a christmas playlist for you!

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happy friday! i compiled the majority of our family’s favorite christmas music into a spotify playlist for anyone who might be interested in listening!  if it were up to me, we’d be listening to these tunes year round but since some people in my home aren’t into that approach (eh hem, josh davis!), we don’t mind one bit having this playlist on repeat all day and night from thanksgiving until christmas day.

if you have any christmas favorites you think we’d love that i don’t have listed here, please do share! always looking to add to our favorites. (also, hi taylor swift dropping a christmas song LAST NIGHT! it’s added already in this playlist, don’t worry.)


  1. Trini Pose

    I was just about to ask you if you’ve heard Taylor’s new song… but you beat me to it!!! Thank you for the playlist, I’m always looking to expand my own!

  2. Paige Cassandra Flamm

    Totally just turned this play list on while I’m getting my work done this morning! Thank you!


  3. Steph

    Not sure if I saw the entire list, but Pomplamoose has some fantastic Christmas songs! And obviously winter song and Love is Chridtmas (Sara Bareilles). Sufjan Stevens, Jack Johnson, and the Home Alone soundtrack are also favorites!

  4. Steph

    Pomplamoose! Sufjan Stevens, Jack Johnson, Christmas Lights (Coldplay), Love Is Christmas (Sara Bareilles)… home alone soundtrack!

  5. Melissa

    Jewel’s version of Rudolph the Red-nosed reindeer! Al Green and Annie Lennox, Put a Little Love in Your Heart ❤️

  6. Emma

    Love the pj’s! Where are they from?

  7. Joanna

    This is a great playlist! I’d add Jingle Bell Rock.

  8. Regan

    These pjs are adorable! Where are they from?