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with a winter that has felt somewhat never-ending at times (hi, looking right at you, all-of-january), i’m rather surprised that our household has fought off any flus or stomach bugs or major illnesses this season, something i have felt rather stressed about at times with two new babies in our home now crawling and discovering things with their little grasps and mouths all day long. and while i don’t want to push my luck just yet (winter, you do tend to last through april sometimes over here), i’m feeling optimistic of the weeks ahead.  we have experienced our fair share of illnesses in the past (part of me feels like we are being spared this winter because we were thrown so many at once last winter!), and i know more are surely in our future, but currently sitting here knocking on my wooden desk in-between writing sentences and wishing for the best!

a few things we’ve been diligent about over here this winter has been frequent hand washing (and hand sanitizer when a sink is not nearby), keeping shoes off indoors and changing our clothing from the day if we’re about to climb onto our beds (especially if we’ve been at the playground, or school, or any other publicly occupied spaces). that last one sounds a little intense but i like to know our beds are safe spaces to climb into at night in-between washing our sheets and pillow cases.  i’ve also tried to be better about frequently disinfecting doorknobs, cupboard knobs, fridge door handles, faucets, and toilet handles. and now that madalena and beatrice are in the discovery period of putting all toys into their mouths all day long, i’ve begun cleaning the toys more often as well. and i’m excited to share a little bit about seventh generation’s disinfectant spray, where no rinse is required, even on food contact surfaces and children’s toys, which makes cleaning each and every duplo, building block, and all hard-surface toys in-between very doable over here (and dare i even say, fun?!)

we have been long time fans of seventh generation’s products, and the new disinfectant spray is high up there on my list of why i choose and continue to choose seventh generation products for my home. the disinfectant spray contains an essential oil active ingredient (thymol), and kills 99.99% of household germs,. and i already mentioned that you just spray it over your toys or other hard, non-porous surfaces and let it sit for 10 minutes and you’re done, right?! like, no wiping it all down after and no weird lingering residue that feels greasy or sticky or anything like that. i imagine this is the sort of thing mary poppins carries in her magical carpet bag, and i am here for it.

me, channeling mary poppins herself as i show those legos who is boss! (they’ll get me back around midnight when i step on one in the dark on my way to the kitchen even though they all were picked up earlier. it happens like clockwork over here and it is so much fun.)

the disinfectant spray is available in three scents, lavender vanilla & thyme scent, fresh citrus & thyme scent, and eucalyptus, spearmint & thyme!


sweet babies over here happily taking whatever toy the other one is currently holding or putting in their mouth. it is fascinating how this works right now. i feel like i need to start handing one of them a piece of broccoli so i can carry this method over to get them to love their vegetables before i miss my chance.

thank you to seventh generation for continuing to problem solve and bring smart and responsible solutions into our homes.

this blog post is sponsored by seventh generation. see and learn more about their products here.

  1. La

    Love and use this spray as well. I sprayed all over the toys when my girls had norovirus – and just to share my wisdom (mistake!) – do not spray on the Remo lollipop drum! I did, and unfortunately it’s ruined now because it it messed with the tension of it and now it’s too slack, otherwise, this spray is fantastic 👍🏻

  2. Mary

    Love that sweater! Where is it from?

  3. Whitney

    Former NY-er here, and I ALWAYS changed out of street clothes before even sitting on my bed. It seems extreme now that I live somewhere else, but after sitting on the subway you just have to! Fully supporting your rules. :)

    • josh


  4. Elisa

    I wish you marked your sponsored post better! if a post contains paid stuff, that must be presented already right after the headline! at least so are the rules dor bloggere in my country.