she’s a coat lady.

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it would make more sense for me to collect tiny jewelry trinkets or special postcards. even shoes –while a bit larger in scale than a necklace or postcard, appear to be a better option than what i’ve accidentally started collecting over the last several years. but alas, i am a coat lady. and i hold the title with pride.

in a city apartment where i don’t have a bedroom closet, it hasn’t stopped me. it’s how i’ve come to survive (and i’d like to think, thrive) during the colder months when i struggle sometimes daily with how gloomy winter can feel.  i believe through and through that we should wear what makes us happy, and that what we wear can help influence our moods and attitudes at times.  and for me in the winter months, a bright and colorful coat has always been the answer for helping me feel like me. as the sun sets earlier and earlier in the afternoon  and the humidity brings a wind chill that remains through much of spring. as we suit up in extra layers and hide behind the mittens and scarves and beanies (i love you, beanies). but having that fun pop of color on the outside of all my layering helps remind me as i trudge along that i am not lost in winter. that a colorful remainder of the year is awaiting once winter ends. but also, the fun pop of color reminds me that even winter can be fun! think the first snow of the season, excuses for hot cocoa each day and lots and lots of holiday pie. think christmas music at any hour and forgetting all about your razor since it’s tights season for the legs well into april. it isn’t all bad, and the colorful coat helps me never lose sight of that.

a few weeks ago, i pulled my coats out from their hiding spots around the apartment — some stuffed under the bed, others stashed away in the front hallway closet crammed behind the suitcases and snowboarding gear. “oh boy. here we go!” josh said as he passed me holding about five in one arm while pulling down the others. only josh davis can get away with poking fun of my coat obsession because i put him through a lot in the months leading up to winter with the way i’ve resorted to stashing them literally all over this apartment.

while i do try to keep the number around the same each year by donating several as winter approaches, there are many i can’t imagine ever parting with. probably because of the sentiments and memories attached, also probably because i am turning into a coat lady that is on the verge of being called a crazy coat lady. either way, i just really love them. pulling them out and getting reacquainted with them once again this year has helped me complain less about how drastically and abruptly the temperatures plummeted and instead relish how exciting it is that coat season has arrived.

i know depending on the climate where you live, the sort of coat you gravitate towards or need will vary. i have found that a down version is the best for the coldest of days (patagonia or marmot have great options) but you can also get away with something not as heavy duty if you layer things right underneath (think long underwear, merino wool base layers and (smart)wool knee-high socks!). a few fun spots that always have a great selection of colors for their coats include j.crew (most of their coats are 25% off right now) and anthropologiemango has a great selection of wool coats this year, too. also! you can always rent coats from sites like nuuly and rent the runway if maybe you don’t want to invest in a coat that is perhaps more trendy and something you don’t see yourself wearing for years to come. both are also great options if you don’t have the space to store them (although trust me, where there is a will there is a way – when it comes to storing something you love!)

remember – winter is here, but she’s not so bad!

what is something you collect? and do you go for color during the winter or gravitate towards grey and black?

ps- here’s a big blog post with all the gear you need for you and your little ones for winter (think mittens for your stroller and stuff!)

  1. Olga

    I wish I was more chic when it came to coats! I always go for the basic black parka that will get me through the winter, but a nice coat is such a statement! I don’t actually think I collect anything, but I love a good turtleneck sweater!


  2. Jessica Gardner

    I would love to see each coat on you and where it’s from!

  3. Sydni Jackson

    I love this!! So where do you store them during the winter so that they’re accessible? We have a small apartment with only one tiny closet this year and I”m not sure where to put our coats!

  4. Jessica

    I am ALSO a coat lady!! My winter collection is not nearly as colorful (although your yellow J.Crew coat did inspire me to buy the same one in bright pink!!) , I did have a pretty colorful trench coat collection–recently parted with most of them as I was moving overseas and couldn’t pack it all! I love these photos and feel the same joy about mine! :)

    Unrelated to coats and winter, but have you and Josh ever considered sharing/selling presets?? I have always LOVED the way you edit your photos! :)

  5. Alison

    Since my pregnancy, I tend to gravitate toward black, but I do have a tan coat and I have my eye on a plaid one.
    As far as collecting-necklaces are big for me-I have one when I became a mom, each of my girls, and a bunch more. Also sweatshirts….

    Coats are fun though!


  6. Anna

    I LOVE coats too! We don’t live in a huge house and I just had to put up a special hanging rack in our basement storage room for some of my coats because I already take up most of the coat closet. But I completely agree — I think the key to surviving winter is having cute coats — it makes getting dressed and out of the house so much more enjoyable.

  7. Kellie

    You really do always seem to sport the cutest coats!! I would own more if I found cuter ones (and I guess also if I didn’t live in Florida).

  8. Sandra

    I love your fashion posts!

  9. I can so relate! I so love coats living in Chicago! Every year I tell myself to not purchase anymore coats but it’s hard not to…I mean with the cold weather here and all the cute styles that are coming out!

    Leyla /

  10. magali

    haha i’m a coat lady too… i bought an extra closet only for them :)
    Have them in yellow, mustard, brown, grey, blue,cream…
    sometimes i feel it’s way too much, esp. when i think of people who haven’t even one.
    if i don’t wear them anymore i bring them to the salvation army!
    Greetings from Switzerland where it’s getting cold and colder :D

  11. Tracy

    Love all the colors. I’m a simple coat person. I love chunky necklaces!

  12. Sofia

    Ok. Who makes the pink one with the fur?!

  13. nicole

    i stashed mine in the coat closet years ago so it’s everyone else’s i have to pull out of every corner of the house🙈. probably not the most effective in terms of organization in a small nyc apartment! where did you get your fun pink wrap coat from? obsessed!

  14. Naomi, I can’t believe the timing! Let me explain:) I also collect coats! So much so that I am launching a small collection of… coats! And I’ll be in NYC on the first week of december and I would love to have your opinion! Let me know! Hugs from a fellow twin mom and coat lady (IG maria_ana)

  15. Emma

    I love a colourful coat too, I feel like in winter they’re your whole outfit that people see and so many just come in dark plain colours. I used to love a yellow coat that you had in the early days of your blog!

  16. Kelly

    This made me realize I really need a few more in bright colors!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  17. Nikki

    I hear you! As a fellow coat lover, I’ve always though you had great coats. You know the pink/coral Anthropologie coat with the arrows from years ago? I’m still kicking myself for not getting one for myself.

    I don’t have as many coats, but I have some great vintage ones I could never part with. There is nothing warmer than a wool blanket coat! I don’t know if you’re the same way with your kids, but my husband often asks how many coats one child needs. ALL the coats! Ok, maybe just a few.

  18. Meg

    Oh you for sure have inspired my love of coats! I remember buying the coral/white arrows Lauren Moffatt coat from anthro on major sale a few years back and since then I’ve always looked for a fun,
    Colorful coat! Winter in NJ is longggg, like 6 months in a coat. We east coasters get our moneys worth each winter season.

  19. Allison

    Love this post! I would consider myself to be a coat lady as well – I can’t resist buying a new one every year. I just wanted to share a saving tip for any families who are looking to save on transportation this holiday season. I was complaining about how much money I’ve been spending on Uber’s and a friend recommended; it’s a non-profit and much more affordable than ride-shares. You can book rides in advance and it’s great for large groups. Just in case anyone else is tired of draining their funds with ride-sharing apps!

  20. Olivia Meiners

    My mom is a proud “couch” collector! XD But thankfully she has plenty of storage space in St Louis!
    There is no shame in loving a good coat.. I love swapping coats with close ones or finding a treasured coat in perfect shape from a second-hand clothing store! I have a whole closet just for my coats too.

  21. Lauren

    I live in LA and am in Utah this week for thanksgiving. It’s snowing so hard I didn’t have any big coats so I’ve been wearing my sister’s coat! It’s been so long this snow is so foreign to me! Very grateful I don’t have to deal with snow or coats!