3rd grade, 2nd grade and kindergarten, here we go!

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these three beautiful babies of mine started school the other week, and we are officially 7 full days into the new school year! josh and i were able to tag team their curriculum night for parents a few days ago to meet their new teachers and learn more about what they have in store for the coming year. after getting acquainted with the classroom and a few fellow parents and hearing more from their teacher with whom they’ll be spending the majority of their days with this year, i always feel like i can finally exhale and let go of a bit of my own nerves about the coming year. they are in really great hands, and as a parent, it’s all you can hope and pray for. i am sure we will have hiccups and bumps in the coming year with one thing or another as is to be expected with all things in life, but that exhale. i truly appreciated that moment of exhale i was able to feel after leaving their school thursday night in the pouring rain, running home holding a folder filled with school information over my head because i didn’t have an umbrella. the rain was warm, and i felt so full. i felt thankful, hopeful and excited. less jittery and more trusting. it’s going to be a great year.

i love documenting the first day (and also the last day) of each school year. they are some of my favorite photos to look back on and my family was kind to indulge me for a few minutes in the snapping of photos together and also individual ones as well before we dropped everyone off for their first big day.  both eleanor and samson have really enjoyed and excelled in school the last few years and were excited to get back into the swing of things, but this is conrad’s very first year in school so we were all feeling extra excited as we got everything ready for our first day.

since he’s watched his brother and sister go to school and learn new things and make new friends, he’s been anxious to participate. he had a countdown going before the big day and it was like christmas morning when he picked out his backpack for the coming year. the funny thing was, after the first day and we were leaving the apartment for the second day of school, i grabbed his backpack because he had left the front door without it. when he saw i had it on my back he was like, “wait, why do you have that?” “for school, conrad! you can’t forget your backpack!”, i replied. “yeah no, i’m not doing that again.” he said. haha! i loved that after day one, it was out of his system and he was like, been there, done that. moving on…. he’s continued to go though, and i do think it’s growing on him. :)

some photos from day one before our first school drop off of the year…

beatrice and madalena were very excited to be included in our circle where we held hands and shared some fun thoughts with each other plus some hand squeezes before our big day!

my little kindergartener! so so proud of this boy.

two thumbs up for the first big day!

and my handsome samson, our second grader this year! can hardly believe it.

and third grade for eleanor! definitely the year i step more to the side and let papa help with the homework. ;)

showing off his new backpack! haha!

for those in the midst of heading into a new school, i put together this blog post with some tips and tricks we’ve collected over the years that can help with transition!

for those interested, my denim jumpsuit (LINKED), clogs (LINKED) and similar hat (LINKED).

  1. Tamila Leychkis

    What do you think of NY schools? How do they compare to Utah?

  2. Kelly

    Oh so cute, I hope they have the best year yet!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  3. Manon Lefeuvre

    naomi what a nice family pic!!! could you please let me know where i can go for diner in NY with my 3 little kiddos for new year eve? We are trqavelling to NY at the end of the year and I guess you are the perfect person for answering to my question!!! many thanks and please continue to make me dream with your blog :)