for summer: a mama uniform!

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it’s been a bit since we’ve done a good old blog post with an outfit and no babies in my arms! feels nice having arms and hands free (but what do i do with my hands?!) and i really like this outfit so i’m excited to get this one going.

so let’s start with a bit of a back story to this look. maybe it’s not necessary but i don’t know, i feel inclined to share it.  if you know me, you know how much i love color. and usually, more than just a pop of color. i’m like, let’s mix a couple of colors and even ones that don’t necessarily go together! i have often felt most like myself when it comes to getting dressed when mixing all the patterns and prints and colors whenever possible.  so i myself was a little surprised to find myself up when the apartment was finally sleeping a few weeks ago doing late night internet searches for a simple white t-shirt …without any frills or peplum or sequins stitched anywhere in sight. i ordered a bunch of different brands, different necklines, different price points. i found one i love, and it’s the one i kept and will probably live in all summer long. paired with some high waisted blue jeans that hold me in at all the right places but are loose and moveable enough to get me through the day without feeling like hot sticky denim in summer. pairing the look with my most trusted and comfortable mama sandals and ten dollar sunglasses that i don’t have to stress over when my babies are grabbing at them throughout the day.  it’s strange to note that this dressed down simplistic look also feels most like me.

i still threw in a pop of color with my tote bag and pink lip, because it wouldn’t feel perfectly right otherwise. ;) also, a hat since there was no time for hair washing today or yesterday, or the day before yesterday (i did shower this morning, don’t worry! i’ve been using a natural deoderant for over a year now and while it’s pretty great, it definitely isn’t a miracle stick! showers have to happen every single day.)

so this look… i’m calling it my summer mama uniform. complete with my tiny stack of name rings on my right hand so even when i have my arms and hands free of babies,  i still have them a little bit close by.

and since it’s summertime and i’m not about to head out into the sun without a decent amount of sunblock, i wanted to share the final uniform ingredient – this organic self tanning lotion which is freaking amazing. my friend emily recommended it on her blog and since it’s the first i have come across that isn’t full of parbens, perfums or other toxins and chemicals (most tanning products are!), i snatched some up so fast and have been so very pleased with the glow it’s giving. i don’t mind my pale skin but i have really loved the way the sunshine brings out my freckles and gives a nice bronzing look to my skin tone in the past. but now that i’m more aware of how terrible laying out in the sunshine can truly be, i was happy to find a safe alternative so i thought i’d share! (by the way, i don’t use a tanning mit to apply it, i just apply with my hands after i shower and then i wash my hands afterwards!)

let’s get to some photos, shall we?!

i have shared my name rings before but for those who may have missed it they are from this shop. the ring is the custom name ring with a hammered band (in font F63) in sterling silver and all the letters on my rings are lower case.

and my black heart shaped sunglasses are from here and $10.

teva sandals, similar style available here and also here.

was taking a photo on my phone of one of my favorite brownstones in the neighborhood when josh caught this amazing angle. ;)

what does your summer uniform consist of?

for those interested:
white t-shirt (linked), blue denim jeans (linked), teva sandals (similar here and here), similar hat (linked), stack of name rings on my finger (linked), $10 heart shaped sunglasses (linked), and lip color (linked – fyi, i like to mix and middle pinks in that lip palette together!) and self tanning lotion i mentioned above (linked.)

have a great weekend!

  1. Nina

    What about the bag? Where’s from? And forgive my silly question, but does it add to sweating? It’s a gorgeous summer bag.

    • TAZA

      it’s from MZ Wallace.

  2. Chelsea

    LOVE! But no link for what I came here for – your bag!! 😂💛😬

  3. Kelsey

    What’s the natural deodorant? I’ve been looking for one! Also, link to the bag please? Thanks, love that you did an outfit post!

  4. Vanessa

    That bag looks great! Is it Ellies and Ivy?

    • TAZA

      no, it’s MZ Wallace.

  5. Becky

    I like that style of teva. Do they not sell them anymore?

  6. Amanda

    LOVE. I own those exact sandals in light purple and brown because of you. They are THE BEST.

  7. Cait

    Tremendously adorable. What about the bag though! That is what catches my eye!

    • TAZA

      MZ Wallace tote! the color is Daffodil.

  8. Ana

    Love your style!! My mama uniform is whatever I can find that is comfortable. On weekends I try to break it by wearing dresses since that’s what I primarily have worn most of my life. It’s easy to grab one dress than having to put two items together. So far it’s working :)

  9. Yami

    Hi, which brand is your bag? Thx
    Love your style!

    • TAZA

      it’s MZ Wallace.

  10. Amy

    I love everything about all of your posts. You are my fav blogger and inspiring mom and person. Thanks for sharing a piece of your life with the rest of us 😊. Now to go and buy every single one of these items 😳😆 —but seriously ❤️.

  11. Yaindy Lara

    Love it. Beautiful and bright like always !! Do you mind sharing where the bag is from ?

    • TAZA

      it’s an MZ Wallace tote. the color is Daffodil.

  12. Megan

    Where’s your bag from?

    • TAZA

      it’s an MZ Wallace tote. the color is Daffodil.

  13. Nicole

    and where is your cute yellow tote from?

    • TAZA

      it’s the MZ Wallace tote in Daffodil!

  14. Mar

    But what about the fun bright happy color bag!?

    • TAZA

      it’s the MZ Wallace tote in Daffodil!

  15. This look is so cute on you, and that fake tan looks fab. Is your hat the Dove Grey color? It looks more creamy than what’s shown on the Free People site.

  16. Michele Karch-Ackerman

    I love your look! I remember when I had my babies (who are all grown up now) I also needed to pair down my look. I could no longer wear earrings or necklaces. Just the thought of anything ‘extra’ was too much for me when I was breastfeeding and toddlering. I think having two babies who need your mama’s milk…or just to cuddle is enough decoration! My need to not wear earrings has lasted until I turned 56 and just now I’m contemplating the idea of wearing one earring. Just contemplating…but I don’t think I’ll get there. I like it simple. Cute frocks and leggings…Bravo to your new look! Enjoy the summer…free and easy…

  17. Trisha

    I’m curious- since you did dance for so long I’m sure it’s done a number on your feet. Are there any shoes you WON’T wear cause they hurt?

    I’m finding more and more that I can’t do ballet flats or any shoe that doesn’t have a mid-foot support on TOP to keep my foot in.

    Also- how do you keep your kids from eating junk food all summer?
    What are some good snacks you keep out?
    We’re moving into a first house in a week or two (eek!) and I find we’re eating crap SO BADLY

  18. Sandra

    I love this style, but I just ordered that white T-shirt and it is too thin (kind of see-through) for me. Unfortunately I have to send it back. :-(

  19. Saskia

    Same mama uniform for me! But now that it’s getting warmer I’m in denim cut-offs. I love your jeans, they look extra comfy and stylish. And I love that they are a bit shorter.

    I used to love mixing patterns and colours, Jenna Lyons was my fashion guru (still love her style) but since babies happened i’m Loving basics and feeling very much myself in them. They are easy! Thanks for all your awesome posts!

  20. MaLu

    Love everything about the styling, but your fingernails got me the most. What’s the color?

  21. kitty

    What size your tote – Medium or Large?!