star valley, wyoming (part I)

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we are back in new york after spending about two weeks in wyoming. for part of our trip, we stayed with family in star valley, which is about an hour from jackson. it’s a very tiny town, but goodness gracious does it sure pack in the most epic landscapes of the richest coloring (had i ever even seen that shade of green before?!) and also showed us a sunset that i haven’t been able to shut up about (photos below- without any color alterations or editing- literally, that is the raw file straight from my camera card. it was that spectacular and vivid and huge and we should meet up in person so i can talk some more about it face to face because i am not done yet.)

living in the city, it really makes me appreciate when we have the chance to step out of our concrete neighborhood for something so contrasting. you all know how much the city feels like home to my family and me, but places like this steal a part of my heart every time we visit, too. not enough to uproot us and seek it out (at least not right now) but enough to know they are very special places in their own right and we sure do appreciate getting the chance to experience them, too.

also love a place that knows a thing or two about ‘fry sauce’ (more below), so you know, it was definitely love at first sight driving in and seeing that.

this place also had dirty sodas on the menu (dirty diet cokes are my favorite – diet coke with coconut syrup and lime) so i mean, we went here almost daily. (ps- so glad so many of you on my instagram agree fry sauce is better than straight up ketchup on french fries. i made sure to scroll through several of the replies and read them out loud to my ketchup-only loving husband and children.)

this is the sunset i mentioned above. every night it was really beautiful but this particular night it looked as though it was on fire. these photos have not been edited at all, this is how they came straight off my camera. made me feel a lot of things and thankful for the chance to have seen it.

we were driving back to the house one night and the babies had already fallen asleep in the car (east coast time troubles) so i had josh pull over to the side of the road where these pretty horses were so i could get out of the car with my camera.

josh and my three older babies riding razors up into the mountains! the highlight of this part of the trip for the kids when you ask them! i kept asking after, “did you go slow?!” and they’d look at their papa and smile so big. i know they did not go slow. ;) there was a big group of family that went up in several of these on this day and i followed in a jeep with the babies so they could ride in carseats but only made is so far up the road until the trail wouldn’t allow me to go any higher. everyone took off really quickly when the trail changed (i don’t blame them, i probably would have to!) so i wasn’t able to get a photo of all the razors together on the path since i was pretty far behind them.  the babies and i hung out for a bit at this spot and josh and the kids brought us down some lunch from the group about an hour later. i snapped these photos before they took off again. i’m so glad they had a fun time experiencing the mountain this way! (baby girls and i also had fun in the jeep experiencing the mountain that way as far up as we could go!)

the prettiest shades of green.

this was a fun spotting, but we also spotted the sweetest baby bambi with her mama the first morning, too! i don’t have photos of it unfortunately but it was adorable to see such a teeny tiny deer out and about.

conrad took this photo of his papa on the horse (he was too young to ride at this place) and i felt a lot of pride when i later saw the photos he took. it’s so fun to see things from his perspective and low angle.

eleanor and samson did a horseback ride where they were able to steer and lead their own horses on a two hour adventure which went across the border of idaho and also through a river! i couldn’t believe it when they told me once they got back. sounded like a lot of fun.

i brought conrad, madalena and beatrice to say hello to the horses and see everyone off before the family horseback ride. this horse was the guide’s horse, and he walked straight over to my baby girls to say hello. at one point, i was like, “um, excuse me, this horse isn’t tied up to anything, is this okay?!” and the guide was like, “you won’t meet a gentler horse, he’s good.” haha, i was still stressing on the inside the entire time but he really was so sweet with my kiddos. my babies were very tired and ready for their morning nap when this went down so i think this helped calm them for a moment while i tried to delay getting them back into the car for nap time.

thank you for reading and looking at these photos with me! more photos and stories from wyoming coming shortly!

  1. Curtis

    Got to love it. Wyoming is a beautiful place that I get to
    drive through as a professional driver

  2. Erika

    that sunset!!! you’re right…. amazing.

  3. Bobbie Rose

    I want to move to Star Valley

  4. David Stull

    I love reading about my home state. I also have quite a few fire sunset photos look me up on Instagram David Stull

  5. Elaine

    Where were you when you saw that sunset? I’m sorry we missed it! Also if you think it is green now you should have come in June!

  6. Meghan

    Wow! These photos are stunning. It looks so magical there. What beautiful memories you made together.

  7. Lori Steele

    Beautiful pictures !
    Thank you for sharing.

  8. LaVerna

    I was blessed to call Jackson and Star Valley home for several years. A lot of folks I love still live there. Enjoyed the article and especially the pictures of a magical place.

  9. Alison

    So so beautiful!!!

  10. I can see why you keep talking about that sunset! I don’t think I would ever shut up! Just looking at the photo made my heart feel a certain way. Sunsets are always such beautiful reminders of God’s goodness!

    xo Mary-Katherine

  11. gigi

    How do you adjust to the altitude change?

  12. Patrick Hefferan

    Such stunning beauty offers a short,but meaningful respite,from the tribulations of today.

  13. Dorene Deardorff

    You make me homesick. I grew up in Thayne, ( Star Valley ) Star Valley will always be home.

  14. Shawna

    I am so blessed to call Star Valley my home. There is getting to be a lot of people living here. I guess I do not blame them.

  15. Kristian Olson

    Always fun to read about people visiting my home state (we’re on the other side of the park in Park County). Glad you had fun!