happy new year!

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and just like that, it’s january 2nd and the year 2020 is here! over the years, i’ve really come to appreciate the fresh start that january offers us. while i would still probably categorize january as my least favorite month of them all (it’s cold. christmas decorations come down. it gets dark early – to name a few), i do love taking time in the beginning of the month to reflect on all my blessings, and find a focus for the coming year. i feel more aligned with myself these days than i ever have before, so i’m excited to finalize my intentions and direction for the new year with the month of january before us.

the last decade taught me more than i could have imagined upon entering it. in many ways, it was painfully hard at times, with more stretching and growing and soul searching than i bargained for. but it’s undoubtedly the one i’ll always look back on with so many fond memories because it’s the decade where the births of our five babies took place. with so many firsts – first pregnancies with baby kicks and expanding baby bumps to first physical holdings and first feedings together. to first smiles and laughs and steps and words. but so many firsts for a girl taking on the role of mother for the very first time, too. so much navigating and fumbling and trying again and again. and then figuring out how to do it with two, then three, then two at once plus the three. it’s the decade where a fun little blog turned into something more, and josh resigned from his job and worked on Love Taza along side me. when our own marriage deepened and thrived as we grew in love and laughter and friendship. where we learned to co-work, co-parent, and build the life we want to live together, as unconventional as it might be at times. we launched collaborations like our own luggage collection in target stores nationwide, met amazing people (remember this?!) and traveled to some very special places with our little ones. we scaled back a lot, learning what works for us and what doesn’t, and while we’ve intentionally put our focus on our family the last few years (as opposed to a lot of big projects and opportunities that came our way), we are so excited for the many things coming next (including this!), with family still coming first, always. always. always.

with all this looking back at the last decade, my mind started wandering towards what this new decade might look like the other night. and while at first it started to look just as exciting as we graduate from diapers entirely in the beginning of it (woot woot!) and might possibly soon eat meals without mac and cheese flying across the table (imagine!), i realized we’ll be approaching the end of it with a couple of teenagers (and one possibly out of the house entirely embarking on her next adventure  — what?!) which is too much for me to process right now. i am certain there will be more growth and unexpected trials as these next 10 years come and go, but if the last decade taught me anything, it taught me where to find the tools to tackle them, to brave them, and how to focus on what matters in spite of them.

for now, looking at this coming year is what i’m working to do, and set my intentions and direction for the next 12 months to best serve my people, my community, and my own body and health as best i can.

i want to wish each of you a happy new year, too! may you find the purpose and intentions within you this month to create a meaningful (and so very magical) year ahead. i love you.

  1. It’s been so great to see you family grow and thrive in this last decade! Thanks for sharing so much of yourself with the world! It’s hard to imagine my youngest will be 17 in a decade and just getting ready to graduate high school that spring. My mama heart can’t bear it!


  2. elaine

    Such a great post and how wise it is to look both forward and back to a decade not just a year. It is amazing how fast the years go by when you are raising a family but look at it this way, you will have almost two decades ahead… and by then you may be ready to be an empty nester! haha… but it isn’t as fun as having your family around you!

  3. Hannah

    Thank you for this post! Really looking forward to your book. I’ve been following since at least 2012 and it is so neat to watch you and your family grow.

  4. Haley Simpson

    Happy New Year! I have loved following along these past couple of years. Thank you for sharing the joys of life and motherhood. Would you mind sharing where that white bookshelf is from? Thanks so much!

  5. Happy New Year to you all! I’ve been reading your blog for years and always love what a positive person you are. Wishing you a great 2020 :-)

  6. Allison

    Happy New Year to one of my favorite bloggers! Hope the new year is off to a good start, can’t wait to see what’ next for you all.