back to school with my little third grader!

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since our kiddos’ school doesn’t officially let out until the last week of june for us here in new york city, we don’t technically head back until after labor day in september! even so, i know so many of you in many places around the country have school starting back up at various times over the next few weeks (has anyone’s kids started already?!) and back to school-everything is back in session!

eleanor has clocked in 3 school years with the same darling backpack (something she picked out before she started kindergarten so long ago!), and since we are about to enter the third grade (say it isn’t so! what is happening?!), we decided it was time for an updated new bookbag this year. and when garnet hill reached out and asked if eleanor might be interested in any of their latest kid backpacks for the new school year, she and i looked at them together to see and she was over the moon (you see what i did there?!) about their navy galaxy backpack. bonus points that it is blue, which happens to be her favorite color (although she did pause for quite sometime looking the merry meadow, which she shared “would be her second choice if she ever needed a second one.” ;)

something worth noting! the eco backpack collection from garnet hill is made with reclaimed plastic bottles and i have been impressed with how detailed the ergonomic features are all around – making the fit as comfortable as possible for kiddos of different sizes. the price point is wonderful, and most of their clothes collection is made from organic cotton, too. they also have some darling unique items when it comes to clothing and accessories for the season, including the dress and boots eleanor chose to wear for our mini photoshoot together.

can’t believe this baby girl of mine is about to be a third grader. her love for pandas and pangolins, outer-space and every book she can get her hands on – are just a few things i love about her. i can’t wait to see what third grade brings her way – even though this is definitely going to be the year she passes me up with her math learning and skills (times tables?! long division?! already have sweaty palms thinking about it), but i am beyond proud of her and can’t wait to watch her grow and be challenged and try new things.

when we took the backpack out for our first test run, i asked eleanor if she wanted to pack a book inside it.  when she opened it up on the park bench, i discovered she’d jam packed that thing with several of our bigger books, mostly space themed!

sometimes i wish i could freeze time right now will all my kids remaining the ages they are now. eleanor- with that ribbon of freckles across her nose, asking the most curious and sincere questions about anything and everything, always wanting to make sure all feel included and purposefully being like a mini-mama to her baby sisters by tending to them so thoroughly. she is so special.

also- taking these photos together was so much fun!

cheers to the start of a new school year, and the beginning of third grade for my oldest beautiful baby. may the transition and new school year be as stress free and exciting and calm as possible for us all, but especially for all of our little kiddos who are going to go on to do such great things in their lifetime, whatever they may be.

thank you to garnet hill for sponsoring this blog post.

  1. Margo

    So sweet! Love her backpack choice :)

  2. So cute! I love this! I’m a huge fan of that backpack!

  3. What a cute backpack! I’m going to have to check those out for my kids! And the fact that Elanor’s old pack lasted so long is a good testament to purchasing one good bag that will last instead of the cheap ones that are only good for one school year.


  4. Sk

    Where are your amazing shoes from????

  5. Emily

    I love your shoes, they are gorgeous! And Eleanor’s rucksack is so cool!

    Emily | Snippets of Em xx

  6. Sierra

    We don’t start until after labor day here in jersey. My son will be going into kindergarten and needs a new backpack. I’ll have to check these out! She is adorable and is looking like such a big girl. Third grade already?! Sierra Beautifully Candid

  7. Anna David

    Dear Eleanor – it is so fun that you love pangolins! My friend at university just did a whole project on pangolins, she is an amazing artist and designed scarves with cute pangolins on. Rosie uses her art to raise awareness of endangered animals so she partnered with the pangolin project and money she raised went to protect the pangolins!! How cool is that! Anyway, enjoy the rest of your summer. Anna X

  8. Madeleine

    Beautiful shoes – where are they from?

  9. gigi

    The maker and brand of Eleanor’s dress please and thank you. Enjoy third grade, both of you.

    • josh

      It’s Garnet Hill!

  10. Leslie

    Our daughter is turning ten and super into space and pandas too! We even found an astronaut panda notebook at the craft store this week!what cool girls!

  11. Aya

    lovely pictures of you both, the mustard is both of your color
    where are your jeans from

  12. Where did you buy Eleanor’s shoes ? Absolutely love it.