a gratitude list for right now.

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often times when one of my children says the prayer around the dinner table or at bedtime, i am reminded how much i take for granted around me. there are times where one of them will go on and on sharing their gratitude list which includes anything and everything from thanking our heavenly father for the moon and the stars to thanking Him for the firefighters and the ocean water. they’ll thank Him for music and friends, for the playground and for movies. for our family and airplanes, for specific books or for the white towel in the bathroom (still needing more details on this specific ask). i admit while it’s adorable and such a good reminder to see all the good around us, there are times where i’m like, ok- let’s wrap this up, which even now as i’m writing this i’m like NAOMI!… but by golly, i’m working on it.  (i also want to note there are times when they pray and don’t list a single thing beyond asking for everything! it ebbs and flows over here. we’re all working on it!)

this week has been a big week for our family. with many things, both big and small, coming together in a way that has left me feeling such tremendous gratitude for a father in heaven who knows my heart, and is always always there. (i can’t wait to share more with you when i am able… soon!!!!)

with the thanksgiving holiday upon us, this is the perfect time to publicly express my love for my people and the many things i’m thankful for in that fun mushy gooshy way without as many eye rolls, because – thanksgiving! so, i’m happily taking my minute to do just that.

i am grateful.
for my 5 babies that aren’t babies anymore but will forever be my babies.
for the man by my side who loves me at my best but also at my worst and all the minutes in-between where i’m trying.
for my friends who inspire, challenge, love and lift.
for my readers who support and cheer on and remain with me – through the hair changes, the differing seasons of life, the learning and growing moments and also through the frequent posting and not so frequent posting.
for new york city (i know i know. i’ll just leave it at that….)
for health. for family near and far. for good schools and community in my neighborhood.
for soft gooey chocolate chip cookies and warm bagels and candy gushers. for all the good hiding spots away from my children in my apartment for said candy gushers.
for laughter and giggles and poop jokes by my children.
for music and movement.
for holidays. and even hot summer days. because all of it’s good when you’re looking for it.
for winter hats and pine needle scented candles.
for really good airfare deals and sunsets that are pink.
for my heavenly father and the comfort and peace i feel when i turn to Him and invite Him into my life.
and for sweet potatoes with those mini marshmallows on top that scream THANKSGIVING IS HERE AND CHRISTMAS STARTS TOMORROW!

i want to wish you a happy thanksgiving, whether you live in a place that celebrates this day or not, i wish you a day of gratitude and love. thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here. whether you’ve been here since the beginning of this little space way back when over 12 years ago or just began reading last week. you mean so much to me, and i’m thankful for you.

happy thanksgiving!

  1. Rachel

    This post reminds me of your posts from wayyy back in the day, from the Rockstar Diaries era! Maybe it’s just the center text alignment of your list. Lovely post and adorable photos, happy thanksgiving!

  2. S M

    My grandpa used to open a book or magazine about halfway through my grandma’s prayers because they were so long 😂. I hear you.
    These gratitude lists you’ve posted through the years have reminded me to look for good things and it’s been really helpful. I think it’s actually easy to be grateful, once I make an effort. And it makes life simpler. Happy Thanksgiving, Naomi!

  3. Rachel

    I love this! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. S. Nicole

    That “Christmas starts tomorrow” had me laughing pretty hard LOL! Also, FYI, Nigella Lawson’s recipe is amazing! It’s a perfect balance of sweet but not cloying.

  5. Hera

    Happy Thanksgiving, Naomi & family!
    I am grateful to find your content in this platform and IG because it gives so much joy to my life <3

  6. Liz

    your blog is something I am grateful for :) Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Elena

    I just want ti say than you. From Spain. Big thank you

  8. Tahirah

    Nice love it and grateful for it.

  9. Ines

    Hello from Germany…the first time i write some lines here. I have read you wonderful blog a long time and you and your wonderful family Tribe Haß a big part in my heart. There are so many bloggers there outside but i can always feel the positive energy and the passion you give back into this digital wheel. It is always a pleasure to see your inspiring posts and i just want to say thank you for let us be a little part in your life. You are Personal without being to personal…and this is a wonderful gift in this crazy digital Place. So my dear have a wonderful beginning of the Holiday Season and kisses and hugs to you…your Kuss and your husband…you are a wonderful family…cheers from Germany and a Happy Holiday Season…a big hug from Ines and Family 🎅🏻🌲🗽😍😘

  10. Janet

    Beautiful family photos! Thanks for sharing your list. Have a wonderful, gratitude-filled holiday season

  11. Deborah

    True family photos ) God bless U!

  12. Deborah

    I believe in this family photos…they are so genuine

  13. Divya

    Your family gives me hope for a better life ❤️

  14. lovenna

    thank you for this post!

  15. Dani

    Great list. I like the in-between ‘I’m trying moments’-I feel like that quite often now that I am thinking about; mostly that is me improving/trying to figure out life. :)

  16. Scarlet

    You have so much to be grateful for and you can see that in those great family shots! Family is everything and and healthy and happy is such a blessing!