life updates from the last few weeks or so!

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well, we survived an intense week of that fun little stomach bug making its rounds through our family. i had heard from several friends and neighbors just how deliberate this year’s stomach bug appeared to be, and even as i braced myself that she would find her way to us eventually, i was not ready. she was mean! a silver lining though– she waited to hit me until josh was fully recovered and i just have to say, i don’t know how we’d have survived had she not spaced herself like that. ;)  i’ll never forget when josh and i were both hit with food poisoning on our last few days in peru with eleanor, samson and conrad. they missed the poison (thank goodness) but it was an epic couple of days spent purely in our hotel room with both of us on the bathroom floor feeling like death while our kids binge-watched for the very first time the first few star wars movies (episodes 4, 5, and 6 i’m told, whatever that means). good times! anyway, we have survived this week and i’m just glad we won’t be repeating it until november or december of next year.

rounding up lots of phone photos from the last several weeks! so much has happened, halloween and some fun field trips i was able to chaperone at school, some very fun podcasts recorded and also just beautiful new york in the fall (don’t you just love new york in the fall?! – have you watched you’ve got mail yet this season?)

more below…

you can watch our halloween day diary video right here (it’s a fun one!). we did the whole star wars theme this year as requested by our older three kiddos. i happily obliged and went as captain phasma per request. i haven’t seen any of the star wars movies, but will do anything to keep these kiddos happy!

sweetest little BB8 and R2D2 you ever did see! (for those interested, i purchased their little star wars rompers from HERE.)

what’s up, yoda?

brothers are fun!

new york city really goes all out for halloween. every year i am left nothing but impressed!

and the most handsome luke skywalker i ever did see!

josh’s friend made the kids their own light sabers that also second as umbrellas! (they’re called rainsabers. you can find them here.)

i helped eleanor and other girls her age from our church congregation put together a little halloween treat the weekend before halloween. just pretzels dipped in melted caramel and then dipped once more in melted colored chocolate and decorated as they pleased! my craftiness extends to only this and even with this, i had issues. brought wax paper instead of parchment paper so the caramel pretzels were totally sticking to the wax paper and we had to cut them off. good times!

samson decorated this door at church all by himself for the trick-or-treat that our church puts on the weekend before halloween! i loved his H made out of the black banner for “halloween.” he’s the cutest.


will never grow tired of the color combos on many corners of the upper west side. just a lot of beauty out there when you’re looking for it.

can’t believe this happened! i got to meet THE rachel hollis after she invited me into the recording studio while she was in new york city to record an episode with her for her rise podcast. it won’t air until the new year but as we finished we started into this great conversation about working with your spouse and she was like, “hold up! we need to record this!” and within a few minutes she’d pulled josh into the recording studio and phoned her husband dave and we were back at it chatting about what it looks like to work with your spouse and how all four of us are learning as we go. that episode just aired and you can listen to it right here. love her lots and the incredible good energy she puts into the world each day.

speaking of podcasts and women i love love love, i also recorded an episode over the summer for rebecca minkoff’s superwomen podcast which aired a few weeks ago. you can listen to it here if you’d like! thank you so much for having me, rebecca!

conrad and i were able to head out to the queens county farm museum with his kindergarten class last week. we made apple cider and met lots of animals and my favorite part was the hay ride with his class where all the little ones busted out into impromptu song (“this old man!”) as we rode around the farm together. it was very sweet!


central park this time of year… she’s a beauty.

miss madalena with a book in her lap! ps- toddlers in turtlenecks, i cant!

and miss beatrice who has discovered pockets! she can’t get enough of them now. it’s adorable.

i was able to head out to ellis island (and a little detour around the statue of liberty) with eleanor’s third grade class last monday before we got hit with the stomach bug tuesday night. i’d never been before and it’d been on my list of things for years and years.

lunch on ellis island before exploring the museum and reading papa’s lunch note “eleanor is connnected to her ancestors.” especially meaningful as we made our way around the grounds and she’s researching lots of ancestry work right now in school.

a little morning date biking across the brooklyn bridge together!

what most of the remainder of our week has looked like. lots of screen-time in-between barfing and sleeping and sometimes reading. this was on a day where conrad and eleanor were hit but samson was still going strong!

have a great (and healthy!) weekend, everyone!

  1. Jen

    Sorry to hear you guys were sick!! Your Halloween costumes are so cute – especially M+B!

  2. I couldn’t imagine getting that sick while on vacation in Peru! Glad you guys are all feeling better now and I am making time to listen to both podcasts today, can’t wait to hear it.

    Stephanie Vainer

  3. Manuela

    Love the podcasts. Will there be any more Let’s Chat features? My favourite thing you guys have done on here!

    Love, Manuela

  4. Allison

    Happy to hear you are all on the mend. My little one just caught a little cold/teething. No fun. I can’t wait to hear your podcast with Rachel Hollis! So fun! Love all these pictures-so fun to see you and your life adventures :)


  5. Kellie

    So sorry y’all were sick! That’s no fun.
    Loved the Halloween photos! That rain saber is absolutely amazing!