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oh man. here we are, ten months in and i still don’t have a solid grasp on our nights with our baby girls. just when i think we maybe figured it out, and we’re all sleeping soundly….there is a new tooth coming in, or a growth spurt that throws things off entirely and we’re back to square one. i hear about a lot of mamas with multiples who have it down to a T, and while i stand in complete awe, i guess i just felt like i wanted to let anyone who doesn’t have it all figured out when it comes to sleep and kiddos know that it’s cool, i don’t either. and this is my fourth and fifth baby, and i’ve also read a lot of books and taken an e-course on the whole situation, which kind of makes this declaration a little bit embarrassing perhaps. BUT i also feel more strongly than ever that how i’m doing it is best for all of us over here, and it’s totally my call (just as it is yours in your household with your little ones).

where we are currently is still nursing on demand and co-sleeping (most of the time they’re in their docking station pillows) on a mattress on the floor. why on the floor? because it was easier for my peace of mind to just give away the bed-frame and bring us all low to the ground so no one can accidentally hurt themselves if they roll around at night, and also, they can crawl on and off on their own now as they independently begin to navigate and explore.

we’re also somewhere in-between a game of what we call “musical beds” over here, because conrad will still call out for papa in the middle of the night on occasion, so josh sometimes ends up in the kids’ room (although i should note that my older three are solid sleepers these days and make bedtime a breeze… finally!). and also sometimes we pull the sofa bed out in the front room so josh can have a legit nights rest away from me and the babies who have taken over his bed for now. but when my babies are beside me in bed, they sleep better. i sleep better. and it works for us for this short chapter. i’m not recommending what we do to anyone, i understand that a lot of people are against co-sleeping and that there are risks. but having ended up c0-sleeping with my other three littles when they were smaller, i just know this is the way i prefer to do it and so it’s how we’re doing it.

something that madalena and beatrice are teaching me, is that every single baby is so very different. i knew this before, of course, but they are driving this messaging home every single day. for example, i introduced a pacifier to both of them on the very same day when they were a few weeks old, and one loves and takes it, and the other does not. it’s a nice reminder that each baby is uniquely different with their preferences from the get-go, so it all will ebb and flow from one baby to the next in a family.

i have loved the past ten months with these two. i have savored much of the nights where i am nursing one at a time (i stopped nursing them together at about 6 months when they were getting too big for my tandem nursing pillow) and i keep reminding myself to enjoy these last few months with our current set up. i am not sure when i will wean them, but i know this stage will be over before i’m ready and we’ll have sleeping babies in toddler beds and rarely be called for by our others before too long. i do think more sleep for myself and josh at night would be beneficial and i look forward to when that happens again. and i know it’ll happen again eventually.  i’ve learned that for myself, it’s important to remind myself whenever i’m in the thick of something regarding a parenting chapter that it isn’t forever.

also, it’s a good thing these cuties are such cuties! i have a feeling that’s why God made babies so cute. because many of them deprive us of so much sleep it helps lessen the blow. ;)

cheers to this chapter, to navigating it as best you can and just following your gut and doing what works for you and your family, even if it’s not ideal and still a work in process and still not totally figured out just right. we got this!

  1. Nicole

    Your babies are so cute! Where did you get your dress? Is that Sonnet James. Love it!

  2. Willemijn

    I love that you do iT your way. Everybody knows best when iT comes to raising baby’s. But of iT feels right to you iT is the right way! And in all of your pictures it is obvious that you love your kids and they love you!

    And thats al that matters 😊
    Love willemijn

  3. Amy


  4. Lindsey

    I so needed to hear this this week! Of a mama of a 2 year old and 6 month old sleep has been something I have struggled with since the first night. It can feel like you are failing when others around you I have so easily figured it all out and you’re still over here being a walking zombie! I know that they won’t always need me and so I am trying to remember that during the sleepless season of life. Thank you so much for being so transparent about the good and difficult areas of motherhood your family is adorable and I love seeing you in your adventures!

  5. Kori Chace

    feeling this way about naps right now! so tired of fighting her to nap and then getting 25 mins only for each nap. it’s easy for sleep trainer to say “they need to fall asleep independently” when it’s not their kid. my child thinks being put down in a crib is the worst thing that has ever happened to her. it’s exhausting but it’s a phase. right! RIGHT????? lol

  6. Aly

    I so needed this post. I’m a first time mum of a five month old and she used to sleep through the night. She’s been teething since she was three months old but very recently she’s been constantly waking up in the middle of the night. She sleeps fine on our shoulder but is upset when we put her back in her cot. The other day I gave up and put her in the bed with us and she slept through the night. We worked so hard to get her to sleep in her cot. Advice please!

  7. Penelope

    When you think that these moments will last only 1 or 2 or even 3 years …, At the scale of their life, it is nothing and it’s worth it !! After they will be 18/20 years old and they will go out in night clubs and we will regret these moments of co-sleepling…So YES Love them the way you want, they all seem to be so happy !

  8. Pam Schroeder

    My only recommendation is when they do get up in the middle of night is keep the lights off, maybe a nightlight if necessary. That worked for me with my boys and even my grandson. If they have lights, TV or music they naturally want to be up and socialize. You can still talk to them but minimally if possible, then in morning be extra happy to see the little cuties! Of course you will be more well rested as well.

  9. Ashley

    Thank you for this post! Needed to hear it today! We are also co sleeping and nursing on demand with our 6 month old and our 2 year old still calls out sometimes at night and my husband ends up on the sofa some nights too! Definitely don’t have it figured out and every baby is so different. But we are doing what feels right to us even though the tiredness does take its own toll. Thanks so much for sharing!

  10. Liz

    Boy did I need this today. My daughter is also not sleeping at a stage and people said she should and it’s so hard not to feel the guilt that you’re not doing things right. I agree that everyone just needs to do what is best for their family. You’re doing a great job!

  11. Christina

    Thank you! I’ve been up every 70 min with my 4 month old for 2-3 weeks now and it’s exhausting and confusing but temporary. Mothers are superheros!

  12. Savannah

    Love this post so much. We’re bedsharing with our 8 month old with no plans to stop until he’s ready and I often feel a lot of guilt from other parents that we should sleep train or get him sleeping on his own. But this just feels right for us and him. ❤️❤️

  13. Ama

    Hey mama! You are doing such a great job! I’m in basically the same situation as you. My 4th and 5th are twin girls and I’m sleeping with them as well. I find it helps to not get out of bed to nurse and you are right they sleep so much better near me! Little rascals. One thing I’ve been trying to do is change my mindset about the night feedings. I was doing some continuing education on breastfeeding and there was a point made about how vital the night feeding are for your milk supply! So I have embraced them and think about how I am able to feed the babies without worrying as much since I am having those night feedings. Anyway that really helped refocus and appreciate what I’m enduring. Hang in there, thanks for posting. 💕

  14. Ashley

    Thank you for this post! Needed to hear it today! We are also co-sleeping and nursing on demand with our 6 month old and our 2 year old still calls out sometimes at night as well, so my husband ends up on the sofa some nights too! Definitely don’t have it figured out and every baby is so different. But the lack of sleep definitely takes its toll on me and my husband. Glad to know we are not alone out there!

  15. Krissi

    Hey Naomi, may I ask what you do about the not-wanting-a-pacifier-thing?
    Because my son wouldnt take one either and I‘m going crazy with all the feeding at night 🤪
    Do B and M behave differently at night?

  16. Kate

    Thank you, thank you for an honest sleep take! Sleep was my #1 anxiety with our first, now with our 2nd (3 months), I’m much more relaxed knowing that there are many different paths and they all look different just as every family is different. I would be so curious to know how you handled putting babies and toddlers to sleep in the same room. Our boys will be sharing a room and I would love to make it an exciting thing!

  17. Erika

    you go mama! you’re doing amazing!

  18. Jackie

    I needed to read this so badly. I’m 11 months in with my first babe and I have just found a nice rhythm with co-sleeping. However, when people ask I’m always shy about it and feel the need to lie or pretend that it’s not happening….I hate feeling guilty or embarrassed about it when it’s what works for us. Anyway, thank you for your honesty and real ness. I’ll be less apologetic about this in the future!!

  19. Sarah

    It’s like you read my mind. I’ve always wanted you to write something about sleep as I’m a FTM and it’s overwhelming.

  20. Miiler Anne

    i love love love reading this as a mom who just moved her 13 month old out of “their room” after sleeping together for over a year (with my husband in a different bed 99% of that time and on call for our 3 year old during the night as needed). my philosophy is the best way to do it is however everyone gets the maximum amount of sleep in the home! ha! also, the more often i share what i thought was an abnormal setup, the more often i hear that some form of musical beds is most people’s go to, so there’s that too! thank you for always be so willing to share about your life and parenthood! love those little baby teeth oh my goodness!! <3

  21. Hailey

    Good for you doing you. I would love to hear more about how you handle naps with twins and three other littles’ schedules to accommodate!

  22. S

    I come here for a little bit of feel good on the less than fun days. Thanks for posting.

  23. Charis Mailey

    One thing that you model so well, is that even if you have absolutely no sleep at night and you feel like you will not cope the next day, you can still have genuinely lovely moments in your day. I have four kids and found myself getting very stressed out with my second baby, how would I manage the demands of my toddler the next day? I wish someone had said, ” You will still enjoy some of tomorrow, try not to worry! I absolutely agree that these babies are all different, which is why we will never have all the answers! xx

  24. Margaret from Poland

    My younger one is almost 2 and I still don’t have it figured out. Yours are only 10 months and TWiNS! You’re a hero anyway ;) I’m still nursing my daughter and we also co-sleep, because she wakes up at night A LOT – 3 to 5 times is a good night for us… I would go crazy if I would have to get up every time. In October I started working again and she started nursery, so we don’t spend as much time together as we used to. I’m not ready to take the boobs away from her as well ;)On the other hand I feel like a zombie and I don’t know how much longer can I function on such small amount of sleep. But I can’t imagine weaning her at night and getting up for work after a whole night of drama (’cause I’m sure there will be drama). I’ll probably wait until the summer holidays. Of course I have thoughts like: “What If I wean her and she still won’t sleep?? What if she is a bad sleeper and she’ll be like that forever? And I’ll never ever sleep again???”, but I try not to think about it too much. I just have to wait and see how it goes.

  25. Dee

    Thanks so much for sharing this. I think it is so so important we talk about how tricky the sleep situation can be with babes – it can be so isolating when it feels like everyone else has it cracked and you are up every couple of hours every single night! The sleep deprivation has been hands down the hardest thing about parenthood for me – I had no idea how not sleeping would affect so much in my life, mood, immunity, mental ability, appetite, ability to deal with pain. I just think it would be better if there was generally more kindness around the issue and an acceptance that there might be more than one way to deal with it. AND I totally hear you on the fact that it is very much a one step forward and two back situation and there isn’t really a moment when it’s ‘fixed’ (although that first full nights sleep is totally worth celebrating in its own right!!)

  26. I heartily agree! You know your family, babies, and yourself better than anyone. We were going insane with trying to do things specific ways at specific times that we thought we and our triplets were *supposed* to be doing, but then we figured out what worked for us and ran with it. Now everyone is so much happier and less insane 🤪 Still tired, but much more at peace. Love to you and those sweet babies!

  27. Emily

    Gosh they are just too cute.

  28. Chelsey

    These nights I’m currently in the middle of a king bed (on the floor) between my kids (3 and 5) the “adult bedroom” is across the hall which my husband gets all to himself for now. Surrendering to this configuration has kept me sane. And I believe wholeheartedly that one day when snuggles with mama is the last thing they want I will miss this time fiercely. I loved your post and your babies are beyond beautiful.

  29. Dora

    We accidently fell into co-sleeping after I had an emergency c-section. It was just so much easier for me. My baby Frieda is 18 months and still ending up in bed with us. she’s also still on the boob. Both of these things I am ready to move on from, how, I do not know! I have loved co-sleeping with Frieda. It’s glorious.

  30. S

    So interesting to hear these details about how other moms get through the baby sleeping time. I have never co-slept with any of my babies, and I’m convinced that’s what’s best for all of us, sometimes I think co sleeping parents are just crazy, to give up that much sleep! But ultimately, you gotta do what you can, and if that’s co sleeping for you then it just is! SO thanks for sharing this bc its so interesting to me. Totally agree about how they are all different, we had our 4th in September and every one has their little things that make them THEM. I’m amazed at how you’ve nursed the twins seemingly so easily! I mean i don’t know if you’ve ever had any milk emergencies when it seems like your supply was in danger, I get that every time ( am able to push through it thankfully, but it always stresses me out!), but if you haven’t that’s just… WOW. way to go girl. anywaaaay see ya later k bye

  31. Melanie

    Yes!! Love this bs love when Moms talk real. On my fourth co sleeping baby and it only took 4 babies to stop second guessing my decision to co sleep and nurse of demand. I think you realll nailed it when you identified that they really are little for such a short time. I hear so much about sleep training so this was a welcomed and refreshing read! Thank you

  32. Natalie

    I have also decided to do away with my bed frames and get everyone to sleep on a mattress on the floor. We started doing this 2 years ago, and I love it! No need to worry about anyone rolling and falling off the bed in the night. And it’s easy for my kids (now 4 and 2) to move up and down the bed by themselves without me having a heart attack. lol

    I too ended up breastfeeding and co-sleeping with my son until he was 2 years old – which meant I did not have any decent sleep until then! I was a walking zombie all the way!

    But the light finally came at the end of the tunnel, when he weaned off early this year. And now, I can’t even remember how the exhaustion felt like anymore.

    What I’m trying to say is, you’re a super amazing mama and you’re doing very well! Hang in there with the eye bags and tiredness – they’ll be over before you know it!

    (Well of course you know that, with 5 gorgeous children ;))

  33. Heidi

    Hugs and love to you. Co sleeping nurse on demand over here. I too have researched everything. You were so kind in stating your beliefs! I just weaned my 2.5 year old.. he still calls out for us and my 4 year old gets scared sometimes… but they are doing a little better…but…. im gonna hopefully get pregnant soon. It gives me peace that im not the only zombie mom. Sending love and prayers your way! We arent alone! ♡♡♡♡

  34. Charlotte

    Thanks for posting this!! I needed to hear this. I am one tired mama right there with you 💕💕

  35. Sirma

    Currently reading this in de middle of the night next to my 15 mothy old. Sleepy, Looking at my teeting baby. I guess i love sleep but i love baby’s more🤷‍♀️

  36. Chelsey

    This post was soooooo good! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  37. Sinéad

    Love this. Makes me feel better – currently cosleeping and nursing on demand with my 9 mth old- 3rd baby. What was supposed to be a short term thing to settle her, has ended up being months long. Went from sleeping all night and no night feeds for a few months, to now snacking through the night. Some days I think uh oh what have we done. But know it won’t last forever, and for now, everyone is sleeping as best we can (me balancing on the edge of the bed, gripping the last of the blanket :-/)

  38. Jackie

    Thank you for sharing this! My baby who is my fifth is nine months old and still currently needs me multiple times at night. Apart of me feels like I should know better by now how to get a baby to sleep through the night, but an even bigger part of me knows that soon enough she won’t need me in the middle of the night so I shuffle my tired Mama feet back and forth to her room as much as she wants and just soak it all in while I still can. I am looking forward to that day when I get a full 8 hours of sleep, but until then I am content right in the stage we are in!

  39. Tracy

    I noticed with my first that he and I slept better when we co-slept and he didn’t even nurse. Then I had my daughter and she was not into snuggling one bit! She was independent from the start and wanted to be in her crib and I nursed her! It is kind of crazy the differences in personality and how they shaped out routines that first year or two. She slept on her stomach too! I tried to put her on her back, but she found a way every night to be in the position she wanted. I suppose my son did too, He just wanted to be right next to me, or rather on top of me. If that happened he was happy.

  40. Ruth

    Love your approach, thank you for sharing! There’s such an industry around sleep with all the products and books and classes, it’s hard not to feel like you’re doing it wrong and it’s your fault if you don’t have a “good sleeper.” Appreciate the reminder that we’re all just doing the best we can for our families!

  41. Jill

    Seriously they are cherubs! I’m in agreement with you, I also have five kids and each baby was different. I love how your share your motherhood. You’re doing it beautifully. Those five babies of yours are lucky to have you & Josh. And yes, no stage lasts forever.
    Phewf! & Sobs! simultaneously.

  42. Meghan

    So I have four kiddos. Each slept in our bed for at least a year. Each time we had another baby, I would tell myself, this baby will sleep all by herself. It never worked out that way, so I just have in and did what worked best, which was bedsharing until 1, give or take a month or two, and then off to the crib. As it turns out this has worked for all 4, and now they are all pretty great sleepers. It’s definitely a stage, and I certainly missed uninterrupted sleep. I love looking back at those times with the babies though. I’m always happy to see a mother really embrace what works for their family, especially when they can also acknowledge that “working” doesn’t mean that it isn’t without struggle or tension. :)

  43. Abbey McGrew

    I had one twin who took a pacifier one who sucked her thumb. One who walked at 10 months one who walked at 14. One still naps super well, one doesn’t, one loves preschool, one doesn’t. And I did the exact same thing at the same time basically all the time. 🤷🏻‍♀️ They are who they are :)

  44. Kmj

    Love this! My 11 month old (baby 5) is regressing a bit and nursing a bunch at night…but I’m trying to embrace it because it does pass quickly! We have musical beds here and I sleep best with baby with me, so I completely relate to your post. 💖

  45. Chhandasi Patel

    First-time poster here 😊 Thank you for your honesty. I have three fewer babies than you, but have faced very similar feelings/situations! When you feel like your situation as a mother is different from those around you, it can be so isolating. Posts like yours remind us that we share much more common ground with others than we realize. Thank you, and here’s to those long nights of uninterrupted sleep coming soon, but not too soon!

  46. Sharon

    Thanks so much for sharing this! My son turned 1 last week and my husband and I take turns co sleeping with him on a mattress on the floor too. Our 4 year old wakes up around 4/5 in the morning every day and comes to bed with the one of us who isn’t sleeping with the baby. Some days I get mad at myself for “not being strong enough” to sleep train my kids. But other days, I can’t imagine my life without having the special moments I get to share with my babies when we get to fall asleep and wake up next to each other.

  47. Becca Banks

    Loved reading this! My son is just over a year now and only started sleeping through the night last week! This was I think due to the fact that I nursed him until he was 1 and he knew if he woke up and cried in the middle of the night that I’d go get him and nurse him and then put him back in his crib. So many times I’d feel like I’d failed as a parent or I’d regret creating this “bad habit” that would be impossible for him to grow out of. But then my son naturally weaned on his own and soon followed that by sleeping through the night on his own. Reading your blog and reflecting on my own sleep story this past year has made me realize that there is no right or wrong and that way of sleeping/eating was what my son needed for that first year. Of course I wish I had gotten more sleep over that time but I wouldn’t trade those moments for anything! Thanks for helping me gain perspective :)

  48. Jennifer

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one who feels this way! My son turns 10 months next week so I’m right there with ya! He sleeps in our bed because it’s the only place he’ll sleep more than 2 hours, and being a nursing mom it’s so much easier if I can just nurse him back to sleep without getting out of bed. I sleep better with him there, he sleeps better… but I’ve been feeling SSI guilty like it makes me a bad mom because I can’t “sleep train” him to sleep through the night in his crib. You are totally right. As long as they are healthy and happy then we must be doing a pretty good job. I never thought I’d be a co sleeping mom, but I love the sweet moments I get snuggled up to my baby. He’s my first and everything is a learning experience, but I just don’t want to miss out on things because I’m trying to be like some other “blogger mom”. We’ll figure this out eventually, right?’🤣

  49. Jessica

    Oh this phase is so sweet and so hard (I have one eight month old)! Thanks for sharing and for your honesty!

  50. Sabrina

    Madalena is SO photogenic! Both are so friggin’ cute!

  51. Sam

    Thank you so much for this. With a 3 month old baby at home, I’m sleep deprived and sometimes it’s too much. I love how you stay positive through all this.

  52. Verity

    I think this is amazing! We co-sleep and I still feed my 20 month old (singleton, props to you Mama!), and more often than not my husband ends up in bed with our elder son, but it works for us.

    Fair enough, I am knackered, and I could do some seriously sleeping given half the chance, but it works for us. And I love the time I spend waking with my babe latching on and the sleepy, milky cuddles.

    I hear, all the time, ‘routine’, ‘sleep training’, ‘weaning’… I say fair enough, for you – but none of those work for my family, this does!

    And as you say, everything is for such a short time. Enjoy it while it lasts, because before we know it our babies will be off on their own in the world and enjoying independent life without us…

  53. Anna

    Cheers to that! I am co-sleeping, breastfeeding and zombie-walking for 9 months with my son and can’t imagine the struggle with two babies. I am improving most of this time going with the flow of my little one, which means waking up every 1,5 hour every night for a milk (help!), and keep hearing from other mums that their babies sleep all night. Oh hevens, although would like you to have some sleep, I am glad I am not the only one. 😉

  54. joana

    hi naomi! i don’t have children, but I am in awe of YOU! it’s incredible how you manage your life with five children, and always doing different things, going for walks, eating out, traveling… it’s really amazing to me.
    i wanted to tell you that and also that i don’t find your declaration embarrassing at all. because books and courses are great, but they are not real life, and you can anticipate things all you want (and it’s helpful sometimes to do so!) but the fact that you can’t imprint this knowledge into your own life says absolutely nothing about your abilities or strength or worth. you are truly amazing. and also so brave! because it takes guts to be so honest about the less beautiful parts of having kids, and it’s wonderful to talk about them to. i’m sure you help many people by being so honest, so that they don’t feel alone. and i know i’m probably not much of a comfort to you, because my situation has nothing to do with yours, but i wanted to tell you this. when i read your posts and see your pictures it just makes me so happy! and it makes me realize that the life you lead with kids can be whatever you choose, there are no limits. it’s comforting and truly, truly amazing. have a great weekend! :)
    joana (from portugal)

  55. Seso

    That is why I love you. I’ve read so many books and articles about baby brain ad sleep patterns, so when I hear about “sleep training” and “learning the routine” I can only say “aaargh”. People don’t need to learn how to sleep, they don’t sleep at the exact time and way each and every night. Ale babies are different and they change a lot (sleep regress when they start to walk is the WORST, basically they want to walk so much so they do it in the middle of the night) I’ ve started to finally get some sleep when I started the co-sleeping situation.

  56. Kat

    Thank you for your honesty on this, so needed and helpful. I’m on the opposite end. I wanted to co-sleep but all my babies were NICU and came to us already sleep trained. I tried sleeping with them but they would get no sleep if they were sharing a bed. But now that they’re older they want to co-sleep and I’m ok with it EXCEPT, that I’m now kind of used to having nights and morning to ourselves and can’t seem to get going with my day until they wake up. Any productivity tips for that? Do you go to sleep with them and then get up? Or what do you do? Thank you again so much, as always, it’s always helpful to get ideas from other parents even if it’s not completely applicable but so relatable in so many ways!

  57. Tess Watts

    OMG!! They are so cute!! As are all of your others!! But that Conrad- I just want to eat him up!

  58. Rachel Cordella-Bontrager

    I’m so glad that you posted this! My husband’s plan for this weekend is to take our two full-sized beds and create a “super bed” on the ground with them so our 9 month-old can sleep in her dock-a-tot with us. I was worried that we were doing something wrong by not having a crib by this point, but it’s what seems to work best for our situation. I’m glad that I’m not alone in this.


    A nurse coworker of mine once said to me (while I was bemoaning that we co sleep, and I wasn’t following the “rules”): “No other mammals tell their babies to go sleep in another part of the cave. Just get over it and sleep with your baby.” So now I just do it and love it and try to nap with my babies every afternoon to even out the sleep loss.

  60. Nicole


  61. Piper

    Thank you for being so honest and open in this post! I love your sweet family, and just wanted to pass along something that helped our 4th baby sleep (she was not a good sleeper at all):
    Catherine, the sweetest French mama, designs these herself and have them handmade in the US. These are the most comfortable sleepsacks we’ve tried and our babe really liked it. There’s bigger sizes too, my petite 8 year old loves it haha.

  62. Gabriela

    Hi, I’ve seen a lot of hate towards you for your sleeping habits. Just wanted to chime in. I am not a mom of twins but a mom to 1 year old after next Tuesday. He was waking up every night to eat once but sometimes twice. Everyone told me he should be able to sleep without waking for food by now. I didn’t have the heart to let him cry it out. The sound of his little stomach growling at 2am made that a no no for me. A week after turning 11 months he slept the night =] No sleep training and no crying out. From one day to the next. I know this isn’t every baby and some babies continue to wake up at night their second year but thought I’d give you some hope. He’ll be 12 months next week and still sleeping the night. Hang in there momma. Just hope you do get some naps in to stay sane.

  63. Lena

    What brand are their docking station pillows?

  64. Bianca

    With the exception of when he is sick, our son (2.5 years) sleeps soundly during the night. He has done so since we moved him into his own room at 7 months and I stopped breastfeeding during the night. We had professional help during this time and I could not be more thankful. Sleeping through the night affects the child’s mood and appetite during the day. Getting enough rest is just as important for children as it is for adults. He wants us in the room when he goes to sleep, and that is fine. We read, we sing sometimes, but he is in bed going to sleep. Not in our laps, etc. It was not easy and it required a lot of self restraint, but it does work. And as much as we tell ourselves that each baby is unique, they are very much alike. They need quality sleep. I do not want to criticise anyone for doing things differently. But I do want to say that a good night sleep for everyone is possible. Good sleep was important for us it as a couple, as working parents, and it helped us be better parents and better spouses.

  65. Priscilla

    You’re very conscious of their needs and what works best, despite all of the sleep training western culture wants to push on us.