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i have some exciting news i’m so thrilled to finally share! i have pretty much been bursting the last few weeks holding in this news (and quite honestly for much of this past year as i made this my main focus but stayed mum about it during the process). BUT – the secret is out! i just signed a book deal and my first book will be published in spring of 2021!

although i hear it’s best to wait and hold off sharing this news until preorder season, it was important for me to share this update with all of you now. so many of you have been here since the very beginning, when i was barely 21 and documenting life with my polaroid camera while hunting down the best burger in the city in those newly wed years. 5 kids and 12 years later, i never would have dreamed this is the life i’m living, and i just feel an immense amount of gratitude for the support and love i’ve received over the years from many of you as i’ve navigated motherhood and life and grown up a whole lot in the process.

because of this platform, i’ve been fortunate to have been approached several times over the years about doing a book. (the first time was way back in 2010 before I even had any kids!) while i’ve always loved writing and the idea of doing a book has been a big bucket list goal of mine, i never committed because it never felt right. over the years, everything i wanted to say and share i was already saying and sharing through my blog and social channels, and i didn’t want my book to be regurgitated stories and photos from my online journaling.

but there’s been this sort of internal shift over the last year and a half or so where i’ve felt some walls coming down, some layers being shed as i’ve gained more confidence in my role as a mother, as a wife, as a daughter of God and as a woman. i have always loved to share and really pride myself in sharing the good, the bad (in a respectful manner) and all the in-between, and i’m excited for this book of essays to take that a step further.  through many of my life experiences, i’ve gained new clarity and feel a sense of urgency in helping someone else (anyone else!) out there gain their own confidence in loving the life they live for themselves. i’m so excited for this book of essays. none of them can be found in my blog posts or anywhere online — it’s all new and i’m very proud of it so far. i spent much of the past year working away at this and the challenge has been thrilling as it’s such new territory for me (like, yes- i am capitalizing letters and using proper punctuation and less exclamation points! my keyboard is thrilled and my blogger-self is so confused.)

i’ll share more when it’s ready, but i wanted to share this update with you. i really can’t convey properly just how much you mean to me. thank you for being here. merry christmas!

Check out the book, HERE!

  1. HUGE Congrats! All of your readers know the essays will be thoughtful and heartfelt. Enjoy the writing!

  2. Katka

    Oooh, Naomi, congratulation!!! I cannot wait for the preorder season ;) Good luck with the writing.

  3. briana

    I’m so excited! I’ve been around since you only had little baby Eleanor and it’s been wild to see how your family has grown, so I’m looking forward to getting to know you more through this book. :)

    briana |

  4. Julie Brown

    YAAASSSS GIRL!!!! From someone who has been here since the poloroids and waaaayyy before Instagram I cannot BEGIN to tell you how excited I am to hear this!! Dreams really do come true!!! Just a little request… I sure would love if you would plan a trip down south for a book signing… but lets be honest I will also travel for a signed copy!! :) haha! So happy for you!!! Day MADE!!!

  5. AC Egholm

    Yay. So exciting! I look forward to the book<3

  6. Olga

    YAY! Congratulations, this is amazing! I’ve been following since around 2010 so I can’t wait to learn more about the book!


  7. Allison

    I’m so happy for you! I can’t wait to see it! You’ve always been one of my favorite bloggers and I’m so happy to see you getting to do a new adventure.


  8. Cristina

    *FEWER exclamation points ;) Such exciting news, congrats! (I’m sure you’ve got a great copy editor lined up to catch things like that :)

  9. Alecia Lewis

    So cool, I hope to have the chance to read it.

  10. Susan Borland

    So cool! Can’t wait to read. Congratulations

  11. Elizabeth

    So excited for you!!! I first found your blog by googling “best mom blogs” or something like that when I was pregnant with my first, 8 years ago!! It’s hard to believe how long it’s been, and I’m still wrapping my head around this new structure of internet friends that you don’t actually know, yet feel like family! Anyway, all that to say your book news feels like a personal win and I’m so happy for you and your family! Can’t wait to preorder it!

  12. Isa Tremblay

    Who is your publisher ? So exciting…

  13. Sierra

    That’s such amazing news! Congratulations on the great accomplishment and can’t wait to hear more about your story.
    Sierra Beautifully Candid

  14. Kate

    Time for capital letters? Ha ha! Congratulations, Naomi and Josh!

  15. Such amazing news!! I started following you just as you were pregnant with Eleanor, a new blogger myself I was excited to follow a family journey that turned out to be so similar to mine, with twins and documenting my own city. Congratulations and sending love from across the pond in Edinburgh, UK. I can’t wait to read it! Zoe x

  16. Didiey

    Congrats Naomi. can’t wait to get it

  17. Toytulip

    Congratulations Naomi! I look forward to reading it! Good luck! :)

  18. That is AMAZING news!! Congratulations, very well deserved <3

  19. Michelle

    Congratulations!!! So exciting and well-deserved. Can’t wait to read it, I love your honesty and your writing adds a lot of clarity to life and what we’re on this planet for, I think. :)

  20. Sarah

    Ahhhhh!!! I can’t wait to read it!!! And I love that you shared it now, but also – like how am I supposed to wait 1.5 years??!!

  21. Nadia

    Naomi I m so happy for you!! Can you deliver your book to France ? Please where your coat is come from I love it !!!

  22. Congratulations!! On a similar book-sh topic, have you seen this comedy series (We’re Fine) about book club? It’s essentially about “a millennial book club gone horribly wrong”. Episodes are only 2-ish minutes each so totally binge-able!

  23. Ofi

    WILL YOU SHIP WORLDWIDEEEE BECAUSE THIS IS SO EXCITING!! I’vee been following you since S & E were so little!! Conrad hasn’t even born yet!
    Much love from Indonesia ❤

  24. Liliana Ferrari

    I’m so proud of you dear Naomi !!! you really deserve it !!! This Christmas will be even more special for you and your family! lots of wishes and kisses

  25. Kelly

    This is so exciting and I can not wait to get my own copy!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  26. Victoria

    I cannot wait to read it! You are a role model to me and aspire me in many ways so thank you for shining bring and sharing the beauty and love of the Lord and the freedom he gives us as his daughters!

  27. I am so excited to read it and very interested to hear more about it.

    Congratulations and I’m glad I’ve been able to follow along your journey for so long.

    Stephanie | BLOG | INSTAGRAM

  28. Birgit

    This is amazing news!!
    For you and for us 😉.

    I can’t remember exactly when I started following you, but Im so pleased to be part from your journey on the other side of the screen.

    Enjoy and congrats!

    Xoxo, b

  29. Lauren

    Congratulations!! I can’t wait to read it! Thank you for your dedication to this blog. It always brightens my day.

  30. Adriana

    Wow what news! I’ve been a follower of your blog since 2008 and I am so happy for you!