monday night, family night – pizza and playground edition.

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doing my best to haul out the big camera on the regular nights, between big birthdays or holidays or other significant events that always warrant a fancier way of documentation. i used to bring it out all the darn time, but then i don’t know what happened, somewhere between my arms getting a little bit full of babies and the camera phones improving so drastically, it sometimes sits on the shelf more than i’d like.  i’m a firm believer that any sort of capture is the right and perfect kind of capture, be it a camera phone, a shaky video, whatever! just document however and whenever you can! but i do frequently fall back in love with my proper canon camera after taking her out around the city with my family.

we wandered down to nolita on monday night for pizza and a playground. it had been a chaotic day and i had this strong desire to get out of the neighborhood for dinner. does that ever happen to you? it happens to me on occasion where i am like, we need to get outta here and go somewhere else.  i love the upper west side so much, so that feels strange to say… but anyway, our monday nights have slowly turned into pizza night (followed up by tacos on tuesday – hey! taco tuesday! hey! – which i am so sick of but our kids live for!)… we hadn’t been to rubirosa’s for pizza in ages, although it’s still one of our favorites, so we found ourselves ordering a couple of pies to go and enjoyed them at a nearby playground.

by the way, here is a map of the city with our 5 favorite pizza spots if you’re looking for good pizza in new york. these places still top our search, only adding made in new york pizza on the upper west side to the bunch because they have that amazing spicy square pepperoni slice like prince street pizza but more seating for family and also not the crazy long lines. and while the pizza is amazing, we really enjoy the meatballs at motorino on the upper west side as well.  ANYWAY!

a little photo diary from monday…

i shared a video on my instagram of madalena climbing up the big slide! she is such a climber and never stops!

taking a break from playing to read some books from his school book baggie. this was such a sweet moment for me to see. cannot believe my samson is turning 7 next week!

hello sweet beatrice!

last february when eleanor and i went to paris, we bought the baby girls these little mouse moccasins at a darling little french children’s boutique and it’s been fun to see them wearing them since it is something we picked out together on our trip.

conrad hopped up to the window and waved and smiled so big at the people eating inside the restaurant they waved back! he was very excited to hop back down and run over and tell me he made new friends. i wanna be more like conrad.

maybe one of my favorite photos of the family ever. so much going on, and i love it.

i had a lot of messages about my sandals on instagram so for those who might have missed them in my IG stories, these are tevas and i love them for long walking days in the city. they have held up well too as i’ve owned them for a few years now. i don’t need a new pair right now but when i do, i really love these red ones.

more leather brown options here and here.

my beautiful madalena.

and the next series of photos of my kids sum each of them up perfectly!

just like at home, when we all end up on mama’s bed and don’t wanna spread out to other areas of the apartment, we all ended up hanging out on the very same slide towards the end of our time at the playground. lol. it’s so funny how that happens.

thanks for looking through the photos with me! have a great weekend, everyone!

ps. i know many of you have emailed and messaged about my blouse. it’s an oldie from anthropologie several years ago so unfortunately i don’t have a link for you! if i come across anything similar in the future, i’ll be sure to share.

  1. Sabine

    oh my gosh, eleanore hast turned into a young lady! :)

  2. Samantha

    Beautiful family! Naomi, are you loving your perm?!?! It looks ah-maaazing.

  3. Oh my goodness, your family is just adorable! I just came across your blog but I will definitely be sticking around. I want to see more on how you handle mommyhood in a big city!

  4. Raquel

    hello!!! I love your family and your lifestyle, you inspire me to be a better mom and not to be afraid to start traveling with my baby! I would like if you could indicate how you do to eat out with the smaller ones? Do you take your prepared porridge from home in these occasions? thank you very much and a hug from Barcelona!

  5. S M

    ohhhh your family reminds me so much of mine! your kids will have much pride in their family. keep up the good work!

  6. Raquel

    Hi, Naomi! I love your blog and the energy you transmit! As an expert in traveling with children, could you tell me how you do when you eat out with the little ones? Now that they are eating solidly, will you take the porridges from home? Do you do the same when you travel? It helps me to inspire myself in your family because I am the first mother of a beautiful baby and I want to continue traveling with her! thank you!!! greetings from Barcelona!

  7. Rachel Broom

    Where did you get your sunglasses?!? I am in love with them!

  8. Martha

    Your phone pictures are always great, but when you pull out your dslr, they’re even more stunning!! I have always loved your “big camera” pictures. Which lens are you using here? TIA!

  9. Emily

    Your photos are absolutely beautiful! The pizza looks delicious too and I’m now craving pizza even though it’s only 9am!!

    Emily | Snippets of Emily’s Life xx

  10. So many happy photos!! Im obsessed with TEVAS too and it’s literally the only shoes I wear all summer long, but I like the ones it’s closed on the back. Also, have tried the pizza at Denino’s? It’s on Greenwich Village, one block from Washington Square Park. Delicious!!!


  11. I have always loved seeing the everyday photos of you and your family, and I totally agree with you. I never used to go anywhere without my Canon Camera and now it sits on our shelf and doesn’t move.

    Hope to see more of your days soon!

    – Stephanie

  12. Michelle Elliott

    Can you please share where Samson and Eleanor’s watches are from? My daughter and son both want the ones they have. Thanks so much!

    • josh

      Shark classic mini!