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last may, about a week or two before my baby girls were born, i remember lying in bed and feeling so uncomfortable and big and hot and exhausted.  at the time, i remember i could not wait to get this twin pregnancy over with, and even said outloud “i will not miss this. i know i will not miss this.” (small edit worth noting now, some 14 months later – i miss it a teeny tiny itty bitty bit.) anyway, while laying there dreaming of holding my babies but mostly just feeling really really uncomfortable (have i said that yet?), i decided i was going to buy myself a little gift and look for a new bag that could also double as my new diaper bag. it’s how i came to own my yellow daffodil tote bag by MZ Wallace that so many of you have commented on over the last year. it’s a great bag for many reasons (light weight, water resistant and also so easy to clean, fits my life and then some because it’s a wonderful size)… but perhaps the biggest reason of all is a little bit sentimental – it was a tiny pop of sunshine that helped me get through the last few weeks and days of being pregnant with my baby girls and transitioned onto my shoulder to be with me for a lot of those firsts with my girls- first pediatrician visit, first walk through central park, even first solo flight just me and them to LA last month. i meant it when i said it’s a great bag.

it’s been a little over a year since then and i’m still obsessed with all things MZ Wallace. i added a backpack of theirs to my mix as well and have traveled with both bags, dressed them up and down on several different occasions, as well as seen both bags survive through the spills and stickiness that seems to follow me everywhere through this chapter of life — i can attest to how well made they truly are.

i was really excited when MZ Wallace asked if i’d like to partner with them to help introduce their newest crossbody bag named the parker, which just launched! at first glance, the biggest draw for me was the fact that it is a crossbody bag (but still with a zip-top closure to keep everything secure) meaning you are truly as hands-free as it gets. upon receiving the bag, i was pleasantly surprised at how much i liked the sizing. it can pack away a lot (and has six inside pockets for organization which i always appreciate) and, while normally i am a girl who opts for the colored option (it also comes in a pretty blue color named dawn), everyone needs a black bag in their life and i am here for this one.

also worth noting– first time MZ Wallace customers will receive 15% off any order when signing up for the MZW newsletter which you can do right here.

a few fun photos below!

can’t deny myself a jumping picture of some sort ;) felt extra appropriate since i was walking the babies to sleep for nap time and they were just about there. (stroller naps are the best naps and i wish we had a way to make those happen for us adults sometimes.)

thank you to MZ Wallace for sponsoring this blog post. and be sure to sign up for the MZ Wallace newsletter if you are a new customer so you can receive 15% off your order.

  1. Sandra

    What a cute bag!!

  2. Dianne

    Nail color?

  3. katie

    love it so much!!!
    love your jumpsuit too, where is it from?

  4. Great bag, but I couldn’t stop looking at those sunglasses! Amazing! You always look so chic and inspiring!

    K A T E L A T E L Y || fashion & lifestyle blog

  5. Rena

    The bag you have chosen is great and I love also your cool white on white look!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

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  7. Alyssa

    Love those shoes! Where are they from?