jackson lake hike at grand teton national park!

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our family is currently in wyoming where we spent the majority of last week camping in grand teton national park! that place was insanely beautiful. like, i’d seen photos and knew it looked pretty, but exploring that national park gave me goosebumps numerous times. the lake water was so clear, the trees were so tall and the mountains so grand, i was really taken aback.

i took a lot of photos (surprise, surprise!), and will share more soon but wanted to start with some photos josh and i took when we hiked a trail from our campsite to jackson lake. we strapped bear bells to our kiddos’ shoe laces, and josh carried the bear spray the park rangers recommended we never walk around without (apparently you spray it in the direction of the bear if it runs at you and it creates a mist of super smelly stuff that stops the bear when it runs through it). we didn’t run into any bears on our bear hunt/hike to the lake (which is a good thing or bad thing depending on which family member you are asking), but we had a great hike nonetheless. we hiked after our breakfast at the campsite (the trail was close by our site at colter bay), and the weather was a little bit chilly, slightly overcast and foggy, which made for the most insanely beautiful backdrop on the mountains.

i really don’t know how we were the only ones over on this side of the lake, but it made the morning extra special. the kids explored a bit and threw lots of rocks into the lake. the baby girls loved trying to crawl directly into the water which kept me and josh on our toes since i didn’t want them to get wet because we still had to hike back and no one wants to walk around in wet clothing. ;) these girls love their water!

beatrice and mama, cheesing hard!

i spy samson and conrad!

i spy a bear bell on a shoe lace!

see what i mean about these baby girls and the water?! madalena!!!!!!

this is my trying-not-to-be-stressed-face while my babies make a b-line for the water over and over again!

still not over this place!

more photos and stories from this camping trip coming soon!

  1. Micah

    Gorgeous photos! May I ask what camera lens you used?

  2. postcard perfect pictures!!!

  3. Terry

    Just some encouragement, glad you guys are enjoying so much one of the most beautiful places God created. We’re from Florida but lived out Colorado and Utah for 6 years and went to the Tetons many times in fact it’s our favorite place ever to visit even after many trips to Alaska. Although were Floridians and can’t wait to get back but it’s been 20 years the license plate on my Jeep says Mountain lover ,it’s the only one in the state of Florida so tell you where my heart is which is because my grandfather had a gold mining claim in Colorado and got me hooked on going out there .glad you’re family can hike around as much as you can, don’t know what you do for a living but may want to think about volunteering doing some park ranger ring out there in the summer if possible

  4. Angélique odekerken

    We love you and your family!
    So inspired by this camping trip!
    It must be wonderful to be in the middle of such a great nature and together with kids.
    We live in Belgium and my dream is to do a camping trip like this with our kids of 4 and 6 year old.
    My husband is a bit worried about the bears though.
    He looks to many reality movies about grizzly bears and so I think 😉😬
    Did you feel save?
    Thank you for sharing all the beautiful moments and always being so honest!
    Lots of love from Belgium! Angélique

  5. Peta

    Can I ask how many nights you camped for?

  6. Absolutely beautiful photos! And such a dreamy location! What a place!! And look how big they’ve all grown!! <3

  7. Sara

    Hey! Love your shoes, where are they from?