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it was very messy and a little bit sticky, but we had a pretty incredible time strawberry picking the other day about an hour and a half outside of the city at alstede farms in new jersey. i intentionally wore a black t-shirt (this isn’t my first rodeo as a mama on a berry farm!) and brought back up onesies for the baby girls – although truth be told, i keep seeing that tie-dye has totally made a comeback this year in fashion and i mean, these two just wanted a chance to be a part of that DIY tie-dye trend. :) they did a pretty great job, if you ask me. see for yourself in the photos below.

strawberry picking is such a fun experience with kids. eleanor, samson and conrad took their little tupperware containers and bolted into those fields on a mission! i wish they picked up toys in the playroom at the speed they picked up strawberries! it was impressive. madalena and beatrice enjoyed sampling almost every single berry in sight. (strawberries are currently their very favorite food, so they were in heaven!) and papa enjoyed being outside in full on shade thanks to his new sun hat that literally casts shade on him and like, anyone within a 12 foot perimeter (okay, maybe not to that extent)… but the man likes his shade and if it wasn’t evident before, i think it’s pretty apparent now that he and i both have entered that stage of life where we get really excited about things like the amount of sun protection your hat is casting off, in addition to stuff like getting all the laundry folded BEFORE the laundry basket fills back up, or remembering to order toilet paper before we run out. also, early bedtimes for all including both him and me. life is so exciting over here, people. look at us!

ok, but back to the strawberries! i was telling our kids in the car ride out to the farm about how strawberry season reminds me of my pregnant belly with my mister samson. i hold this berry picking session with baby eleanor and my 9 month baby bump of samson very close to my heart. he showed up less than a week afterwards and his special birth experience – plus those last few days of eating pretty much only delicious strawberries leading up to it – makes for a special spot in my heart for this time of year, strawberry season and samson’s arrival into this world. it blows my freaking mind to be back out there on a strawberry field all these years later with all five of my most special of blessings called my beautiful children surrounding me in our little row of strawberries. with strawberry juice jammed into my shoes and even inside my bra (these babies be grabby!), this right here is more than i dared to dream of. i’m getting side-tracked again.

back to the strawberries! a bajillion photos below. please indulge me and scroll til the end because i really love each one, but the last ones, too!  …i know there are many, i just had to share them all. did i mention yet i love strawberry picking?! (ps. here is a video we made strawberry picking a few years ago when conrad was 6 months old and E and S feel like babies, too!)

  1. Mary Parker

    Just picked two big bowls from our own patch today . . . each one reminds me of a little blessing.

  2. As a strawberry lover myself, I think this post had the perfect sweetness :-? Fruit and cute babies! Sugar rush coming! <3 hahahaha

  3. Catherine S.

    The boys are wearing shorts! I know you catch a lot of grief because Samson and Conrad prefer wearing pants, even in the heat– their preferences must be changing! These photos inspire me to let my 11-month-old to get a little messier outside :) Thank you!

  4. Kim

    Beautiful photos, and what fun! We are a little further north so we’re waiting a few more weeks for the strawberries, and I can’t wait to take my 3.5 year old, who eats entire cartons of strawberries in one sitting :)

  5. Mary

    I truly love your parenting style. Wonderful.

  6. Hannah

    Cutest photos!!! Love all the grins! Where are your jeans from?? They are so fun and flattering!!

  7. S M

    Go, team!

  8. Gem Sills

    Beautiful photos Naomi. Just wish we’d get some sunshine this side of the pond so we could do the same! xx

  9. It looks like you all had an amazing time picking strawberries, especially Madalena and Beatrice. LOL. I’m wanting to do a mini hanging strawberry patch on side of our yard the kids since we don’t have a patch nearby to visit.

  10. Connie

    Did people just fall over dead in the fields at the sight of these two smooshing strawberries in their mouths? The cuteness is just too much, its too much i say!

    Also we’re all agreed your husband looks just like Commander Waterford right? Someone must have pointed that out before.

    But back to those babies! Grabbing on to Big Brother for stability! Adorbs.

  11. Emily

    Strawberry picking is so much fun! There’s so much joy and happiness in these photos, it’s so wonderful.

    Emily | Snippets of Emily’s Life xx