hello, middle of october!

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welcome again to my little corner of the internet! i blinked and it was suddenly mid october. something you’d think would make my heart giddily skip a few beats since i’ve been dreaming of autumn since like, the last hot humid week of august. but like much of my world at the moment, autumn appears to have arrived with her running shoes attached. and she’s moving so quickly, her arms extended as she’s trying to catch up to winter and i’m realizing i need her, all of it, everything, to slow the blank down.

i passed newborn twins in a stroller a few days ago. babies. babies who were maybe 6 or 7 pounds. fresh, new, teeny tiny babies.  it was a sight to see but at the same time it broke my heart the way only time can break a heart. i couldn’t hold myself back from offering up all the congratulatory phrases and asking all the gushy questions i was asked myself with my new teeny tiny babies 6 or 7 pounds, once upon a time.    “…and how old are yours?” the new twin mother asked as she acknowledged my own set of twins beside me. i looked at my beautiful baby girls smiling and signing with their hands the word “baby” as they do whenever they see one (or two) littles that are their size or smaller.;) forever and ever my “babies,” they are currently sporting 24-month sized clothing and some days acting like straight-up teenagers as they place their hands on their hips and give me some playful sass while i try to get them to the table or to their beds, these my big beautiful girls who really aren’t babies anymore – though i’ll never not be able to let go of calling them my baby girls. “15 months.” i replied. “wait, 16 months.” then i tried to picture the october calendar in my head. was it the 19th already? 20th?  “oh gosh, in a few days they’ll be 17 months.”

while it’s been a chaotic month of attempting to get so much accomplished, i have been diligently trying my very best to slow down the things i can control. even the smallest little bits of the day, so amidst the short and fleeting moments of autumn twirling by in a matter of what feels like a few hours, i’m present for the hours she’s here. some of the tasks i once rushed with my babies – a quick bath before bed, a quick bedtime routine, a quick race to get everyone and everything ready and out the door – don’t really need to be so quick. my girls never want bath-time to end anyhow, so what’s more splashing, more bubbles, a few more minutes playing beside the tub with them and really being there. waiting – before i race to shampoo their wet hair and grab the warm towels to dry them off like i’m winning some sort of medal at the end of the evening for quickest and most efficient bath-time of the day.  i could stroke their soft heads and sing a few more songs at bedtime as they drift to sleep without it hurting anyone. i know how desperate i can feel at the end of the evening wanting bedtime to be done and over so i can have my own minutes before my own bed but as i’ve stayed in their room, kneeling between their two tiny beds and soaking up the moment, it’s felt more special and meaningful than many of the moments that came before it in the hours leading up to bedtime. and i’m not great at this last one, but throwing away the phrases like “hurry hurry!” and “quick, let’s go!” at the doorway is something i’m always working on. we’ll still be late either way, frankly. and tying the shoes and putting on all the layers of coats in a little bit more of a “chill” manner helps my own head feel less stressed. not totally sure, but i have a feeling everyone feels less stressed when this mama is chill. ;)

anyway, a few little things i can control to help time remain here in a meaningful way. to help the month slow down. to not blink and have it be over already. one of my favorite months at that — october.

these photos, of a coat with plenty of orange, the bodega pumpkins on the corner and wool in my laced up boots because IT’S COLD OUTSIDE!- are my nod to this glorious month. my thank you for being one of my favorite months where we eat lots of chili and drink lots of broth. where we pull out the thicker blankets and the hats and point out all the vibrant color in the trees on our walks together in the park. where we realize autumn is always gone before we’re ready so we relearn to slow down and soak her up once again. to control time in the ways we can and celebrate our little babies not being babies but big kids. because we’re blinking and they’re growing and it’s not a terrible thing. it’s the best, really. mid october, you’re the best.

for those interested:
my coat is by brand sea new york (from rent the runway), tiger tee (LINKED), denim (LINKED), and black booties (LINKED).

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  1. Allison

    I was thinking about rushing bedtime with my littles the other day and how much I need to slow down too. I get to be home with them and that makes me so happy that I need to soak it in more.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and the fun coat :)


  2. S

    Love it! I just wanted to comment and ask whether you could do a post about how Eleanor is reading Harry Potter– I just remember that being SUCH a formative part of my childhood and it was pure magic seeing her face after finishing the book– if her experience is anything like mine, these books will be a part of her for her whole life. And in general, seeing how much she loves reading is great! Harry Potter in particular is such a great way to explore different virtues and build character, and so I was just wondering if you and Josh had any thoughts on how you’re helping your kids grow emotionally and morally through reading, particularly at Eleanor’s age. Thanks for being great examples!

  3. kairisti

    i thought that your post was beautifully written! thanks for your words. my favorite thing about following along is your constant reminder(s) to stop and slow down these moments with kids. to take it all in and enjoy the moments rather than rush through and finish off the day. to look forward to bedtime snuggles instead of bedtime peace. loved this post so very much.

  4. Tina Schrader

    What a fantastic post! Your excellent writing here has reminded me to slow down as well. I love your descriptive phrases. I also love how you try to live in the manner of squeezing as much out of life as possible and enjoying all of it. Bless you.

  5. Lauren

    I miss that fall weather! It’s 90 here in LA!

  6. Karen

    Well this post made me ball. October is my favorite too, this time of year makes me so nostalgic, it makes me think of slowing down and living more in the moment with my babies who are not babies anymore. I probably won’t get to be a mama again and this time of year that thought always breaks my heart, I’m so grateful for my healthy thriving tween and 6 year old who is still very much my baby but knowing there won’t be anymore teeny tiny humans around again for us to love feels very final and it’s tough to reconcile. You’re family is precious and my kids and I really enjoy your instagram. Xxx