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it’s a week of birthdays over here and i absolutely love it. today we got to celebrate my ever so sweet and handsome samson rex who turned 7 years old! we had birthday candles in cookie dough at the breakfast table this morning before present opening and then again at his hibachi dinner tonight at one of his favorite restaurants. on the way home, he mentioned he didn’t make any birthday wishes before blowing out his candles and i was like, but whyyyy! and then he told me he is saving his wish for saturday when he has his birthday party with his friends. i thought it was so cute he didn’t want to wish three times… just saving his wish (which he actually told me by giving me a tiny clue and i almost died it was so freaking cute) to use just once during his final candle blowing session over the weekend. bless his heart, he is a keeper.

i shared on my instagram some of my favorite photos over the years of my samson and some words. wanted to share those thoughts here as well.

samson is a party! everyone who knows him will agree. he just has a smile, a personality and a light that draws you to him. i love how samson is always looking out for and thinking of those around him. he wants everyone to feel included and he goes out of his way to make sure that is always the case. without fail, he greets me every single morning with the most genuine and heartfelt hug. it honestly puts a lump in the back of my throat more often than not because i can’t get over the amount of love he shows and how much it means to me day after day. if i ask him to help with something he (very almost always!) drops whatever it is he might be doing and replies happily, “got it, mama!” we have yet to find a sport he can’t do well – he loves anything physical and athletic and is always working to beat his own time and records whenever we are at the playground or park doing something we’ve done before. he loves himself some good japanese food and will snack on raw vegetables like a boss. i have enjoyed seeing him excel in school this year, taking responsibility and working so hard on his homework each afternoon even when he’d rather not. he has a contagious laugh, an unbelievable year round tan, a determination to do things well and such a sensitive and loving spirit that i know will continue to bring joy to those he comes in contact with in this life. i love you so much, Samson Rex! happy birthday to my beautiful boy.

ps. still my favorite birthday video of him from his first year.

  1. Lauren

    hey Taza, I LOVE (!) your work here, and am so interested in building up my own blog over the years. How comfortable or natural does it feel to possibly share your experiences like how you got your own website? No weebly. No wix. Now word press.
    PS, the colors i see here make me so happy:)
    I would greatly appreciate any tips or suggestions you have (posts, photos, editing, web page)!! THANKS & enjoy your special week!<3

  2. Kelly

    Happy, happy birthday S! Love all the throwback photos!

    xx Kelly
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