these are the days.

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these are the days. where we’re staying alive thanks to caffeine (well, me. josh finds green salads energizing for some odd reason) and just really proud of the fact that we’ve kept the kids alive, too.

these are the days where we tag teamed changing a dirty diaper on sunday and between two adult parents who have done this a few thousand times before, it still somehow found a way to climb up her tummy (backwards blowout?!) and touch like everything within arms reach and then everything in the other room, too.

the days of finding odd white spots all over conrad’s hair as we’re sitting in sacrament meeting in church (turns out he had an exciting playdate with mama’s dry shampoo minutes before we left which i feel like is a level down from paint, so not-so-bad? but the not-so-bad probably gets canceled out by the fact that i didn’t notice it until much later into our morning).

the days of tiny messes in every single room of the apartment – even though we did clean at some point in the past 12 hours – and kids negotiating the why of making a bed they’ll just unmake the next time they see it. (they do have a point.)

it’s the days where i’m getting a little tired of the daily school grind as summer is arriving…just gotta keep the eye on the prize for these final 6 weeks til summer recess.

the days where mama has come to acknowledge that her nursing journey with the baby girls, while i have loved and clinged to it, and felt immense joy and bonding through it, will need to come to an earlier end than she anticipated after the baby girls’ first birthdays, as it’s also slowly killing her this time around even though that is hard for her to admit. (actually had to calendar an official date in mid june for myself so i have time to mentally prepare myself for the wean after some travel in june. why is this so hard for me?)

the days of me hiding my phone in other rooms in the apartment so it doesn’t control and dictate my limited free-time when the house is quiet and i should be sleeping (that instagram-sucked-into-the-never-ending-scroll-habit, be gone!).

these are the days. filled with little bodies laughing and crying at some point in a 24 hour period. where i feel immense joy in the walls of our small apartment, be it cluttered and chaotic at basically all hours. where i look around myself and feel ready to pinch my arm, as cliché as it sounds. we’re healthy. we’re happy. we’re maybe disheveled, in need of a nap and a teeny tiny bit in survival mode, but i’ll never get over that these people belong to me.

PS- because a blog post is not complete without photos, how sweet are josh and conrad playing “diner!”?! they do this rather often together and i finally grabbed the camera and snapped a few photos! i feel like i really got my fries for a real bargain of a price of $100 last time i ate at “conrad’s diner.” josh says conrad gave a bill for “21-1000-1,000,000-100-36…all those numbers!” conrad’s diner must be in new york city! whatever the bill, i will never get over that bridge of freckles over that sweet little dude’s nose! bless his heart.

for those interested, here is the diner set we own, similar wooden food toys and the kids cash register.

  1. June P

    I remember ‘paying’ for $100. chips too! Those days are well into the past for me now. The little persons who took my order and my money are now teenagers and they ask for the right amount to pay for chips – and a softdrink. It’s a beautiful sight to see, those kids I played make-believe with are now trying on adulthood for size. Like you, I am always grateful for all those – these – days of being Mama. It is truly a gift.

  2. Joy

    Thank you for sharing these. It never ceases to amaze me how many years can fill a single day. : )

  3. Jacquie McKee

    Oh I love love this. These are the days!! And aren’t they cray?! Haha. Love your perspective and realness of survival mode while living the dream. I look forward to all your writings.

  4. My respect to you for raising 5 little ones, especially in New York. I have my first little one and find it to be overwhelming at times. I can’t imagine having two infants at once. You honestly make it look easy! Thanks for sharing your journey. Both the good fun days and the days that take a little reflecting. You got this!

  5. Jennie

    I legitimately laughed out loud that Josh gets energy from salad😂 whereas I love off of a constant stream of diet soda and bang energy drinks! I totally understand that dying feeling while nursing but not wanting to cut it off because it’s your job, it’s your time with them, you’re needed by them, it’s convenient, and all the things. I can remember loving the bond I was building but also hating it because I was so worn to the bone. It’s hard, but oh, such a relief when it was finally over. You’re an amazing mom!! I’m always so impressed with all you do♥️♥️

  6. Lindsey

    These are the days! The days everyone says we’ll miss. Proud of your for breaking the instragram-scrolling habit. It just has to happen! Happy dining!

    PS- The fries seem well worth the $100

  7. Lo

    I know stopping nursing is hard. I literally just stopped two days ago with my second kid and because I couldn’t nurse my first baby it makes it even harder. But really you’re A ROCKSTAR to have nursed your baby for a full year. That’s amazing. And I think it’s perfectly fine/normal/within your right to want to stop. Way to go Naomi!

  8. Julie

    I am amazed that you have been able to breast feed your baby girls for an entire year- great job!!!!! I know the last few weeks of nursing can be so very bittersweet. You are an inspiration! 💛

  9. joana

    hey naomi!
    i don’t know if you know this or use this or even if it makes a difference, but instagram has a way of setting a daily reminder (which can be anything you want) so that you know when you’ve reached the number of minutes you feel you should spend on it per day. i find it very useful! :)

  10. Dareon Headings

    These are the days for sure! I love how open and honest you are! With my first baby I stopped nursing her at 14 months. My second I hardly got to nurse till he was 2 month 😭 he wasn’t gaining enough weight so I had to switch to formula I’m still a little heartbroken over that. I really enjoyed this post:)

  11. Claire

    Weaning is so, so hard. Best of luck! I”m trying to wean my 1st and she has pretty much only been at the breast so bottles aren’t an potion – any tips you’ve got to share would be much appreciated,

  12. Kimberly

    Thank you for your sweet transparency! As a mom of a 1 and 3 year old, it’s very refreshing. Your family is adorable. 😊

  13. stephanie

    As an empty nester reading your posts often tear me up inside. As corny as it sounds, it really does seem like only yesterday that mine were playing chef with me…how did those days disappear in the blink of an eye? Those days were the absolute best of days. Enjoy them! :)

    • naomi

      gosh, i feel we’ll be empty nesters before we know it too! although josh has a feeling that might be our favorite chapter yet ;) we’ll see. thanks for reading and being here.

  14. Eleanor

    I am about to start weaning my soon to be 12 month old and would love to hear about your weaning experience!

    • naomi

      hi eleanor! gosh, good luck! i will share whatever i find helpful in making the transition better for all three of us as i figure it out for sure. going to wean in the middle of june. my other kids were older when i weaned and i felt like they could understand what was happening (i did the whole bandaid on mama’s nipple and talked about it being broken and all gone and i felt like it made sense to them because it wasn’t too difficult.) so i am not totally sure this won’t be a nightmare this round. will keep you posted!

  15. Mila

    This is very sweet and genuine and your Conrad is a doll and your husband is darlingly participating whole heartedly. You are wise to love these days in your life when all are small and happy and healthy.