star valley & jackson, wyoming (part II)

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i know i haven’t gotten to the rest of our camping photos just yet, but sharing the rest of our photos from star valley and jackson wyoming today! you can see the first post with more photos from star valley wyoming RIGHT HERE if you missed that yesterday. our last two days in wyoming, we spent in jackson, where josh did a fly fishing adventure with his cousin while i stayed back with the kids and explored a little bit of jackson with them (we mostly just adventured at the hotel pool and found ourselves some playgrounds and rock climbing bouldering walls nearby, plus a bungee trampoline situation which my kids lived for!) once josh got back to jackson, we all did the alpine slides and cowboy coasters together since we could take turns with the babies at the base of the mountain. the weather was beautiful and we really had a great time. i have already said it, but wyoming sure is special and i’m thankful we were able to explore a bit of it this summer.

this is the bungee jumping situation my kids loved in jackson. so much fun! so many flips!

baby girls in their cowgirl hats!

racing down the alpine slides!

  1. sam-c

    What self tanner do you use on your face, or is that tint due to photo editing?

  2. Emily

    The alpine slides look like SO much fun! I love the cowboy hats too.

    Emily | Snippets of Em xx


    Can i ask about your checked shirt? LOVE IT.

  4. Deborah

    I grew up in Star Valley! The pictures tug at my heart strings. I love Sampsons shirt!! Thank you for the reminder of what a beautiful place it is.

  5. Eleanor is so beautiful! It baffles me that I’ve ‘known’ you guys since before she was born! :D Best wishes!