a snowy day.

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“snoooow, snoooow, snoOOOw!…” she’ll say, with repetition that builds in excitement and a small hint of urgency as she brings me her favorite book, the snowy day. she’ll turn her small frame around and slowly back into my lap, plopping down just right with a few little wiggle moves to ensure she’s snuggled up as close as she can get, her warm body next to mine. we’ll gaze at each page longer than we do most books, pointing to the snowballs, the stick in peter’s hand, his wet socks and tending mama, the duck beside the pink bathtub. we’ll pause an extra minute on the page where peter builds a snowman, sometimes taking intermission from the pages to sing one round of once there was a snowman with the accompanying actions.  eventually we’ll finish the story and i’ll close the book knowing full well we’ll be reading it at least three more times in a row before we move on. because the snowy day is beatrice’s absolute favorite book, and sharing this story with her countless times this winter has made it mine, too.

as a mom, there are countless moments during this season of life where i think to myself, please, let me never forget this moment –  the way eleanor can work a harry potter comment or fact into literally any conversation, the contagious giggle of my samson, conrad slyly swiping my diet coke from the counter and calling back over his shoulder while running away with it, “snooze ya loose, mama!!!”. the way madalena puts her cheek on her shoulder and looks at me with those big eyes and side grin before coming in for a hug so tight, making the circulation in my neck get nervous. the way beatrice says “snoooow”, almost delicately like a whisper, making a perfect circle with her lips as she enunciates the vowel. may i never ever ever forget the way she says snow, a few days shy of twenty months old.

and of course. there are also countless moments during said season where i’m like, i hope none of us remember this moment. so many hard moments strung together where i’d really appreciate a do-over. that’s motherhood, that’s life with kids, that’s just life. but the good moments, the special experiences, the firsts, the sibling loving, the way they say words and sing songs and try and try again. the magnificent moments so fleeting and often crammed between a lot of mundane. please, let me never forget this moment.

a few saturdays back, we were gifted several of those memorable moments in the span of a single afternoon. with a snowstorm circling the upper west side and an hour to kill in-between the birthday party circuit that often consumes the majority of our saturday itinerary (eleanor already at a birthday party, actually), we braved the big flakes of snow and enjoyed the winter wonderland in central park. we tried to burry conrad in the snow, samson slid down steep rocks without a sled. josh tossed both beatrice and madalena in their air as he does, both signing the word “more” each time he set them down. waving to strangers, to neighbors, to all the dogs playing in the snow, both girls were in heaven. falling over and needing assistance to stand back up thanks to the layering and extra puff of all the warm gear. and beatrice, looking up on occasion and quietly saying “snoooow”, as if she couldn’t believe it herself, as though she was inside her very favorite story book. and me, looking at all of them and thinking, please, let me never forget this moment.

lots of photos from our snow day below if you’d like to see. how our camera survived the water is beyond me…

  1. Abby

    Those photos are so so precious! Such special moments for sure.

  2. Bethany

    In my opinion, this is your most beautifully written post in the history of your little blog! It makes me more excited for your book! Well done!

  3. Sandra

    Always love your posts. A real treat in the day. Beautiful photos. Always puts a grin on my face.

  4. Micah

    That photo of Conrad making a snow angel in Central Park is so iconic. Like, arguable the most famous park in the world is literally his backyard!

  5. Kim

    Love this. The Snowy Day is a favorite of my girls too. Also highly recommend the Amazon movie of it if you haven’t seen it yet!

  6. Lucie

    Thank you for making me cry when reading this. I so needed this gentle nudge/reminder tonight, with my youngest making it hard to put him to bed today. Thank you for making me refocus on the moments to remember.

  7. Sabrina

    I love this so much. January is so hard! My goodness is it even possible it could be any longer?! Too many do-overs!, but yes yes yes, so many ‘please don’t let me forget.’ Parenthood is such a swing of both. Really love this post. Thank you.

  8. Y0ur photos of you and your family enjoying life outside are so refreshing and encouraging. We don’t have a yard but you don’t either! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Ella

    So beautiful!
    I’ve noticed you mention the baby sign language a few times before, can you share more about how you incorporate it? Any go-to resources?

  10. Elaine

    This is so well said. Those little ones are lucky to have you both play in the snow with them. To make so many moments to remember. Such beautiful puco

  11. Alicia

    your words are magical.

  12. S M

    the funnest!

  13. Hanne

    Beautiful photo’s!!! <3

  14. Love this! I’m a newlywed, & this post, and so many of your other posts, make me so excited for my future of hopefully becoming a mom and having a big family. :)

  15. Cassie

    Maybe my favorite post ever. All the feels <3

  16. Allison

    January seems so long, but I’m glad I get to have moments I will remember (if I write them down) and ones I will forget ;) you’re family is so beautiful!


  17. Sea

    Beautiful photo. Your kids’re so amazing

  18. Longtime reader here! This makes me happy I live in FL!

  19. Bren w

    The snowy day was one of my favorite books as a child and I’m in my late 50s❣.

  20. Just loved the pictures and post of yours, you inspire me writing something creative while travelling.

  21. Kay

    Beautifully written! Thank you for sharing this story and for the reminder to savour every memory.

  22. gatot

    Beautiful photo, your kids”re so amazing

  23. Hanne

    I didn’t manage to comment on your insta post, so i’m taking it here:
    «Kidding» with Jim carrey!
    The good place!
    West wing!

  24. Kelleyn

    Looks like you had a fantastic day!

  25. I’m always kind of jealous of the snow you guys have over there, looks so pretty, although I know it’s not always practical with a pushchair and young kids! We have a tiny bit of snow here in the UK and the whole system falls to pieces, haha!

  26. Sara

    Hi Taza! Love reading about your family. I wanted to ask where did you get their footmuff from. My sister has twins and I’ve been looking for the perfect one to order for NYC winters.