apple picking outside the city!

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the kids have a few days off school this week and so for a while we tossed around the idea to leave town and do a bigger trip since we don’t really get another break in the calendar until the holidays. but we’re also in the midst of working on a big project (which i can’t wait to share more details on soon! might be more excited about this than anything else we’ve worked on before!) … so in the end, we decided to forgo the trip so we can really bunker down on this work. we compromised by carving out some fun family activities this week where we can fit them in. and so this morning, we rented a car and drove about an hour and a half outside the city to fishkill farms to pick apples together! the weather was perfect (we’ve had some brutal hot days lately so i wasn’t sure if sweaters would work out, but the morning temps were in the 60s and it was beautiful outside up at the farm!)

it was madalena’s and beatrice’s first time picking apples but they wasted no minutes whatsoever getting right into it. i think they both ate a full apple before we even filled the first bag! i have a sweet little video on my instagram right now if you want to go see them in action devouring their apples. :) our other three kiddos are apple picking pros! they even commissioned papa into being their ladder so they could pick the highest apples and toss them into the basket (more videos on my instagram stories, of course.)

this was such a fun outing. the farm was pretty crowded but most people went to the first few rows of apples and we went further back and had entire rows to ourselves where we just plopped down and hung out for a bit and even with the chaos that follows us everywhere, it felt rather chill and relaxing which was really nice. helps that the babies had slept in the car ride over i am sure and were fresh and well rested. we’d also enjoyed a massive breakfast of bagels and breakfast sandwiches from our favorite bagel place on the upper west side before leaving the city, and full tummies for any sort of outing is always helpful, too.

we picked two large bags worth of apples! we plan to give some to friends but also make some dishes with apples this weekend together. the kids have decided they don’t want to make an apple pie so if anyone has any great apple recipes to send our way that aren’t in the pie category, please do! we really haven’t brainstormed past homemade apple sauce. ;)

lots of photos below!

when he busts out his carhartt overalls, i’m like, RIGHT! YOU’RE JOSH AND THIS IS SO TOTALLY YOU! :)

i had forgotten, but josh reminded me we have photos of baby eleanor at 9 months old sitting in an apple basket, so we had to recreate with both beatrice and madalena!

i am literally taking this photo and madalena is throwing an apple into the basket! i was dying! she saw josh filling up the basket so she came over to do the same!

16 months old. might be my favorite age with all my kids. i realized as they turned 16 months old a few days ago (on the 28th) that this is the age eleanor was when baby samson was born! crazy to imagine when i think of these two girls as such babies but i remember feeling like my little eleanor was such a big girl when samson was born. i suppose these girls are big girls, too! but being our last, it’s so hard to let go and see them as big girls! they seem so anxious to grow up fast because they want to be doing everything their big brothers and big sister are doing and i’m constantly over here like, yay! but also, slowwwwww down! it’s wild.

this is what i was talking about with the kids doing this whole apple from the highest branch into the basket sort of situation! team work at its finest! josh is a good sport. he let all three stand on his shoulders and take turns filling the basket.

speaking of baskets….

i can’t even with my girl beatrice and her contagious smile! it just fills up her face and warms my heart.

no idea what they are communicating through these close glances, but i feel like it’s the beginning of the whole twin-language sort of thing and i cannot wait.

also, these tiny rainboots have been worn by all three of my other babies and i love that they’ve all shared them.

flying apple! do you see it?!

when i went through our bags of apples once we arrived home, i realized just how many had small bites in them. ha! these girls started a lot of apples today…

some apple picking adventures from years past RIGHT HERE including that time we made a video with sweetgreen at the apple orchard!

for those interested, i’ve rounded up similar fair isle sweaters below at different price points. my boots (LINKED), hat (similar LINKED) and jeans (LINKED.)

  1. Elaine

    So much fun… and the apples look delish! I was just remembering that you have been with us before on this fall school break. Missing you a lot but so fun to see the kiddos with all the apples!

  2. Lauren

    Isn’t autumn the best! I’m hoping to take my little girl Rosie (she’ll be one this month, ahh!) apple picking in the next few weeks. Our town is having a community orchard day where you come pick the apples from the local country park for free! So fun!

    P.S. make a sausage & apple bake!

    Ingredients (for 2 people): red onion x 1, parsnips x 2, apple x 1, sausages x 6, honey, salt, pepper, oil, red wine vinegar

    1. roughly cut red onion & apple & use peeler to peel parsnips into long strips
    2. add onion to casserole dish and toss with oil, salt & pepper
    3. add apple & a tablespoon of red wine vinegar
    4. Pile parsnips on top & add sausages with a drizzle of oil & pepper
    5. bake for 30 mins 350F
    6. Drizzle honey and return to oven for 5 mins

    Done! It’s delicious :)

  3. Gretchen

    So fun! I highly recommend making an apple Dutch baby or German apple pancakes! So yummy!

  4. This gives me SO many fall vibes! Its still warm here in sunny SoCal, but you’re making me anxious for sweater weather!(:


  5. Kate Z

    Where are the twins tops from? So cute!

  6. Ella

    I love to make apple pancakes (European Pankcakes). I add the apple slices into the pan while baking.
    And I love apples & peanut butter as a snack.

  7. Stephanie McKinley

    Hello! I love following your blog! I have a question….my 6 year old would just go gaga over Eleanor’s boots. Can you give me a link?


  8. Cassie Scobie

    Very sweet pictures! As for all of the apples I would go for a crumble (and you can add lots of other flavours to it e.g. orange, raspberry, rhubarb, blackberry etc.) or a german apple cake. I’m sure it won’t take long to get through them though :) Enjoy! x

  9. Emily DeJarnett

    This was a recipe I found in their magazine while visiting family, and as soon as we got home, we went to our local orchard to grab some apples and their homemade apple butter. It is hands down the best thing I have ever bake (even if it was at 2am because my pregnant body couldn’t sleep). It was also my first bundt cake so I love how moist it was and that we could cut tiny pieces that felt like it made it last longer, lol. Please, document if you try!!

  10. Leyla

    Oh my! Looks like you guys had the best apple picking outing! It’s our favorite thing to do too!! We went on a really hot day here in the Midwest…so we had frozen apple cider while picking apples! Love seeing the twins interact with each other. Waiting for my twins to do the same!

    Leyla |

  11. kristen

    Your kids are getting so BIG!! Super cute pics!

  12. brittany

    gosh these are incredible photos!!! your sweater… your babes. all precious!!!

  13. Piper

    Love these photos! You guys are seriously too cute.

  14. Zan

    Apple Picking is a tradition we love to do yearly! However, we moved and our apple picking area was not as exciting. But we got apples, took time off work and school, and did something together!! Lovely photos of your family – the twins are growing way too fast! (New commenter here)

  15. Robin Hirano

    I LOVE that first picture of you with your children! That look on Conrad’s face is priceless!!

  16. Kelly

    Such a great family day and your kids are going to treasure these photos in the future!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  17. lauren

    the twins are SO CUTE i can’t handle it!

  18. Ashley

    These pics make me so happy! Love the fall season and Josh seems like such a great guy, what a fam! Can’t wait for Halloween pics 🎃 👻🔮

  19. This looked like the perfect day! I still can’t believe how big the twins are getting, my daughter is 19 months this week and honestly I don’t know where the time goes.

    Stephanie Vainer | a learning story blog

  20. Lena

    You could freeze apple slices. So you can use them later for smoothies or cakes.

  21. Allison Volpe

    This is adorable and the photos are beautiful! Can’t wait to go apple picking with my fam :) Just wanted to share a saving tip for any family looking for a deal on transportation. is a non-profit and is more affordable than any other ride service. They let you schedule rides in advance and can accommodate large groups as well. Great for when you’re planning a family outing. Hope this helps anyone looking to save!

  22. Allison

    such sweet pictures! I agree-the family time was a better choice-work or no work. The kids are so adorable!!


  23. Jacci

    Awww so sweet! Looks like you had a great day!