summer at mohonk!

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today is my big photo dump from my big camera of all the photos we took during our time at mohonk mountain house during our family’s stay earlier this month! if you follow along on my instagram, you might have caught a lot of insta stories from our family’s trip (will anything ever top the snake video!? i doubt it. so much fun!) anyway!

we first visited mohonk mountain house at the end of last summer (see all those photos HERE! gosh, the babies were babies!), and without a doubt, that trip pushed its way up the list of our favorite trips we’ve ever taken together and all year long, my kids would often bring up memories from our time there, and they asked repeatedly for us to go back. so our family was really really stoked when mohonk mountain house reached out to us this past spring and invited us to come once again and be their guests! we were all excited, but our kids had a countdown going since about May for both the last day of school (which wasn’t until the last week of June for us in nyc) and also for the day we were to leave for mohonk!  thank you so much for hosting us, mohonk mountain house! we seriously had a very special time at your beautiful property. (ps- for those interested, mohonk mountain house has offered love taza readers 15% off your booking right now with the code LOVETAZA15. it’s less than a two hour drive from new york city and we can’t get enough.)

some photos and stories from our stay below…

our family hiked all the way up to the sky top tower this trip (we made it half way last year and didn’t realize it was only about ten minutes further up!). on our last morning, josh took the kids on the labyrinth hike (with the “lemon squeeze,” a very narrow crevice at the end) which they all agreed was a big highlight for everyone. i struggle sometimes with the idea of my kids not being able to just take off and explore all the time how the would in the outdoors since we live in such a busy city, and i think one of the reasons we enjoy this spot so much is that our older kiddos are really able to enjoy the freedom of exploring such a beautiful place. of course, being careful and safe and all of that- but it’s the first taste of really doing things on their own (they’d make their way to the game room entirely on their own sometimes and set their watches for maybe 20 minutes to come meet us at a different destination – tiny doses, but so good for all of us just the same!).  i know we all really enjoyed it, but especially the older kids, having that sense of doing something independently and conquering it well. josh and i talk a lot about how we can give our kids more opportunities for this sort of experience in new york city and also in the future (if any of you are seasoned city folk who have raised kids in a more urban setting, i’d love to hear!), but i think for now, with their ages and our situation, these sorts of small doses of it over the summer months feels just about right and we have really enjoyed it.

see that over to the left?! literally up above the cloud line and it was so beautiful!

recreating photos and not mad about it one bit (see this photo right here from last year when the babies were itty bitty and barely poked out of their baby carriers!) thanks to eleanor for being the photographer behind this picture both this year and last!

we made it to the sky top tower at the top of the mountain! this was very exciting! although i will be totally honest i was huffing and puffing at this point and this was such a hard reminder of how out of shape my body feels at the moment. especially when you have three active kiddos so far ahead on the trail for most of the hike calling back, “why are you so slow, mama?!?!” it was kind of funny in its own right.

clouds, you so pretty.

trying to shut up about my fear of heights so my kids don’t inherit it and just enjoy the moment while pretending i am not sweating my butt off with nerves. ;)

we came back from the hike with a whole lotta random things like rocks, pine cones, acorns, sticks we just couldn’t let go of and a fuzzy furry teeny tiny caterpillar who was actually so adorable (we let him go before exiting the trail!)

would really like to go back in time and take my wedding photos on this dock.

they weren’t so sure when mama took them out on the row boat, but we actually had a great time. papa and i took turns swapping rides in the paddle boats, canoes and row boats while the other one played with the babies on land.

family photo with like no one’s eyes open, but we were looking right into the sun and i knew it was a long shot! i kind of love this photo anyhow. also, that stick samson is holding is from our trail hike. i wasn’t kidding when i said we brought back a lot of random things from that hike. ;)

my sweet baby beatrice with a little bit of sunshine in her hair. :)

ok so one of the reasons i think this place is so genius is the bathing beach they have at one area of the lake. we plopped down right here for hours each day where the little ones swam and played and the bigger kids could jump off the diving board into the lake and also swim further out with their papa. the set up is just really dreamy for the lake.

the kids loved catching and making friends with the little salamanders in the lake before carefully releasing them back into the water.

dancer on the dock! i also jumped into the lake (see here!) and that felt really really great. almost didn’t do it (having just started weaning the babies the week before and so my chest was in pain still, but- still worth the jump in!)

madalena was so happy walking all over the sand! she also really took a liking to walking in the grass this trip, too! beatrice as well! usually they aren’t very fond of grass.

our friends the crandalls made a lake trip to mohonk as well this summer and we were so excited that our trips could overlap a bit! the kids had so much fun together (see them on horses below) and we always love spending time with their family.

with our friends and with the horses before our ride!

we’ve been working on our tennis skills this summer so we were excited to use mohonk’s tennis courts and also have a little lesson while we were there.

i love seeing eleanor’s cheering face after she won!

we did some catch and release fishing during our time at the lake and this will forever be a family trip highlight for us due to the snake spotting! we have talked about this like every day since we’ve gotten back.

proud of our kids for all catching a fish! samson was in heaven. he loves fishing so much. this is one of his happy places. (ps. thanks for gil from new jersey for the tip of what kind of bait to use. sausage!)

on a paddle boat with my boys! we raced our friends who were in separate paddle boats and my thighs were on fire.

enjoying the sunset on our first night there from our little balcony while eleanor made some lists of everything she wanted to do while at mohonk. so very grateful for the stay, and the generosity of mohonk mountain house. thank you so much for having us! don’t forget to use my code LOVETAZA15 if you’d like to book a future trip and get 15% off your booking! they said you can also book over the phone and mention my blog or the code if you’d rather do it that way.

summer at the lake, you are an absolute dream. thank you again to mohonk mountain house for hosting our stay.

  1. Lindsey

    This looks absolutely heavenly! I’m about to go and do a google search for similar places but on the west coast.

  2. So beautiful!! 😊👍🏻

  3. Alexandra

    Why no pictures of the rooms? They look a little outdated on their website and would love an honest opinion before booking!

    • josh

      Hi Alexandra! Good point. The rooms are actually one of my favorite things about staying there. I love the furniture!

  4. Aude

    Thank you Naomi for sharing these beautiful photos of your family vacations in mohonk. I just came back from a trip to the French mountains the Alpes and it’s so refreshing to breathe some fresh air with such a view.
    (I am living in Paris…)

  5. Emily

    These photos are gorgeous! I particularly love the fishing pictures, they’re priceless!

    Emily | Snippets of Em xx

  6. What a beautiful resort! I’ve wanted to book there for so long and after seeing all the family activities I think I’m going too.

    Thanks Naomi for sharing!

    Stephanie | A Learning Story

  7. Beautiful pictures! Just might have to book an anniversary trip there.

  8. Lauren

    This looks so magical!!