beatrice & madalena’s bedroom reveal!

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i’m excited to share some photos and details on beatrice and madalena’s room… finally!


the girls moved into their room (josh’s and my old office, RIP – the office) over the summer when i weaned them from breastfeeding. it was hard to give up the office because we really liked having a separate space for working where we can close the door and not be on the computer or phone when we needed to work while the kids were home (it was a main factor for moving into a bigger apartment a few years ago, which was before we knew we’d be having twins) – we’re trying to figure out a new arrangement for the office situation (currently set up in a corner of the living room, and not so bad since the living room can be closed off entirely as well with the double sliding doors and the french door, BUT! will share more on this configuration soon.)

ANYWAY! the girls moved into this space over the summer as i weaned them from breastfeeding and also from our bed.  you might recall from some of my posts in the past, as we’ve had more children and figured out what works best for them and us, i’ve done away with cribs and nursery rooms entirely during the breastfeeding chapter of their life and we just co-sleep together during that time. in the past, this worked for us because it was only one baby in our bed, and when i weaned them, they were ready to transition to a toddler bed at this point over a crib (or with eleanor and samson, a mattress on the floor together for the first few months since i was transitioning them from tandem nursing) since they were around two.  i weaned beatrice and madalena earlier than i would have liked to because two babies in our bed was killing our entire family and with the way i prefer to nurse on demand, i couldn’t figure out how to do away with nighttime feedings entirely. so, long story short (or longer?!), the girls transitioned into toddler beds in their very own room much earlier than any of our older children have in the past. but somehow, it’s working. most of the time! ;)


during the first few months, i would have to put one to sleep by herself and then about twenty minutes later, put her sister to sleep. it was too tricky to do both at the same time at first since they’d just bother one another (so much twin chat!). but we’ve graduated now to the place where josh or i am able to kneel between both tiny toddler beds and rub their backs or play with their hair and sing them songs at the same time as they doze off. the biggest question i get is, how do you keep them in their beds and not wanting to get out and go play?! i think the two reasons this is working, is because we stay with them until they fall asleep and because this room doesn’t have any of their toys (we keep all the fun stuff in the playroom!) and this room is dedicated to books and sleeping. the same goes with our three older kids who share a room, too (ps- we’ve redone their room as well recently. will share soon!). the big kids bedroom is a sleeping room, and our older kids know if they wake up and their siblings are still sleeping, they can come out to the playroom to read or play or do art or build something or do whatever quietly so they won’t wake the others. every family set-up is different, but for us with city apartment living, this has been what works best. beatrice and madalena know that their nursery room is their sleep room. we have a routine every evening where after brushing our teeth and getting into our pajamas, we read books on their bed together (with the lights already dim) and then when the lights go black, we lay down and say a prayer and mama rubs her back and sings to her until she is fully out.  in the beginning, beatrice got this routine down in the first couple of nights and it was so easy peasy with her (she’d also do a solid 9-10 hours without issue) while madalena liked to sit up a lot and want to open the curtain at the window and look out during our night routine at all the twinkling city lights.  eventually, madalena got the routine down solid and then beatrice went through a phase of wanting to stand up on her bed and look out the window like thirty times as we were going to sleep. they switch a lot, but for the most part, they know when the room goes dark that they don’t have much of a choice but to sleep. i’ve learned if i keep quiet when they sit up or want to open the curtain, they grow bored with it and stop. i’ve never done the crying it out method. i’ll stay in their room and rub their backs and sing to them until they are asleep. it’s just what we have preferred over here. it can take a little while, but it’s what works for us. also, for the first month or so, i’d put a few pillows on the floor between their beds incase they rolled out in the night, but they stay in their beds just fine and it hasn’t been a problem.


hands down, my favorite part of their room is the wallpaper. i have loved looking at beautiful abstract and colorful wallpaper prints online for years, but they’ve always felt intimidating to actually execute as well as out of reach for us since we are renting. a lot of you recommended removable wallpaper to me several months back when i did a poll on my instagram about what to do with this space. it felt less daunting to hear so many of you had worked with removable wallpaper and had a great experience. it was only a matter of time before i was working my angle to get josh davis on board. ;) the girls wallpaper was gifted to us from chasing paper and all seven of us over here (and especially josh davis) are in love with the floral print. at first i wasn’t sure if going with something big and bold would be overkill, but every time i browsed different wallpapers online, i kept coming back to this floral print. for anyone curious, removable wallpaper is basically a big sticker that you apply to the wall and can peel off when the time comes to change it out (or move out of your rental) without harming the wall whatsoever.  something else we didn’t realize until it went up on the wall, but it has done wonders to distract and disguise how uneven our old nyc apartment walls are. our walls seriously bow and curve in many sections and since the print is more abstract (less geometric), it hides the awkwardness of the uneven lines in a rather nice way. thank you to chasing paper for gifting us this wallpaper and helping us get it on the wall.


since i had given away our old toddler beds years ago (gosh – how i have regretted that- they were jenny lind and i can’t find them online anymore!), i found these toddler beds (slightly similar to jenny lind) on amazon and they’ve been great. the quilts are from pottery barn kids, as are most of the throw pillows (a few from crate and kids, too.) the lamp is an oldie that we’ve had for several years from land of nod (now crate and kids) and the rug is from here (by the way, it shed like crazy the first month or two after we bought it. but it’s totally fine now!). the white cart holding all the changing table goodies is from target. the turquoise storage bins on the shelves are from amazon. most of the things in there aren’t the girls, but it’s where we store office and home supplies, from our camera equipment to odds and ends to files and what not.

get ready for a lot of photos below!

miss beatrice!

miss madalena!

possibly my favorite photo of the batch, sums up their personalities so well. madalena is always climbing anything (she likes to make a slide out of everything, too) and beatrice has incredible facial expressions that always let you know how she’s feeling. they are the best, these two. so much fun.

if i missed anything you’re curious about regarding their room details or night routines, please ask below. stay tuned for more updated room tours since many rooms and furniture arrangements have shifted over here.

HERE is our playroom photo tour, HERE is our living room and a look at josh’s and my bedroom. and HERE is the kitchen in our apartment.

  1. Olga

    It’s so colorful, I’m sure they love it! I’m glad you were able to find a strategy to get them to sleep at the same time, I never thought about all the intricacies of having twins!


  2. Meghan

    I always admire you so much! You do such an amazing job at crafting such fun, imaginative spaces for your little ones. What lucky little sisters M & B are. Beautiful pics and even more beautiful little gals.

  3. Lauren

    That wallpaper is gorgeous!! We’re planning on giving our whole house a makeover and I am most excited about the nursery. You can just have so much fun with it!

  4. Viola

    Looks beautiful! My baby just turned 1 year old and until now always fell asleep on his own in his crib after bedtime routine, but since a couple of days screams when I get to the end of the routine and want to put him in bed. Tried holding HIM longer, station g next to his bed and cuddling him while he’s in bed… nothing g works, he just points at the bedroom door, like he wants to go out and play (even though he’s tired)… separation anxiety? As a mom of 5, any tips?! I don’t want to do cry it out either.

  5. Ally

    So many questions! I have 20 month twin boys and they are in cribs. Thinking of switching to toddler beds soon. How do your girls not tear that room apart. Jett and Welles would pull every bin they could reach onto the ground.

    Also, do they sleep under the covers? Right now my boys don’t sleep with blankets and they flip and flop all over the cribs all night. I’m curious how they’ll handle a bed!

    Do your girls ever get out of bed and mess with stuff? Do you have a camera in there to check on them during the night?

    I can’t tell if girls are just better at leaving things be than boys.. or if my boys are crazy 😜

  6. Kim

    The room is beautiful, and I love hearing about the bed time routines! We are still trying different things with our 14 month old to get the ever elusive sleep so it’s always great to hear about what others do! My question is, do you have any problems with them getting up and out of bed and into things or wandering around?

  7. allison howell

    Love! Where is their changing table/dresser from?

  8. Katie

    I love this space! It is so joyful and happy…especially when you add the girls! And those beds and how tiny they are get me!

  9. Dianne

    Thanks for sharing! I’m curious. Do they ever wake up in the night looking for you? Do they need another back rub or song to help them get back to sleep? Asking because my almost 2 year old wakes up multiple times a night and needs one of us to go in and hold her hand until she falls back asleep.

  10. Elizabeth

    Beautiful! What time do you start bedtime with them? Is it before or after the big kids? Trying to nail down a routine with my 4yo and 19mo boys in their bunk beds. So far baby still sleeps with me.

  11. Lauren

    So adorable! Would you mind sharing where the personalized pillows are from?

    • naomi

      they are from pottery barn kids but no longer available.

  12. Martha

    Beautiful! Where are their personalized name pillows from?!

  13. shari

    Ok, this is the happiest, sweetest little girls room EVER! We have twin boys and I am so excited for toddler beds – is there anything cuter than twin toddler beds?!

  14. Kayla

    Love this so much! I just ordered the Jenny Lind toddler bed from (you’ll never believe it) WALMART! We are so excited for the transition! We have been co-sleeping while still nursing, but now that our babe is starting to self wean we know it is time! Thanks for sharing!

    • naomi

      WHAT?!?! amazing. thanks for letting me know!

  15. Ashley

    Will you share your favorite toddler board books?

  16. Tiffany

    So beautiful!!! That wallpaper is absolutely gorgeous!

    Where is the dresser from please?

    Thank you kindly!

  17. Gem

    What a beautiful space

  18. Oh my gosh!! What amazing littles details! The rug… that wallpaper!!! Such a gorgeous little nook. I’m in love!

  19. Jackie

    Love this! My son is a month older than the twins and I have been following you long before they were born. We also co-sleep while I have been breast feeding him and I’ve begun the process of gentle weaning….it’s so hard tp wean! We are about to transition him back to his bedroom….

    where did you get their mattress from?!

  20. Hi Naomi,

    I have twins as well and I can’t put them to sleep on my own, nor does my husband. We have each one to put one to bed. They still fall asleep on our laps so, if I say to one: let me put your sister down and I’ll come back for you. Yeah, yeah… screaming… For the babysitter it is peanuts, they even don’t need to be held, they are put on the bed and sleep, but they just don’t behave the same way with us. Any tips? They are also not sharing a room at the moment, so the singing and back rubbing are impossible. Do they also wake the other up if they happen to wake during the night? Thank you!

  21. Jill

    Will you share the room dimensions?

  22. Brooke

    Absolutely beautiful! I love how you pieces the room together. I get so intimidated mixing in other fun patterned things, like the throw pillows and baskets with such a dominate (and incredible!) wallpaper. How do you balance it so that it looks good without being busy?!

  23. So many adorable pictures. I love the lifestyle feel of all of these, they will be treasures when they are older. Love how you captured the space, love the wallpaper, I wish I had been better about documenting life with my nice camera instead of moving to my phone lately!

  24. Ren Layton

    Where are the monogrammed pillows from? And beatrices name thats on the shelf, I can’t tell if it’s wire or wool? Where is that from? Thank you! It’s beautiful!

  25. Holly

    Could they get any cuter? I love seeing your posts on the twins because we have a daughter that is about one month younger and it’s fun to see their little personalities blossoming! I adore everything about their room-and your blog! Thank you for sharing! ❤️

  26. Sarah

    Love everything about their room!!!

  27. Vicky

    This is such a cute room. I read this at the perfect time. My daughter is not having the crib anymore. It’s a cry fest any time we try to lay her down in the crib. She’s only 15 months but we’re already considering transitioning her to a toddler bed. You mentioned this took place over the Summer – was that around my girl’s age or did you wait until 18 months? I’ve been reading a ton about how a lot of people wait until either that age or a certain height. It’s stressful trying to figure out the best path to take.

    Love the girls room!

  28. Stacey

    How long did it take to night wean them? Did they wake up a bunch crying to nurse? I’d love to hear more details in your process!

  29. Liliana Ferrari

    I LOVE this wallpaper! And I love the fact that it’s renovi ime! I had never heard of it! This spring we will move to an apartment and my children will have a room for each one … I’m a bit sorry to divide them, but I already imagine the times they will come out of their rooms to sleep together❤️ eminent compliments for the new bedroom, it’s adorable

  30. Noemie

    Hi Naomi, the girls room looks gorgeous, they must be so happy in their little nest ♡ thanks for sharing all the details, where is the embroidered pillow with Madalena’s name from? It’s so pretty! Thanks and Happy New Year!

  31. Becka

    Where is the cactus from??

    The room looks great!!

    • naomi

      it’s from flying tiger! but maybe 4 years old?

  32. Eva

    Hi!! Where did you get that precious personalized embroidered pillow? It’s gorgeous!! Thank you!

  33. Becky

    How do you get them to stay in bed??

    • naomi

      i talk about this a lot in the second and third parapgraph of the blog post!

  34. Elisabet

    Too sweet Naomi!! I looove it! Greetings from Germany :)

  35. Suzette Hernandez

    Hi it’s beautiful! Where’s the dresser from?

  36. Veronica

    Super cute

  37. Emily

    where are the adorable name pillows from?

    • naomi

      from pottery barn kids! sadly, no longer available.

  38. Brooke

    Love the room!! Please tell me where you got the throw pillow that has their name embroidered!! It’s adorable!

  39. Diana

    LOVE that wallpaper and how it makes the white furniture pop! Looks like the girls love it too!

  40. Amanda Hamilton

    Hi Taza, I LOVE your apartment. Also live on the UWS with my family (husband and 6 month old!). We have been looking for a 2BR with an elevator in a prewar building for awhile. Any recommendations you can send me on what broker you used to find your place?

  41. Richa Patil

    I just love your girls… the room…and everything.
    You motivate me. I have a baby girl who is 5 months old. I hope I could nurture her like you are nurturing your kids.

  42. Kelly

    Ive been curious for a while wondering if you had all kids in one room or not (forgetting that you’d moved houses a while back). This room is so gorgeous! Congratulations to you on getting your bed back to yourselves too. That must be amazing.

  43. Amanda Jane Jones

    Really really cute!!

  44. Carmen

    Me encantan las camitas! De dónde son? Gracias

  45. Rachel

    This room is SOOO CUTE! I love it so much. I have a city apartment in Seattle, so I have loved this series because it has given me so many ideas! I didn’t see it above, but could you share where you got the white dresser/changing table? I love the style and brass details, too!! Long time follower and just love your little corner of the internet so dang much. Much love!

  46. Casey

    Erm, isn’t E. too old to share a room with two brothers?

    • josh


  47. Candice

    So cute!

  48. Amy

    It looks great!! I love the wallpaper! Can I ask where their sweet embroidered name pillows are from??

    • naomi

      thank you! they are from pottery barn kids but they aren’t available anymore. i bought them last fall.

  49. Layne B

    I b love how you infuse everything with colour. It’s so playful, fun, and something I’ve always admired of your personal style. ❤️🧡💛

  50. Lara

    Love this bedroom

  51. Jenny

    You are such an incredible mama! The rooms is so adorable. I love hearing about routines and daily activities. Can you share the daily routine of all 5 kiddos? And how you weaned the girls?

    Thank you!

  52. Lindsay

    Where are those adorable embroidered name pillow cases from? So sweet.

  53. Ana Russell

    The foam for changing diaper? What is that? Love the colors!!! Looks amazing! I have a toddler same age as your twins!

  54. Jackie

    Looove the room, and your family. This may not apply for the twins and more for your older children, at what age did you move them to share a room with their older sibling? I have a 7 month old and a 2.5 yr old that will be sharing a room. Baby is still in our room, I still nurse him once or twice a night but I’m so anxious to move them in together. People think I’m crazy to have young ones share a room, but that’s our life and I love to see that it’s yours too. Help! There isn’t much advice out there! Thank you!

  55. ej

    I know you are bummed about the office lost but this room is amazing! you did great with the space. so colorful and playful without being kiddie. hope that made sense.

  56. Cathy

    This room is amazing! What a fun place to be little!

  57. Selen

    Now I’m totally in love with the wallpaper! I have a 6 months old daughter (my first born) so parenting is a whole new chapter for me! My biggest question is she never gets to sleep until I hold and nurse her; and when I stopped nursing she’s suddenly awake. I don’t know if it was the same situation with B and M, but it would be great if you can make a post about their sleeping transition from holding them to backrubbing&singing only (I mean I’d happily to sit beside her even for hours rather than holding her during the night :)) Thanks for sharing great tips for newbies like me! Xx

  58. Veronica Hernandez

    The panda sweatshirt! I remember Eleanor wearing that! Xoxo

  59. Lisa

    Do you mind sharing where those cute patterned, round canvas baskets are from? They are adorable.

    • naomi

      they are from anthropologie but no longer on the site. the artist who designed them though is Katie Vernon.

  60. Pam

    I love this room!! That wallpaper makes me want to put some up in my apartment! The nursery was adorable in the last apartment too. You have an eye for color, I love all your spaces and your beautiful family!!

  61. This is the most PERFECT little girls’ room! I absolutely love the wallpaper and wish my bedroom looked like that! Definite inspiration!

    K A T E L A T E L Y //

  62. Kelsey

    What mattresses did you go with for the toddler beds?
    Love the room!

  63. paula hesje

    Beautiful room! Can I ask where that sweet lamp is from?

  64. Whitney

    So so cute! Hooooow do you keep the twins from pulling out every single one of those bins?!!!!! I would have to be putting them back together every single day! Whew!

  65. The decor makes me happy and will surely make your girls happy too! Such a great room to live in and to dream in.

  66. Kelly

    It is oh so cute but I can not believe they are old enough to have their own room – in my mind Conrad is still a newborn!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  67. Lindsey

    Taza, the love you have for your family is so contagious! I love following you. Thank you for sharing so many parts of your life, especially your faith. This nursery is just precious. Your heart is apparent!

  68. Kristen

    What an amazing space! Love how you used the bold pattern and colors in such a playful way. Great ideas for when my 10 month old is getting older!

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  70. kim

    adorable! can you share where the felt cursive ‘Beatrice” in the shelf is from?

  71. Madeline

    Where did you get their cute pink/purple changing pad?! It looks like it’s rubber or something so it won’t slide around! Perfect for the top of a dresser! I love it!

  72. Judith

    Lloooove this room! I’ve been eyeing an Oilily wallpaper for my kids’ bathroom, but I love this more- much brighter and cheery. Can you please tell me where Beatrice’s overalls are from?