happy fourth of july!

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wanted to share a big batch of photos from our 4th of july independence day in central park yesterday! this independence day holiday has become one of my favorites over the years and while this country has so far to go with a number of heavy and hard things we’re currently in the middle of, i am thankful to be an american.

we celebrated the day very low key with lots of watermelon and sparklers in the mix, some patriotic music, friends, some decorated scooters for a little children’s parade in central park and a whole lotta red, white and blue clothing because i live for that kind of thing.

it is josh’s favorite time of toddler-hood when our babies learn to stand on their own in the palm of his hand!

when josh saw my photos from last year’s fourth of july, we was like, i think i was sleepy. (obviously rightly so with two newborn babies!) so he was like, hey take a photo of me right now, don’t i look so much more awake than last year holding the baby girls!?!

my three older babies getting lined up and ready for the scooter parade!

this photo above my friend amanda took of her little guy giving madalena a kiss! i think the best part of the photo has to be her papa josh behind her not having it in the slightest. lol. i felt like everyone was on the verge of crying from laughing so hard and josh was as straight faced as could be just not having it. bless him.

and these darling cake cups were made by our friend lauren who is queen of all things food related.


i was looking at our photos from this day last year when Beatrice and Madalena were itty bitty newborn babies but also my older three kiddos were also babies and if anything is a testament of time flying by these days, it’s looking at photos from a year past, a few months past, even just weeks prior. it’s been a year for the books but a really wonderful one for the most part. next year, these two cuties will hardly ever wanna be on my hip as they chat away with big new words and run so very fast wanting to keep up with their older crew of E, S and C. it’s how it goes as time ticks on by. my heart is thankful. happy fourth of july!

ps- for those inquiring about my jeans, i linked them for you here.

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  2. McKenzie Randall

    These are SUCH great photos! I am loving your hair so much! And I never get tired of sparkler pics. Thanks for sharing!