madalena’s and beatrice’s FIRST birthday party!

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on may 28th, these beauties turned one, officially! you can catch my birthday post here with a few of my favorite photos from the hospital last year, but today’s post is all about their birthday celebration!

we had originally planned to host a little cake smashing party in central park on madalena’s and beatrice’s big day, but ofcourse the weather forecast was thunderstorms all day long. in all honesty, it was nice having it inside at our apartment, though. didn’t have to haul all the party supplies to the park and was nice to just have lots of little friends playing with toys and running about before and after the cake smashing.

as for the party, we kept things very relaxed and simple.  i made tiny cakes for each of the girls the morning of and josh filled the apartment with balloons. we kept the treats low-key too with fruit and cookies and sparkling drinks, but perhaps the highlight of the spread (and maybe for me personally as a sugar lover?!) were the tiny jars of edible cookie dough from . kristen and her team at dō are the sweetest too, because while i was ordering the cookie dough, they were like, this is our gift to the baby girls! and the gesture meant so much. so many have been rather generous with their time and support and gifts this last year as we’ve welcomed these beautiful girls into our lives and i hope they all know what it has meant to me. sometimes it is hard to be on the receiving end of such support because i want to do it myself and i struggle asking for help (i’ve been trying to be better), but people have swooped in countless times this year with meaningful gestures and i have so appreciated the thoughtfulness, kind words and support.

lots of photos below, some of which my friend amanda snapped and i feel forever grateful (case in point of what i’m trying to say in the paragraph above… i’m trying to multitask and snap a couple of photos during the party and she comes and takes my camera from me and LOOK AT THESE PHOTOS!!!) and, we had ashley lauren come and capture video for madalena and beatrice to have someday. from the longer film we made of the party she also pulled together a shorter 1 minute video clip of a little bit of the party and cake smashing which you can also watch below.

for those who have asked about the birthday crowns, i found them on amazon and i am just as surprised as you probably are that these girlies kept them on during a good portion of the party!

for party favors, we tied a little string around pairs of pink peonies with little notes that eleanor hand wrote saying, thank you for helping me grow and blossom this year! eleanor actually spent quite some time on these sweet notes, making each one different doing some block letters, some letters with curls, some cursive and some 3D styled notes as well. i think her darling final touches really brought these little thank you party favors to life!

i was very nervous if these little cakes would turn out because i didn’t have the right size mini round cake pan that fit these mini cake stands, so i made a sheet cake and then used the top of a drinking glass to cut circles into the cake the size that i needed. it was a good idea until i had to begin frosting, and then a lot of the cake began crumbling into the frosting since it didn’t have the proper outside seal. nothing some extra frosting and a lot of sprinkles couldn’t help me out with though. ;)

my beautiful beatrice in pink!

and my sweet madalena in white.

to be honest, celebrating the one year mark with 2 babies felt like a party for every single one of our immediate family members. i hugged josh and the kids extra that morning being like, your patience and understanding and help is why we are all still alive! thank you thank you thank you!

some close ups of the adorable tiny jars of edible cookie dough from   i mentioned up above! they put stickers with pictures of the girls on the tops of the lids of different flavors which made the jars so freaking cute! i have always been such a hardcore fan of their signature chocolate chip cookie dough and didn’t think i’d ever like another flavor beyond that one, but i found myself throwing a bunch of the oatmeal m&m jars into the back of the fridge for later after i tried one during the party! is that so bad to admit?!

time for some cake smashing! we did this seperately with beatrice and madalena and it was very sweet to see how each one sort of went at the cake in their own way! beatrice knew she didn’t want to share any, giving her brother the sweetest and most subtle head shake no when samson asked if he could have a bite! madalena enjoyed smashing it so much, some cake went flying up in the air as she did so. these girls are just the sweetest.

before being plopped into the tub to get cleaned off! i found cake in my hair like an hour after the party ended so that was fun. ;)

we can’t have a party without a dance party and what is a dance party without samson flossing?!

family photo! or an attempt at one! the next two are honestly my favorite. sums life up perfectly these days and i wouldn’t have it any other way.

happiest of birthdays to my miss madalena and my miss beatrice! we love you so much. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  1. Emily

    Happy birthday Madalena and Beatrice! What gorgeous photos as always, those cookies look delicious too!

    Emily | Snippets of Emily’s Life xx

  2. Wow! I loved the pictures from this birthday party ;-) I am really happy that you managed to celebrate eventhough the park option wasn’t possible anymore! :-)

    By the way, in Spanish (from Spain) Madalena means cupcake !!

  3. Carly

    What sweet photos + video!!!!

  4. These pictures all turned out so wonderful! Your friend did a fantastic job capturing the real and beautiful moments and best of all, you got to fully enjoy the party!

    Congratulations on making it to one year, honestly that really does seem like such a huge accomplishment that deserves much recognition. Not just twins, but twins when you already have three kids, I can’t even imagine. But boy oh boy I can’t even begin to imagine how much fun you’re all going to have growing up together!

    xo Mary-Katherine

  5. S M

    love introducing babies to life, especially with lots of big siblings! looks like a non-stop party in your family. ;)

  6. Connie

    Well that year flew by (for me ;)!!
    Their little faces are the best.

  7. Katie

    Gorgeous family, in every way! Happy Birthday Beatrice and Madalena! xx

  8. Jill

    I’m sure it’s exhausting but you two sure make it look fun!! Happy Birthday to your beautiful girls!!

  9. My little Ivy said that is a great video! Happy Birthday to M and B!

  10. Congratulations on your baby girl’s first birthday!!! That is such an accomplishment! They look so adorable. I enjoyed reading about their personalities too.

    Props on getting both of the girls to smash their cake. I was only about to get my daughter to take one bite of the cake but not smashing!! (She is a few weeks younger than M & B)

    I love how you decorated for them. We got a little carried away with her theme hahaa

    Looking forward to you posting more things to do in the summer.

  11. Every time I see the adventures you go on with your family I’m in awe. Getting to the one year mark with TWINS and multiple other children is such an accomplishment. I wasn’t sure I’d survive the first year with my first, and she was a single. You guys are rocking the family life and it’s so clear how much love lives in your house. Happy birthday, girls!

  12. Rocio

    Love the rompers! Have been looking for one, where did you get them?
    Lovely party!!