my power color.

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i’ve noticed a slight gradual pull towards all things pink over the past year or so, and i haven’t minded one bit. i feel like i noticed my new found love for the baby pink shade around the time we found out madalena and beatrice were both girls. maybe it happened a little bit before that, when i sought out pink sneakers the summer before, or started gravitating towards the pink frosted donuts on the saturday mornings when we’d snag a few for breakfast. i’m not totally sure of the timeline.

this has been a big year for me in regards to feeling like i’ve truly come into my own. it’s weird to say, being 32 already, and just now settling in. it’s not that in the years prior i felt like i had been floating or confused or not me, but over the past 18 months or so, between several rather profound, trying, special and testing experiences my life has dealt me, i started to more fully embrace myself in the kind and honest way we all deserve to be embraced by ourselves. and in the process, i tapped into something rather powerful.

my pull towards all things pink, a rather feminine color that is at times labeled girly in a negative way, seems to correlate with this personal timeline of proudly settling into who i am, and who i want to continue to strive to be. it’s kind of fascinating when i think about it. i’ve found a lot of strength in this shade, i’ve found a lot of pride in it. i feel thankful for the chance to walk my path as a daughter of God, as a wife and mother, as a woman. the world feels so dark and scary a lot of the time and i struggle with knowing how to hone in on my role of guiding my babies through it all, but i believe motherhood is nothing short of the greatest gift i have been blessed with, and i’m confident i’ll keep on figuring it out as i go, with the help and strength of many around me, with my husband, with the Lord.

i’m getting side tracked but what i’m trying to get at is this… i don’t know if there is a more powerful color than pink. and i am here for it.

this pink pant suit (linen blazer linked here, pants linked here), and veja tennis shoes (older season). polka dot turtle neck is no longer available (brand is maeve), and dinosaur purse is also no longer available (brand is kate spade.)

  1. Joanna

    Pink looks so good on you💖 it definitely feels like *you*

  2. Mia

    i love this!
    also: hope you keep wearing the whole color palette like you have done so beautifully!
    i find it so narrowing with the colours offered for girls, and you have been such an inspiration for my daughter (7 years old, i have showed her some of your photos) that she can wear whatever colour she wants (fx. bright yellow!), without caring about what the other girls are saying about pink being the colour a girl should wear if she wants to be girly enough. so keep embracing the whole colour sircle! that girls doesn’t HAVE TO wear pink, and boys blue!!

  3. i love pink everything! it just makes me happy.

    xo, brittany
    easter basket ideas you can get on amazon is on my blog today!

  4. Emma

    Such a powerful colour! I especially can regnozied what you write about pink often being perceived as a girly colour, and not the cookie of a powerful woman. I wear my pink with pride everyday, but especially after having read your thoughtful post. You are such an inspiration 😊 Thank you!

  5. Emily

    Pink really suits you, you look absolutely gorgeous! I wish I could pull of a bright pink like this, but I just don’t have the confidence to!

    Emily | Snippets of Emily’s Life xx

  6. Furtuna

    The coolest mom In UWS ! Pink is your color simply beautiful 😍

  7. Tammy

    pink & yellow forever!

  8. Verity

    Genuine question – and not a criticism – but do you ever worry about your global footprint in terms of consumerism?

    This is something I have been thinking about recently, wanting to refresh my wardrobe but knowing that things that are ‘on trend’ or such a statement piece as this suit, will not be things that would get much wear in my day to day life.

    I try to donate/sell older items, so that they are not going to landfill but always buying new items (whether it be clothes/house stuff/things) is not good for our earth.

  9. Rachel G

    Amen sistah!!!!!

  10. Carolina

    Pink is so happy and bold! Love this post

  11. Alison

    This post (and your entire website) have inspired my next blog post. Thank you for sharing you life with us. Xoxo.

  12. Carolyn

    The wrinkles though, they ruined it for me.

  13. Ashley

    Thank you, you are the best! I always so love reading your thoughts.

  14. Lucie

    HI! I am reading this, in a pink linen T-shirt, having just taken of my pale pink cardigan, sitting on my pink couch… and I don’t care there are and will be stains on it from the kids, it just makes me feel good. Oh, did I mention I am 32? I never was the girlie girl wearing pink stuff. But now I love it. Pink all the way!

  15. Lindsay Haws

    All the love and so much wow-so beautiful! Maybe it’s a fifth kid thing? But I am feeling the same self vibes. Wear exactly what feels fabulous and who cares what other people perceive as too feminine or not enough feminine. Confidence in yourself is happiness.

  16. Kate

    Okay that suit is POWER. I love it so much and you look both powerful AND beautiful !!

  17. Kristiina

    Love the outfit! I too was pulled towards pink by my first pregnancy, which was s girl. Her favourite colour is “rainbow” :).

  18. Vicky

    i’m absolutely entranced by your family. y’all are my family goals forever. I’m so happy to read this and see how much you love God and how it just pours over into your family. this is truly such a special place on the internet – because lately everything does feel dark and scary that i’ve been reading and seeing out there; but this corner of the internet that you’ve cultivated always feels calm and centered. i’ve been commenting for years about how your family makes me want littles of my own and I do finally have a baby girl (who is 6 months old – where does the time even go?!) and i’m so happy i’ve been able to go back over the blog and look things up here and there that I remember thinking i’d want to try when I finally had my own kiddo.

    I truly love this post and your heart for God.