i permed my hair!

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if there is one thing i like to change up as often as i can, it’s this thing on top of my head called my hair. i mean, you probably know that if you’ve read this blog of mine for even just a minute.  and while i’ve put my hair through several chops and styles and even shades (anyone remember when i tried to be blonde by way of platinum a few years back?!), i’d never permed it, though always dreamed of one, and well. it finally happened!

i can’t even count how many times over the years i’ve asked different hair people about perms. they fascinate me and i love them. the tight curls, the loose ones… i think they are all so good and i’ve always secretly wanted one. then, somewhere in the midst of realizing growing out my hair (and particularly my bangs) just wasn’t going to happen for me as i began the process, i mentioned my dream of having a perm to my friend brittany – who is genius with all things hair and also make up – and after a couple of hours hanging out around my kitchen sink last saturday night, here we are today!

i’m still in complete shock over how it only took 60 seconds to do after washing it yesterday morning. and since i am in a chapter of life where 60 seconds is sometimes all i really get for my hair, i am here for it.

hair is so fun to change up every once in a while (or regularly, if you’re me, lol)! and say what you want about perms being dated, i don’t care. i have a feeling this perm will not be my last. it’s been my favorite hair experiment to date! below are a few more photos josh took yesterday of my new do.


pulled out my favorite fun outfit that conrad calls “my pajama outfit”. first time he saw me in it he asked as i was heading towards the door, “mama, are you going to wear your pajamas outside?” when i answered, “oh these aren’t pajamas” he replied, “oh. are they long johns?!” THANK YOU, CONRAD. haha! love me my long john/pajama outfit. ;)

linking for you my PANTS, BLOUSE and MY PINK SHOES. also, my sunglasses are FROM HERE and only $10.

have any of you gotten a perm before? and those already rocking curls-  tips or hair products you especially love i should try?

  1. corie

    I have natural curly hair, 2C/3A if I do everything right. Don’t brush it. Get a good curl gel, and scrunch it into your hair after it air dries after the shower. Second day, repeat without brushing it. If you want to neaten up the top, take one of those dollar hair combs and drag it thru the top till the curl begins. Good luck!

  2. Jenn

    i love this look on you! you are totally rocking the waves.

  3. Jamie

    Looks gorgeous! Love the outfit too. You’ve got such bold, incredible style.

  4. Sil

    Loose curly/messy curly here. Potion 9 by Sebastian and Curl Building Serum by Davines are my all time fav and essentials

  5. Emily Frappier

    very much reminds me of Samantha from 16 Candles!!!

  6. Megan

    Looks great! Would love to hear more about the perm process and how you style it…products you use, etc.

  7. This is so cute, I love it! I have curly and short hair and to me, the only product that works for years is Deva Curls products. I use the no-poo, the conditioner, and the light gel after. Seriously, I love my curls haha. I also never ever use a comb, don’t need it. :)



  8. Molly

    YouTube the curly girl method. Also, it’s trial and error finding out what will work for you and what won’t. Also, i love Monat hair products! Good luck rocking the curls!

  9. Kelly Ann Zimmer

    I love it! I have naturally wavy/curly hair and I do the curly girl method and use deva curl products. I am thinking of cutting some curly bangs like yours. Did you decide to not grow them out anymore? I have done the cut bangs, grow them out, cut them, rinse, repeat over and over. I seem to come to bangs though! I feel younger with them!

  10. Kelsey

    Love it! I’ve always had curly hair and straightened it for the longest. Trying to embrace my curls now. I love John friedan’s dream curl spray and curls goddess curls or their creme brulee whipped curl cream.

  11. Jill Walker

    I want to see a step by step process of how you got this exact look! So cute! Some perms are so bad and I think that is the scary part for people. Yours looks so good and so natural! I seriously love it! 😍

  12. Whit

    DIVA CURL!!!!!! I have hair slightly curlier than those curls, and it’s the only product that makes me feel like I know how to have curly hair! Very affordable too.

  13. Taramunda

    I love the “pyjama” :-)

    I did perm my hair once and it didn’t quite work for me as my hair went really dry… You look fabby!

  14. Kellie

    I think everyone who has straight hair always wants curly and vice-versa! I’ve always been tempted to try a perm or beach wave, but I’ve never taken the leap. Is there a name for this type of perm or curl? I think it’s cute and I really like it with the short cut.

  15. Katie

    Fab! Can you tell us how you did it yourself?

  16. Megan

    Love it!! This looks my mom’s natural hair back in the 80s! I’ve always wanted to try a perm but I’m too scared! 👏🏻

  17. ally

    you look fantastic! and so happy. and yay for 60 second hair so there’s more time in the day for more things! do you mind my asking what shade of lipstick you are wearing? it’s divine.

  18. Angel

    Love it!!!!!!

  19. Jessica

    I am loving your perm… it looks like you are just coming back from a day at the beach.
    I have super thick hair with very light waves to it. For myself I try not to over wash it or put too much product in it. I just use one product after the shower that is for wavy beach hair.

  20. Melissa

    curly haired girl here! I swear by all products by Kristin Ess and love her hair creme for my curls: https://www.kristinesshair.com/products/hydrating-curl-defining-creme

    compared to other products I use MUCH less of the product daily (maybe just a nickel/quarter-sized amount). Too much can potentially weigh down the hair/can get into an oily situation. This product defines my curls without making them look crunchy. Once my hair dries completely, it looks effortless and natural!

  21. Kamila

    You look incredible Naomi :)
    Regards from Poland

  22. Meredith Fletcher

    There’s a model on Target.com (search Women’s Striped Short Sleeve V-Neck Raglan T-Shirt – A New Day) to see her. Your hair reminds me of hers and I am obsessed! I’ve been secretly wanting a perm for a few years now and also have a hairstyle friend who could do it for me… I may need to go for it!

  23. Mary

    Check out the curly girl method.

  24. Piper

    Yes!! Love love perms. I have straight hair with a tiny bit of natural curl, but I don’t have a lot of hair so on day 2, my hair gets super flat and difficult to style. I moved to the States 13 years ago from Taiwan, where I usually get my perms with the same hairstylist. So it’s been hard to do perms regularly (otherwise I would!) since I can’t visit my hometown as often as I’d like. I totally agree with you on changing up hairstyles and that perms make your hair SO much easier to style. You look cute!!! (My only humble suggestion is to put nourishing oil after you wash your hair)

  25. Sarah

    Miss Jessie’s Quick Curls is my favorite styler (the name says it all 😉). My natural curls can’t wait to see how you rock this! 👊

  26. Naima

    Gorgeous haircut, Naomi. Love the color in the sun, too. Curls are great!

  27. Em Wild

    I love it – I think you have inspired me to do the same, been mining and string about it for ages

  28. Lindsley

    I’ve been using Miss Jessie’s Jelly Soft Curls for years and it’s AMAZING! It’s a gel you scrunch into your hair when it’s wet, and it is the only gel I’ve ever used that holds my curls but doesn’t weigh my hair down or make it sticky/crunchy. It’s also sulfate-free and doesn’t have any icky chemicals. I highly recommend it! Miss Jessie’s also has a variety of other products for curls, but this one is my favorite.


  29. ks

    You’re so cute!!! I love curly hair. My mom used to perm it all the time when I was a kid so I have some PTSD from the smell haha. You’re making me want to do it all over again, though!

  30. Ivy

    Hi Taza, can you maybe tell me what kind of perm products have you been using. I want from so long to get perm as well:) thanks for the advice

  31. Katie

    Aveda Be Curly Curl Enhancer….best one ever, and I’ve tried everything in my 38 years of curls. Scrunch in wet hair and go.

  32. Daliana

    So Soo Pretty Naomi

  33. Andrea

    I got a perm also last year
    My hair was a tad shorter but it didn’t turn out as nice as yours! We used the same rods but mine looked crimpier? Anyway I love love yours on you ! Way to go it looks chic!

  34. Olivia Christensen

    I’ve been dying to get a perm (I have stick straight hair that is hard to style) and every time I go in for a stylist consultation they tell me not to do it!?! What kind of perm did you get? And do you know how long it will last? I love how effortless yours is!

  35. Helene

    I did à couple of springs back. Loved it and coconut oil did miracles on my slightly dry hair… You look perfect.

  36. Elle Greer

    I’ve been secretly wanting to try a perm as well! I told my—exceptionally curly-haired—husband and he scoffed at that idea! So we may just have to get one! Xx

  37. Marsha Kern

    Love your hair!! You did it at home??? WOW

  38. stephanie

    Can I preface by saying I think youre a beautiful woman. Also I love that youll experiment with make up, clothes and hair. But this perm gets a thumbs down from me. Its just not curly enough and your hair has lost its shine. I think there is a good reason perms that fell by the wayside but I get the urge to do it, I did a spiral perm hoping for great big bountiful hair, in reality it just looked scraggly after two days!! Lesson learned .. the hard way! I hope YOU like your new hair though, thats really all that matters.

  39. Mariam

    Fun! A tip would be following the Curly Girl Method.
    Not using shampoo, but a silicone-free (and non-drying alcohol ingredients) conditioner like you would shampoo (ie rubbing the conditioner into your scalp). There are a few rules to following this method, so I’d recommend looking it up online for more info.
    I do it with Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner! My whole family is on the no shampoo train and our hair and scalps look/feel great!

  40. Saskia Brodeur

    My must for curly hair is a diffuser and phyto mousse. I have thin curly hair so it’s a great light weight product.

  41. Sarah

    Devacurl is fabulous for curly hair, it has products that keep your curls soft and not crunchy! I’m a beautician and I highly recommend it.

  42. Kristin Wing

    I would love to get a perm that looks like yours! I’m afraid I’ll end up with a super tightly coiled, Saved by the Bell looking perm and I’m just not about that life right now. I’m currently pregnant with my sixth and have black and turquoise blue hair and am already on the hunt for something that will be less time and maintenance.

  43. Gabrielle

    I have naturally curly hair and love using Organix coconut curls products. Deva Curl is also super great!

  44. Simone

    Looks super cute. The Kristin ess soft wave spray is amazing for once your hair is dry and you want to enhance the waves/curls. It’s literally changed my almost wavey haired life. I shower at night and let the pillows do the work. Then spray this stuff on and go. I’ve neeeeever had wash and go hair before. Love it. I add come curls with a wand from time to time but I am so happy I got a haircut and found her products that work so well! At target! She’s the best.
    Once again, looks so cute on you. And now you got me thinking about a perm 🤔😂🙌🏼

  45. Julie

    I had one when I was 15 and loved it! 25 years late I would love another one! It’s hard to find a salon to do it!

  46. Trina

    I suggest getting some subtle layers cut into your hair to bring out the curl. My stylist twirls small sections of my naturally curly hair and snips into it a few places without cutting all the way through the section.

    I switch between Devacurl and Kenra products. Definitely invest in a diffuser. I also sleep on satin pillowcases – very important.

  47. Jessica Marcum

    I love it so much. I’ve ALWAYS wanted a perm! Yours looks amazing! I have wavy ish hair but my girls all have curls (thanks to their Dad) and we love Deva curl!

  48. Alyssa Land

    oh my gosh I LOVE IT. I’ve actually seen a few other people in my life doing perms lately and it really is such a fun way to add some life to your hair! I love how short you’ve cut it and am honestly glad you’re keeping the bangs. I think they’re so darn cute!

  49. Michelle

    Definitely get yourself to a Lush shop. Do not be swayed by what “smells the best” (you WILL be tempted), but just trust the shop ambassador. Please. Do this. All the products are environmentally friendly as well. I went in because I have severe allergies/sensitivities and all of the hair stuff I was using that was also eco-friendly quite literally killed my hair (snapping off in large chunks). Perms are awesome but they are so drying to your hair. And you don’t really see/feel the damage for the first week or two. So, pretty please, get ahead of it, get to a Lush, let them walk you through a good system. My current style is color treated/straight (been a long minute since my last perm…um, 1989? And my natural curl went away after my last baby, sadly), but truly, my hair has never been so happy since I discovered Lush haircare (and everything else!) several months ago. Plus, eco-friendly and fair trade = guilt free. :) Keep it looking fresh, mama!

  50. Caity

    I got a couple perms in high school and then one day i stopped perming it and the curl never went away…! So now i have 2c curls that are great because you can either have loose waves or tight curls. It looks kind of like what you got, SO if you want waves, use bumble and bumble “don’t blow it” for thick hair (i like to put this in and then sleep on it wet. It’s like a 60/40 of it working out but if it doesn’t, just get it wet and start over! 😂) if you want ringlets or spirals, run your fingers through it in the shower so you get your part where you want it and then DO NOT COMB OR BRUSH IT AGAIN!!!! Before anything touches your head, put a loose hold mousse in your hair sopping wet, and then scrunch dry with an old soft t shirt (you can flip your head upside down to do this too). A TOWEL WILL FRIZZ YOUR HAIR! Don’t use a towel if you want to ditch unwanted frizz. Blot away any dripping water with your old t shirt. Have fun! Curls are great! And the best thing about them is that when you’re sick of them you can just blow out your hair with a round brush and have it straight for a few days!

  51. Karine

    You look awesome, you’re definitely rocking the curls!! You did it yourself??? How amazing! It won’t have worked that well with long hair, but with your short bob, it rocks!!

  52. Kate

    So pretty. And, yes! I got a perm when my daughter was about a year old… because I too wanted hair that I didn’t have to “do” every day. She’s 7 now and my hair is still curly. Saying “perm” was like a bad word- “wait, you want a what!!?” But,it has been the best hair decision to date! What makes it better is that I only permed it that one time and it’s just remained curly since. The girl that does my hair says she tells my hair story all the time. It WANTED to be curly. Go perms!

  53. Jen

    I have naturally curly hair! My trick for keeping curls tight and together (ie no friz) is to brush my hair before I shower. Then just let it air dry after you shower without any brushing or anything!!

    I have way better hair days this way. Curly hair has a mind of its own!!

  54. Kathleen

    Aveda Be Curly Style Prep. I’ve got naturally curly hair and that’s been my go to for years. It helps to form the curls without the crunchy texture of gels. The day after you wash your hair you can also just dampen the ends of your hair and rub some of the style prep in. Your curls will bounce back up and look fresh.

  55. S

    cheapest product you can use is just conditioner. It works the same as mousse or leave in conditioner. Also if you ever want to actually *curl* your hair with a curling iron (just to organize your curls a bit) it will stick!

  56. Molly E alexander

    Hi! I’ve been dreaming of a perm JUST like this but want to know which type/technique of perm it is? I’ve been struggling to find one that isn’t too curly and 80s lol

  57. claire

    oh, years ago i helped my friend to perm her hair. and as we come from the former czechoslovakia, i thought perms procuded in our country were of very poor quality when she saw the result of my experiment.. but as i saw your new hairstyle, that perm was really high quality! :-))

  58. Harriet

    The best hair I ever had was a perm in 2000 when my hair was very long. I love every single photo of that time. But then the worst hair I ever had was about four months after the perm, the hair was so tangled and frizzy, I ended up getting it cut short. I think maybe they have improved perms since then and definitely there are better products to care for it now. Also your hair is not too long, and that might have been my mistake! I sleep with damp hair in twists and get great beachy waves that way instead now.

  59. Kellie

    You seriously can rock any hairstyle!!! Looks awesome!

  60. Love your hair!

  61. Meagan R.

    I love the curls on you! I have naturally curly hair and DevaCurl changed my world. I use the Arc Angel gel!

  62. Rachel L Rodriguez

    I have naturally curly hair and I love the Deva Curl gel and leave-in conditioner. The trick is to wash and condition first, do all your other shower stuff while it sits and then gently finger comb your hair (never brush it dry or you will have nothing but frizzy poof). Then, while your hair is sopping wet and you are still in the shower, apply the leave-in conditioner and finger it through from the ends to the roots to smooth the cuticle and repeat the same method with the gel. I then gently scrunch dry my hair with a towel and let it air dry.

    BTW, your new look is adorable. ;)

  63. Lindsay Haws

    Looooooooooooove. I’ve done a perm, pixie, long, mostly short. I love changing my hair but a perm I could def go back to!

  64. Andrada Borocki

    Devacurl, Cantu or Sheamoisture products.

  65. Ceci

    Pure Unrefined Organic Coconut Oil in a tub. Everyday. Can be found at most Whole Foods or Fresh Markets. Also great for skin, face, hair nails, feet, etc.

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  67. I have naturally curly hair about this texture (maybe a bit bigger coils). I’ve always been fighting the texture because straight hair is so much more embraced in society. But out of laziness and wanting to embrace nature I’m letting them be there wild selves. I had one perm as a kid and I’m not sure if it’s the same as the natural curls, but one thing to know is that they’re different everyday! There is definitely a curl pattern but they do their own thing somewhat unpredictably everyday which is fun and maddening. I try to use as little product as possible, just feels better to have no “crunch”. The texture looks great on you Naomi and I hope you enjoy your new curls!