cowboy hat in the city.

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i bought myself this cowboy hat at a little western wear store outside of star valley, wyoming when we were visiting in july. it was a very big deal because i was extremely excited as i walked around the place and tried on a million and one different styles and colors (thank you to my family for being rather patient with me during the process). i loved this taupe coloring the most because i knew i could bring it home to the city and it’d go well with a lot of different dresses and sweaters in my closet this coming fall and winter. i officially introduced the hat to my neighborhood the other day with a denim on denim situation and some fun pops of color because it was what my mood felt like and so we went with it.

hats are one of my love languages. maybe you’ve noticed, maybe not. but i do like a good hat and how much it can complete an outfit. i also love them for a number of other reasons and i was joking with josh when we were out taking photos about all the reasons why. don’t wanna have to do your hair? put a hat on it! have that fun post partum hair loss situation happening? put on a hat! growing out bangs and in that awkward length stage?! hi, hat! sprayed too much dry shampoo in your hair so now it looks white?! what’s up, hat!? (done this one so many times!), and also like, wanna make an outfit look pulled together even when you don’t feel that way?! once again, HAT. if anyone needs help selling someone on the hat life, send them my way!

anyway, i am a big believer in wearing what you want and what makes you feel good.  and when you aren’t feeling good, get dressed anyway and add a fun hat or a bright lip or a pop of color even if you don’t want to because it will help transform your mood. and who doesn’t want that?! i have tried and tested this theory so many times in my life and this right here is my testimonial that it really does work. so bust out the cowboy hat in a busy city or the sweater before sweater weather is here. pull out the fun earrings or fancy dress or whatever it is that you’re drawn towards and feel good in, and have a wonderful day while you’re in it.

HAT (similar), denim blouse (linked) , denim jeans (linked) and see them also HERE in my summer uniform post. shoes (old, but similar linked, and also linked here and fun similar ones linked here too!), sunglasses (similar linked and also linked here.)

HAT (similar), denim blouse (linked) , denim jeans (linked) and see them also HERE in my summer uniform post. shoes (old, but similar linked, and also linked here and fun similar ones linked here too!), sunglasses (similar linked and also linked here.)

  1. Todd Phipps

    I love to see such a free spirited soul, that knows what they want and who they are.
    I am a cowboy and I wear a cowboy hat almost every where I go. I wear a straw hat during the summer months and a black felt Resistol in the winter months. I use Cowboy Hat Etiquette, of course.
    I love to see a woman in a cowboy hat. It says that she is secure, strong and daring. There are so many people that wish they could wear a hat, but don’t because they are afraid of what others think. Whether it’s a hat, a type of clothing, or whatever inspires you, where it.
    I know who I am, I know what my hat stands for. It stands for my beliefs, what I stand for and a long standing heritage and culture that I try to live my life by. A cowboys hat is not just a hat, it’s his code.

  2. Sandra Luz

    I love your style blogs! So fun!!

  3. Andrea

    Are you missing your bangs? I am trying to grow mine out and I am hating the security I had with them LOL

  4. Lily Rodgers

    Very nice .I always wear mine and get lots of smiles

  5. Margaret

    I like the hat very much….also the boots. Are the babies boys or girls? Nice looking family.

  6. Bekah

    You can pull off anything! Have you read Emily Henderson’s recent post about finding her “uptown prairie” style? You both are gorgeous and this outfit fits right in with her vibe.

  7. Kathy

    Love it

  8. Tom

    Nice hat, but you should have had then shape it properly for your face structure and it would be amazing.

  9. Ben Rinehart

    I also started wearing western hats. Love the feel and shade from the dum. L OL.

  10. Calla

    thanks so much for the reminder to wear what makes you feel good! I am going through a rough time and recently bought a cute dress but felt like I needed to save it for a fancy enough occasion. I think I will wear it to work tomorrow instead!

  11. Nikki

    Totally agree about wearing what makes you feel good. Love the hat!

    Your second paragraph is so true. In the postpartum period and even through chemo, getting dressed in something I loved every day really made a difference and lifted my mood.

  12. Kelly

    Such a chic look – so you and I love the pops of red!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  13. Sarah

    I just wanted to stop by and say you look like an absolute icon in this outfit. It is just soooooo good! So cool and so chic! absolute love!

  14. amazing photos. you are really beautiful.