going on a date!

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as the years have gone by and we’ve added a couple of littles to the mix, josh and i have found it harder and harder to sneak in any time just the two of us. we used to be so diligent about prioritizing date nights and getting out without any little ones in tow, even after beatrice and madalena were born – we knew the importance of prioritizing our relationship and making it happen…. but somehow this current season of life, while full and joyous and an absolute blessing to be in the thick of, has made a date night away often feel impossible (and i really really do love a date night away!). i’ve found i’m rather exceptional lately at finding excuses when it comes to going out because i’ll say things like, i doubt we could find a sitter for a weekend night OR this means i’ll have to take my beanie off and wash my hat hair and that feels exhausting OR but we’d never be able to get a reservation there …most of it code for, let’s just stay in and go to bed and sleeeeeeep. (josh has his own list of excuses too including staying in and watching his foreign films and other movies i don’t like…)

like, who are we and why are we no fun anymore?!

the timing could not have been better last month when one of our longtime partners, Capital One, launched a new partnership with OpenTable that brings cardholders like me the ability to book exclusive reservations at prime dining times for weekend dining at some of the top restaurants in 15+ cities (with more to come) across the united states through the OpenTable app. i mean, i guess one of our most frequently used excuses for not making our date night happen has been taken care of!

and so, a few weeks ago, josh and i attempted a date away for the first time in quite some time and enjoyed a delicious meal at tribeca grill. we made a reservation quick and easy by reserving our premium access reservation on the OpenTable app and the seamless process has me excited to rekindle more dinner dates this winter at some restaurants we’ve found difficult to get a reservation for in the past. i’m still thinking about the scallops, the chocolate cake and the fun we had walking to the restaurant together (see video!) like two kids madly in love and dating back in 2006 with no idea they’d be sleep deprived parents of five in 2019. ;)

a few photos below…

the photos don’t do the chandeliers justice. the are insanely beautiful!

dreaming of a way to order and eat one of everything. ;) just kidding, but we did get three desserts, and i didn’t have to share any of them.

a mocktail so good, we had to order a second.

the scallops! i loved loved loved these scallops! i was on my very last bite when i realized i had inhaled them and hadn’t even asked josh if he wanted to try them.

wearing a tie and eating some fries. so very fitting, josh davis. :)

the three desserts i mentioned above. can we make three desserts the new average number when ordering dessert for two?!

for any Capital One cardholders interested in booking a premium access reservation through OpenTable, just download the most recent version of OpenTable from the app store. then look for the premium access carousel and tap “view all” to verify your Capital One card and book a table for two or four at prime dining times. you can also browse all the participating restaurants at opentable.com/capitalone. happy date night! no excuses! ;)

thank you to Capital One for sponsoring this blog post.

  1. Hannah

    Love your content and you are still my favorite blog to visit after all these years!! Do you shoot pictures with your cam or with your phone? Would love to know! We have a little one on the way and I am debating whether or not to invest in a camera for the memories!

    • josh

      Hi Hannah!

      We shot this one all on our phones. For the shots of both of us together like when we were dancing, we propped up the iPhone on something. We still use the “big” camera, it just depends. Naomi has written some great posts with camera advice, including how the best camera for you is the one that you will use! So make sure whatever you get, it’s something that you will carry around and have with you ready to capture special memories and important little moments whatever they are.

      Congratulations on the baby!

  2. Elaine

    Your video is amazing. So cute you both are. So happy I am blessed to follow such a fun couple/family both in life and online. Love you so much

  3. Date nights are always such a must. Especially when things get a little hectic or when you know you haven’t been able to spend quality time together. Looks like you had an absolutely amazing meal!

  4. Alison

    I LOVE your shirt! Where did you get it?

  5. catherine

    This looked like a fun, yummy lunch date – great time to visit Tribeca Grill before it gets crazy busy!

  6. rach

    That food looks unbelievable!

  7. Manon

    in love with this blog since the very beginning of Rockstar Diaries! We are now going to NY with my 3 little kiddos to have new year there and christmas holidays!!! Wish you all the best Naomi you deserve it! Maybe we will meet in ny Hoz knows! For sure i will recognize you :)

  8. Allison

    The video was so fun and cute! Looks like a fun night. We have to plan our dates nights weeks in advance so I feel you on date nights.

    Hoe you had a nice Holiday!