making homemade ice cream in central park!

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let it be known if it isn’t known already that josh davis is really good at finding the fun stuff. like, when this thing showed up in the mail and i opened the box, i was all, “…what is this?!” he was so nonchalant about it… “oh right.” he said, “i ordered that…. it’s an ice cream maker inside a ball. the kids are going to love it.” and he was right. the kids, myself, our entire little crew love it. and over the weekend, we had one of our most memorable evenings in central park kicking and tossing and throwing a ball around together all the while, the blessed ball was putting the finishing touches on the homemade strawberry ice cream ingredients we had thrown inside it before heading out the door.

it felt like we had just concocted the most insane magic trick when we opened up the ice cream ball at the end. and everyone agreed (except for eleanor- who is still a loyalist to haagen dazs strawberry- bless her heart), that it was the most delicious strawberry ice cream we’d ever had (although, adding extra cream to anything makes anything the most delicious thing you ever did have.)

anyway, this is the ice cream ball josh bought for us. and i can’t recommend it enough for a fun activity with family or friends. it makes a pint of ice cream (which feels rude when there are seven of you – but the right amount when you’re in the midst of a heat wave and honestly all you want is ice cold water). it takes only about twenty minutes of shaking and tossing to work its magic (plus some rock salt and ice and your ice cream ingredients which we kept simple with some sugar, cream and strawberries).

heading into central park and just look at samson’s face! it was so hard for him to not kick and roll that ball down all the sidewalks and streets before we got into the park. :)

getting our kick ball game on!

my white skirt is on sale right now here, for anyone interested.

for those who have asked, the baby girls’ moccasins are from here.  can’t get over how big my babies feel these days when they are standing and taking freaking steps! i am extra emotional lately because we just finished weaning them from breastfeeding so my hormones are out of whack, but man. seeing them look so grown in this photo made me teary-eyed.

about ten minutes into the shaking and tossing of the ice cream ball, you are supposed to open it up and scrape the sides and mix it around a little bit to make sure nothing is sticking to the edges.

i could not get over how legit this ice cream was! i was probably the most blown away out of everyone. it’s just something i do not understand whatsoever and am fascinated with.

we have all worked hard at signing words over the last several months when we say them with beatrice and madalena, and it’s been really sweet to see beatrice graduate recently from her signs to full on words. this girl would not stop saying “more!” “more!” “more!” when we pulled out the ice cream. still signing and not quite saying “please,” but gosh, the way she says “more” sounds like “muh(r)-wuh” and it is the cutest thing ever.

madalena and these freaking eyes! also, beatrice in the back giving me a darling smirk, too! i can’t with these two.

will never get over this boy’s sweet row of freckles across his nose. he’s got a red tint to them that seem to poke out around the summertime, too.

the pint went fast! we might need to invest in like, 5 ice cream balls. or just a larger ice cream maker in general? probably a terrible idea though because then we’d be making it too much. and we all know we already eat too much ice cream as it is (actually that’s to be debated), so can you even imagine what that would look like with an ice cream maker looking us in the face every morning on the kitchen counter?!

good times and feeling extra appropriate considering yesterday was national ice cream day. do any of you make your own homemade ice cream?!

  1. Anne

    We love making homemade ice cream! We did a class at Ample Hills in Brooklyn and it was so fun (also just had my sons bday there and they make ice cream using a bicycle!) the owner tipped me off to this amazing ice cream maker that makes legit ice cream. Although the ball looks so fun and easy (May need that too).

  2. Katie

    Love their mocassins but the link is inactive 😫

  3. shiela

    adorable! yes! i use this ball in my classroom! great physical activity and science lesson with a delicious reward at the end!

  4. Jordan

    Oh my gosh this is so cute. I used to live in NYC and part of my reason for leaving was the fear around one day raising kids in the city and them missing out on an aspect of childhood I received in the suburbs. I think it takes a certain type of parent to embrace the hustle and bustle, especially with so many adorable babes, and take advantage of all NYC has to offer and get so fun and creative.

  5. Mackenzie

    Beautiful photos! What kind of camera do you use?!

  6. Taylor

    This is so awesome! I love seeing how hands on you and Josh are with your clan! So fun. Really inspires me when my husband and I have little ones, one day!

  7. Orla

    Love this

  8. I came here just to find this ball! haha And also- because I was hoping there were measurements to your simple strawberry icecream (because I’m a recipe type of food maker. haha). Such a fun idea! Thanks for sharing! <3

  9. Lindsey

    You’re such fun parents! You’re totally right about it being rude there isn’t more ice cream.

  10. Carol

    Looks like you had a wonderful time! It is the most important of all :)

  11. Kelly

    I loved watching this on your Stories -looks like the best day and I have never regret taking my DSLR out!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  12. That is the coolest invention I’ve seen in a long time! Homemade ice cream was always fun in theory but shaking up a bag with rock salt in it for 20 minutes was BRUTAL hahaa. Not only was it tiring but I was always so impatient to get the ice cream. This seems like the perfect distraction – all while having so much fun!

    xo Mary-Katherine

  13. Omg we used to have one of these ice cream balls at the cottage!! I had no idea it actually worked thou. Such a fun activity to do with kids! <3

    Stephanie | A Learning Story

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