a day with friends at island beach in greenwich!

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i think about this a lot. for me, there isn’t much that tops the feeling after a long day out with my kids, when we leave the apartment at 7:15 in the morning (okay it was more like 7:22 because we are always running late) and meet up with friends for a full day of adventure. when we take 3 trains and a ferry, deal with and maneuver through fussiness, negotiate and talk through minor meltdowns, improv our way around broken elevators and haul strollers up and down steps. when we spend time in the sun with minimal sunburning (just a whole lotta back sweat for this mama) and arrive back home just before rush hour with an incredible day behind us. everyone is still in good spirits, despite running out of all the snacks plus the emergency snacks. and we’ve had a solid day of fun.  these are the sorts of days that challenge me in the best of ways, where you try to fit in conversation with girlfriends but someone it’s always interrupted by a child 50 seconds in, yet it’s fine because it’s how it goes and it’s still a catch-up of sorts on some level and good enough for a thursday. i even forgot the towels for my family but hey, nothing a full container of baby powder can’t help solve. i had wondered if it was silly to attempt to bring my camera with me when i’d be at the beach with 5 kids to watch and a lot of sand, but decided i wouldn’t be content without it so strapped around my arm it came.

it was a solid day of fun, for sure. chaotic, sandy, sunny, with too many french fries which the pigeons of connecticut were desperate to steal. a good day. and the kind i really enjoy most.

my friend amanda and i made our way up to island beach in old greenwich (connecticut) yesterday with 8 kids between us. there, we met up with more friends where the kids searched for and caught lots of walking crabs in the water and my baby girls ate sand. the little beach on the island there really is something else (even has a playground!) and since we took the first ferry out, it wasn’t crowded or too hot yet in the day. lots of photos from the day below…

he’s such a great kid. all day, my little helper. coming over, checking in. helping me with the babies. felt very thankful at the end of the day for my mister samson.

might be my new favorite conrad photo. :)

blurry but happy baby girl eleanor. :)

getting on the first ferry out means a clear beach to start the day with! can’t top that!

when i attempt to bring my camera into the water with me and realize it’s a bad idea when i try to carry it back up to my stroller with two babies as well. a few bits of sand and water in that poor thing. handed it off to amanda for a minute in the water though. and while i thought there was no way we got a photo of me and the babies together because it was utter madness with one baby trying to dunk her head under every few seconds and the other racing for the deep end, somehow she still got a few special photos for documenting sake! and i love how much they capture the craziness of two 14 month olds in the water with their mama. haha! good times.

missing a few mama friends in this one, but photo by eleanor. :)

the kids found so many crabs in the water!

this home, propped up on its own little island near island beach leaves me so very curious! it’s beautiful, and i wonder what life would be like living on your own mini island like that.

wasn’t kidding about the crabs! they caught all sizes! (they also put them right back in the water after bringing them in buckets of water to all the mamas for a look!)

thankful for crazy days, sisterhood, beaches, patient passengers on fellow trains and ferries, fruit snacks and emergency granola bars, plus the miracle of a cold diet coke over ice for this mama at the end of a long day out when your back hurts but you gotta keep going. these kids sure do keep parts of me young! have a great weekend, everyone!

  1. Emily

    Your romper is so cute! Where’s it from?

  2. Sarah

    Amazing. I nanny twins and I dont know how moms do it. Alone. With other kids as well!! Love your cover up! Where is it from?

  3. Colleen

    So sweet! Love adventures with my little guy. Your trips give me hope that we can continue when we add more! Curious about sun protection. Do you use anything on the babies’ heads? Thank you!

  4. rae

    love this! making plans to meet up with friends and kids asap! thanks for sharing :)

  5. lu

    hermoso dia!!!

  6. Kelly

    Looks like you had a great day and I went to high school in Greenwich so this post brings back some memories!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  7. Emma

    Such lovely photos! I can’t believe how quickly your little girls are growing!!