toddlers-in-car-seats-stage before we know it and then cars won’t be so terrifying. we just aren’t used to it right now since we usually walk or take the subway to our destinations in the city every day.  lots of respect for any parents who have to drive long distances with toddlers in their day-to-day. :)

here is a little video i made with some clips we took on our phones during the trip. i try to set a goal to throw all the clips into a finalized video straight away or it never really happens. i learned this the hard way last year with our video from our florence italy trip and since i didn’t do it right away (i ended up doing it in april), i forgot to ever even upload it! i finally did the other week, and it’s also on my youtube channel if you’d like to watch it. can’t believe that was an entire year ago and that my babies are not babies anymore!

happy wednesday!

  1. Micah

    Still love the blog format so much, even though I know Instagram has major pull! Just saying, keep up the good work :)

  2. Gilly

    Hey there – lovely video :)

    I tend to have lots of these clips also and wondered what is the best way to create a video from them. Nothing crazy fancy, family viewing. Thanks :0

  3. Pam

    tremblant is spelled incorrectly in your post title!

  4. Amy

    how do you make these videos? I would love to learn!

  5. S M

    so glad you guys got to do this!