phone photos from a saturday in May…

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a few photos from saturday morning, after gardening on the upper west side, seeking out our favorite pancakes in tribeca, a lengthy stretch of time parked at the playgroud swings and sandbox at the nearby pier after, and then after walking exactly 1 mile sideways and up – in search of 88 flavors of ice cream (where most of us still ordered the simple vanilla and most basic strawberry and chocolate flavors because you know, we can be risk takers on occasion – but we like to stick to what we know best most of the time.)

more to say (i miss you, blog), so will be back soon! in the meantime, the gaps in the madalena’s and beatrice’s teeth plus a pile of the world’s best pancakes (bubby’s – forever and ever) below…

  1. Celia

    I love this “recap” blog posts!

  2. Emily

    I absolutely love your shirt, it’s gorgeous! What beautiful photos and the ice cream looks delicious!

    Emily | Snippets of Emily’s Life xx

  3. Rena

    Thank you for all the wonderful pictures. I see you are all happy and enjoy May.
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  4. Lauren

    Ahh the cutest baby teeth! My Rosie just cut her two bottom ones the other day and its the sweetest thing ever. Yay for cute babes!


  5. Lindsey

    I just love seeing the laughter in all of your photos. You are a wonderful mama who is so intentional about making your kiddos’ childhoods the best! I think some of that is probably Jesus, too. Or a lot of it. Please keep sharing your honest joy and struggles with the world. This is the best of social media.

    • naomi

      hey lindsey, can i just say this comment meant so much to me? thanks for taking the time to be here and also the time to leave these kind and thoughtful words. thank you again. :)

  6. Yaindy Lara

    Aww I missed the blogs but I’m sure you have more important things to take care of . kids are precious and growing up so fast. :)

  7. JennG

    Naomi – Your Is just lovely and I love reading about your adventures!
    I really like your sneakers – are they comfortable and can you tell me what brand they are. Thanks JennG

    • naomi

      hi jenn! thank you! my sneakers are by Veja and yes, super comfy! i own a few pairs and i love them.

  8. Lauren

    Love this space!!
    Have you ever shared the steps you took on this blog to get it here. Like if you stated on your own website or with a WordPress or wix to help out at first. Do you feel comfortable sharing your experience- to help a fella out? ! :) :)
    Thanks!! So much!

    • naomi

      hi! i started with blogspot which was really great but eventually i pulled everything into wordpress (it took forever to transfer) and i have really loved it. there is just more you can do here with making the page your own. i think all the platforms offer great options, it just depends on how you’re wanting to use it! i would recommend both blogspot and also wordpress!