christmas morning, 2019.

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hope you had a very merry christmas! dumping lots of photos from my phone here from christmas morning, which really feels like the most magical morning of the year as a parent. ours almost started at 3:15am when i heard someone in the living room (let’s not talk about why i was awake at 3 in the morning) and found sweet samson already at it with his stocking and the biggest smile sweeping his face. bless his heart! i had to kindly usher him back to bed and we both agreed that regardless of the time he woke up again, we couldn’t come out of our room until 6:30. you better believe the minute his watch ticked to 6:30 on the dot, we had three kiddos bouncing out of their room together and racing for the living room.

the highlights of the morning included the kids opening the gifts they got one another. especially since they put such thought and detail into the chosen gift and the card and the wrapping. (i pulled some videos from christmas morning into a highlight on my IG, if you’d like to watch!) the baby girls got baby dolls with baby doll strollers and those have been such a hit since the moment they spotted them under the tree. some have asked on instagram to share what the gifts are from my stories that have been the most popular with the kids. the ones that have been the biggest hits have been the crazy forts making kits, anki overdrive (samson), a star wars coding kit (samson) and harry potter coding kit (eleanor), and of course eleanor loves her harry potter quill and ink set, too. josh got conrad a fart machine that has been going off left and right since christmas day and brought on the biggest giggle bursts as well. a major hit.

since our first year of marriage, josh and i made the choice to do christmas in our own home and set our own family traditions every year. we love when grandparents and family are able to join us like in years past, but it was really special being just us this year and i hope these memories will be meaningful ones for our kiddos as well. lots of photos below…

also! HERE is a little video from christmas eve when our family did the nativity together.

  1. L

    Love it. Making your own traditions is so important. Did you get any push back or conflict with extended family about just wanting to do it on your own? Trying to navigate that ourselves (myself, husband and 2 year old).

  2. What a magical Christmas morning <3 The photos are all absolutely wonderful! I usually wake up before the kids every single Christmas… perhaps it is I who is the most excited? My favorite part is always seeing the kids open their presents.

    Merry (belated) Christmas!

  3. shianne

    love the photos perfect christmas !

  4. Kenzie Randall

    That Harry Potter coding kit looks so cool! And that note from Eleanor is so sweet. Merry Christmas to your beautiful family!

  5. katie

    your home seems so magical and special!! you inspire me to make our space that way! thank you and Happy New year

  6. kristen

    aww so sweet you guys! i love the love that your kiddos have for each other. that’s soooo priceless!

    on another note, do y’all remember where you found your coffee table? thanks!

  7. Thank you for sharing your lovely family on Christmas morning. The chaos of Christmas morning is just another way of saying Happy ( wink).

  8. Liliana Ferrari

    Merry Christmas to you Davis family! wow I too would have liked to receive Harry Potter gifts !! you are a special family! A hug from Italy

    • josh

      Grazie! Buon capo d’anno, Liliana!

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