the beach in puerto rico…

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it felt like a dream, most of our early mornings and late afternoons on the beach last week in puerto rico. it wasn’t all relaxation and bliss – i mean, nothing keeps you more in check and on your toes than two 11 month old babies that are the most curious little beasts who enjoy holding, tasting and face planting into the warm sand as well as crawling as fast as their little bods will allow towards the crashing waves with such excitement you’d follow suit if you didn’t know any better. josh and i kept catching one another’s eyes and bursting into laughter. what even is a beach vacay with babies this age?!  some moments don’t seem like much of a relaxing vacay. but even so, still…moments that were nothing short of a dream.

all of these photos are from my iPhone, because while in the past i’ve taken my bigger camera to the beach (and even in the water), this just wasn’t the trip to risk it since my hands are a little bit full these days with other valuables. (i also took all our video with the iPhone this trip as well, you can watch all 8 and a half minutes of the video i put together right here.)  our canon dslr camera is so great, but i have to say, the iPhone camera really pulled through this trip. very thankful for that handheld tiny device that helps capture memories i hope to hold onto forever and ever.

ps. for those curious about the kids rash guard sets (got a lot of questions on social media about them last week), i believe uv protection is super important at all ages and especially when we’re out in the direct sun for several hours at a time in either the pool or at the beach. especially since a few of my kiddos are very pale and freckle and burn easily and also because i had a cancerous mole removed in the fall (thanks to years spent laying out and also visiting tanning beds as a teenager – man do i regret that!) anyway, some of my favorite brands that make rash guards for kids include polarn o pyret, hanna andersson, and mini boden. i found the long rash guard pants eleanor and samson are wearing on amazon. and beatrice and madalena’s sunhats can be found here.

  1. Lisa

    So glad you had the cancerous mole removed! I get my moles checked regularly because of many years visiting tanning beds and laying out. I definitely regret it too! my and kids will be rocking the long sleeve rash guards this summer too. <3 you all look great!!

  2. I was reading some of your thoughts/experience on Instagram and went out and bought SPF rash guards for our kiddos. There are too many things to stress about, we might as well be proactive when we can. It doesn’t look like being in sun-safe clothes hindered any fun one bit. So fun!

  3. Rosemary

    i absolutely love the picture of the babies crawling in the sand with the older three in the ocean! something about the composition, the colors, and the movement have such a good feeling to them. glad you had a great time at the beach!

  4. Jessica

    Can you share where your white cover-up is from?! <3

  5. Rae

    Nothing like a beach party! Looks like so much fun… the relaxing part can wait, lol. Thanks for sharing! xo, Rae

  6. Gabby

    Which resort did you stay at? It looked so charming.

    • naomi

      hi gabby, we stayed by the rainforest the first weekend at the wyndham resort and then we rented a home in dorado for the second half of our trip.

  7. Meagan

    So interested in learning more about the skincare products you use on yourself to minimize the years of sun damage! Recently, I’ve started to notice it more on myself from my days in the sun and cannot find a product I absolutely love.

  8. Maria

    Such nice pictures. You inspire me to travel more with our kids, so thank you:)

  9. Michelle

    Hi! All of your pictures look lovely! Will you share where you stayed while on the island? The kids look like they thoroughly enjoyed it!

  10. Kristen

    Aren’t beach vacations the best?! Curious about the iPhone camera settings you used. The phone really delivers! Just did a Disney World trip and I left my big mama camera at home, the iPhone captured the trip well and I wasn’t lugging a huge camera around!

    • naomi

      i just took photos in the regular camera app on the iphone! no different settings! the light was just really on my side this day at the beach, haha! it’s so nice to have a small light weight option like a phone to capture trips like this or disney, right? the big camera is amazing but this has its perks for sure!

  11. China

    Just want to say that one of my favorite things about your blog is that it’s inspirational (traveling to Puerto Rico with 5 kids! and 11 month old twins!) but also so practical/realistic (all kids wearing super appropriate clothing/gear!) You always inspire me to have more fun with my kids (5 and 3, with #3 due in a few weeks), and not to be afraid to go on adventures!

    • naomi

      thanks for saying that, china! i appreciate it!

  12. These photos are amazing and it’s even more amazing that the were taken on your phone! Your trip makes me want to take off on a vacation ASAP ☀️

  13. lisa

    no questions from the Australian readers! We are all too aware of the risks. You’ll just look like aussie’s when you travel as we are usually the only people overseas who are sun safe. Not worth the risk. If you’re sick of the rashies and sunscreen there is always early morning and late afternoon for a break :) The last picture of the twins is beautiful

  14. Yani

    Love the pictures! I’m glad you enjoyed my Island!

  15. Cares

    We’ve been wanting to plan a family trip to the beach in Puerto Rico with our young children, can you share where you were?

  16. This beach is awesome