three boys in blue suits.

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so my older three kids are all ages where they like to pick out their clothing and dress themselves. if i’m being honest with you, most of the time i don’t love what they are wearing – i mean, bright yellow knee high tube socks all summer long, sweet samson boy?! okay fiiiiine… if that is your thing, i will bite my tongue and order a few more pairs so we can properly circulate them each day and not wear the same dirty pair each morning.  ;)  trust me when i say i’ve tried to persuade certain clothing items upon them here and there, but at the end of the day, they know what they like and what they feel best and most comfortable in, and i don’t want to get in the way of that when it’s really not what truly matters.

and so, please understand my absolute shock and disbelief when samson asked a few weeks ago if he could have a suit! when i heard this, i tried to contain my inner excitement by keeping a calm poker face so this didn’t backfire entirely.

and just like that, without any coaxing or begging on my part, we graduated from jeans and sneakers for sunday church each week to proper blue suits this past month for both conrad and samson. and while as their mother i can’t get enough of how handsome and adorable they look in their pj’s, their soccer uniforms, or their jeans with holes in the knees each day — even with bright yellow tube socks — i have to say, this really did me in seeing them look so sharp matching their handsome papa with three blue suits.

crossing my fingers this isn’t a phase and we wear the suits forever and ever from here on out. only time will tell. but for now, please enjoy these photos of my boys in their blue and me behind the lens literally dying that those three cuties belong to me.

for those who might be interested, we found their blue suits on amazon.

  1. Rena

    Yes, who knows, maybe they will really wear suits forever! They look so great!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. Allison

    They are so sweet. My little one likes anything Minnie Mouse now…I need to wash the clothes that do have Minnie just about every other day.


  3. Elaine

    Adorable… so classy!

  4. ellen patton

    I can picture Sampson and Conrad as teenagers!

  5. Kelly

    They look so adorable and classy! I can imagine you beaming behind the camera!