our family’s christmas card!

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for me, one of the very parts about the holiday season is sending and receiving holiday cards from friends and family near and far! as a photo loving human being who can’t get enough of all things pictures, i especially love seeing cards with happy faces of loved ones and their littles.  getting my mail each day during this season is so much fun for me (the only time of the year frankly that that rings true!) and i can’t help but hang and display each card we receive in our kitchen. thank you to all our friends and family for sending us one each christmas!

this year, i partnered with Crane to make our family’s christmas card. Crane just launched a new holiday photo card collection this season offering three different types of cards — digitally printed, digitally printed with foil and digitally printed with blind embossing and letterpress.  because it is always hard for me to narrow down a photo to just one, i went with their embossed joy card because i liked that it gave me space to display eight different photos from the year on one card.  i absolutely love how the cards turned out. the heavy weight cotton paper and texture of the card feels well done and the images are crisp and vibrant in their colors. looking forward to busting out the christmas tunes and finishing stamping and stuffing these cards so i can get a head start on sending them out.

here is a close up of the detailing on the opposite side of this card. when you flip over the side with the eight images, it’s embossed with the word joy several times over, and signed at the bottom from all of us in the davis family!

beatrice and madalena wanted in on helping me with the christmas cards. they mostly just kept holding them and pointing to the photos repeating “dam den! dam den!” (samson) and also “ennor ennor!” (eleanor) and “on rad on rad!” (conrad). can’t get enough of these cute little chatty ladies these days.

i was so impressed with the quality of the paper, i had to get a picture to show you just how thick and durable each card is.

madalena’s happy dancing pose is how i feel right now about the holiday season finally arriving! i’m standing here with open arms ready for the christmas tree and the caroling and peppermint everything and especially my big and fancy holiday card display in my kitchen showcasing our loved ones near and far. who is with me!?

thank you to Crane for sponsoring this blog post. happy holidays, everyone!

  1. Mary

    Tell me more about this big fancy holiday card display inyour kitchen!! Sounds lovely! Can’t wait to see it!
    Xoxo mary

  2. Kelly

    They came out so well and your little family is just the cutest!

    xx Kelly
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