chalk and heat and my big camera.

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last weekend the heat wave in our city was intense. and while this mama would have been more than happy sitting beside the air conditioning unit in our apartment for the majority of it, the heat does not slow these munchkins down. i was reminded of the book i read last year called there’s no such thing as bad weather, which mostly referenced the colder months as an example and how children thrive being in the great outdoors in rain or snow or any sort of weather– and how it really just comes down to the proper attire (usually). i mean, you really do need to be cautious in such extreme heat like what we’ve been experiencing around the country, and we did take many breaks in cooler places with plenty of water, but these kids never seem to mind what the temperature is and i kind of admire this about them / feel bothered about this at the same time. ;)

i’m having a little bit of a moment with my big camera once again and took it out one morning for a little while last weekend. my favorite thing to photograph in the whole wide world is my children when they play. and so, here are a few of my favorite images from one morning at the playground recently. for those interested, i brought my f stop down to 2.8 to really try to hone in on specific details here and shot these with my 24-70mm lens. i thought i would also call out some detailed blog posts i have written last year about photography for anyone wanting to learn more. i tend to get a lot of the same questions about these topics so i hope it might be helpful for anyone new or anyone who may have missed these posts in the past to have a place where they are all linked once again! this post is all about what camera equipment we use and here is a post about capturing candid photos. i share in this post how to get photos with everyone in them (i think this is so important for moms and dads especially who are often behind the lens!) and here is a post about how i edit our photos. if you have a photography question i missed in those posts, let me know below!

  1. Kim

    These photos are so stunning. So impressed with your ability to capture the real moments of your children’s lives! What a gift.

  2. You make me want to get my ‘big camera’ out again, I used to loads but have gotten lazy with the old phone being so available, must use it more and take more photos of the kids this summer! It’s nearly 40 degrees here in London today, hottest ever, and I am so with you on having to be careful in the heat :-(

  3. Bianca

    Then freckles! ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Those images are spectacular! And yes, carrying around “the big camera” can be a bit of a pain (especially in the heat) but DAMN worth it!!!

  5. I always get a little emotional when I visit playgrounds I have been to with my girls in the early years. Seeing them too big for something is always hard to swallow, but then you find a new playground that challenges and entertains them in new ways.

  6. I miss bringing my “Big Camera” around with me, and this post inspired me to do it more.

    What’s your favourite lens?

    Stephanie | A Learning Story