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way back in the summertime of 2013, when i was mothering a sweet little toddler named eleanor and a freshly faced baby samson who had just turned one,  i got an email from a fellow mama of two who lived on the opposite coast.  she had just wrapped up a successful kickstarter campaign focused on dresses she’d designed in the late hours of the night on the floor of her kitchen in palo alto. “playful dresses for playful moms” the email read. we got on the phone a few days later and i remember feeling instantly connected to whitney, the force behind sonnet james.

she shared how she wanted to create dresses that were beautiful and feminine and fun to wear but also practical for a mother. something you could throw into the wash and not have to dry clean. something that allowed you to move freely and comfortably while you chased after little ones at all hours. but the end goal, the biggest hope and desire, was to help inspire and encourage mothers to get down on the floor with their little ones, be it sticky or dirty or covered in toys and engage with them. to really truly whole heartedly play with them. i loved this messaging so much. this is the kind of mother i want to be, work hard to be, try to be, hope to be, aspire to be.

after getting to help bring to life whitney’s very first spring 2014 collection long long ago by modeling her first lookbook (which includes to this day some of my favorite photos of me and my two littles at the time), i have loved wearing her dresses season after season, through pregnancies, dressing them up or down depending on if i’m catching a date with josh or just spending the majority of my day parked at a playground with my babies…  through the many seasons of my life since 2013, i have loved on so many of these dresses (and play suits!). it’s been very special watching sonnet james grow over the years and seeing the hard work whitney pours into her dream pay off (anyone else catch her kill it on shark tank a few months back?!)

today, i’m excited to be teaming up with sonnet james once again to host a very big giveaway over on my instagram (check it out here! it’s maybe the entire collection!). below are some photos of two new dresses that i especially love, but you can see and shop the entire summer collection right here.

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thank you to sonnet james for sponsoring this blog post. if you’d like to enter the giveaway for a chance to win the entire collection in your size, enter over on instagram! giveaway officially closes on july 22nd and winner will be chosen at random by whitney and contacted by sonnet james.

don’t forget that if you’d like to shop sonnet james now, you can use my code LOVETAZA15 to receive $15 off your order!

  1. Shana

    I love the pink and white stripe with the yellow collar! It reminds me of pink lemonade :)

  2. Kylee

    Love both dresses, and your color coordinating backgrounds 😊

  3. Lindsey

    Your love of life is contagious! These dresses are gorgeous + so are you!

    How do you stay focused on being the kind of mom you want to be when you’re exhausted or short-tempered? I find I just fall short of the mom I want to be so much of the time. We have a 3-year-old and a 2-year-old and sometimes I just want to go and hide…just sometimes. But also it’s the best job ever!

  4. Whitney lundeen

    Love you Naomi! And I LOVE seeing you wear my dresses!

  5. Rebekah Sacran

    That pink stripped dress is amazing!

  6. hillary salvaggione

    Naomi you are still the cutest ever to me! Thanks for being the best there is, and forever my favorite “influencer” to follow like 8 years later. Still crossing my fingers for a serendipitous running into you next time my husband and I visit New York haha!

  7. Julie

    I love the length and color combinations on so many of these dresses!

  8. MK

    Ava dress is super cute!

  9. rachel

    Even though these dresses are beautiful I cant reconcile the price. :(

  10. katie haight

    love it!!just ordered mine!!

  11. Kelly

    so many cute pieces in this collection and FINGERS CROSSED!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  12. Ava

    Hey taza, I love the lcolor combinations you’ve done really well. also lol, your color coordinating does match the backgrounds… did you do that on purpose? xx

  13. Sara

    I like it! Amazing dress!! It is super cute!! I would like to buy something like this!

    xx Sara