hiking waterfalls in puerto rico!

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hello from puerto rico! we’ve been spending the week here during spring break from school and we cannot get enough of this beautiful place. last saturday, we hiked juan diego falls in the yunque national forest (which is the only rain forest included in the united states national forest service, kinda cool!) and i saw the most insane 360 degree rainbow circling the bottom of the waterfall when you stood in the middle of it! the water felt warm, the sunshine was just the right amount of heat, and no one fell or hurt themselves while climbing the steep trail to the falls. (i had my doubts any of us would make it up.) it was wonderful!

josh’s cousin moved to puerto rico with her family (which includes 6 children, 5 of which are still living at home!) last summer, so we met up with them last weekend to hike to the waterfalls which made the entire outing all the more fun for everyone! our kids love their kids (who are so good with our kids) and josh and i kept commenting to one another how wonderful our arms felt having a break from holding babies during most of the day because someone was often so sweet wanting to hold one. :)

some photos from our hike to the waterfall!

beatrice was strapped to the front of me so sadly i didn’t get a photo of her with my big camera (i have some selfie style videos i’ll share on instagram) but can’t get over madalena KEEPING HER HAT ON lol! even if it was for maybe 60 seconds, i felt proud she hadn’t pulled it off just yet. baby steps! by july, we’ll have worked up to a solid 5 minutes of hat wearing, i just know it.

ps. the baby girls full piece rash guards with matching hats are from here.

how insane is this waterfall against this backdrop?! i think green is my new favorite color after seeing this in person.

samson kept jumping right into the waterfall, but eleanor only wanted to go in on her cousin’s back, WITH a hat to protect her face. bless her heart. ;) conrad also went in but didn’t stand directly underneath it. this was the smaller waterfall below the bigger one which we hiked up to next.

our kids actually hiked up to the first smaller waterfall through the stream, not the actual trail.  took them a little while longer, but they had so much fun following the water…

i didn’t see it at first, but josh was crying laughing so hard when he saw this photo and i didn’t know why. eventually, out of breath, he said, “look at how much bigger i am than you,” and once i saw it, i couldn’t stop laughing either. i’m like just 6 inches behind him, but it makes a difference angle wise in the photo and we thought it was pretty funny. ha! he was joking that i shrunk when i got wet.

such a beautiful rainforest and incredible waterfall! more to come for puerto rico.


1. the baby girls full piece rash guards with matching hats are from here

2. my rash guard swimsuit top from here

3. my swimsuit bottoms from here

  1. Tamara

    Oh, what lucky kiddos! Looks like such an amazing trip! Have you seen a coqui frog yet? I heard them like crazy in PR but never managed to get a glimpse of one!

  2. penelope

    You all are incredible with your swimming costume ! You are the best and thanks for sharing these amazing pics from there !

    PS: definitely better than sunscreen which can be dangerous ! Never let the kids more than 20 minutes under the sun between 11 and 2:oopm

  3. KDK

    Love your adventures with your family! You guys never cease to amaze me. You mentioned the Yunque National Forest is the only rain forest in the US, but we have one up here in Washington State The Hoh Rainforest! You guys will have to make a trip out here :)

  4. Mary Radford

    Love the real life experiences you are giving your kids. Bravo!

  5. What a fun adventure!! I love how much you do with your kids and don’t let that hold you back. Such beautiful memories created! Sierra Beautifully Candid

  6. BabaWaga

    Never given much thought to PR as a destination but these pictures have really inspired me to look more into it.

    Also, your 50th State Hawaii has rainforests – I visited Big Island in 2008 and we went rainforest hiking multiple times – through Kapauu and Kailua Hawaii I believe.

  7. Michelle

    Lovely pictures of your beautiful family. I also love how you’re making sure your kids are protected from the sun.The rash guards are cute and sensible. But, there are other rainforests in the U.S. besides this one–specifically Hawaii ( tropical rainforest) and areas of the Pacific Northwest (temperate rainforest).

    • josh

      Thanks, Michelle! Yep – this is the only rainforest in the US Forest Service…

  8. Nicole

    Beautiful pics! Very inspiring. Now I’d love to go visit there!

  9. Michelle

    Where is Samson’s watch from?

    • josh

      It’s a freestyle shark classic mini leash watch.

  10. Julianna Farrell

    Where are Samson’s pants from?

  11. Mary Hagen Carmichael

    These pictures are gorgeous and love that you guys are wearing such sun-safe swimsuits.

  12. Jen

    I too would love to know where the swim pants are from. We just spent two weeks in Destin, FL (not very exotic, but very sunny!) and all I could think was that we needed swim pants to go with my son’s long sleeve rashguard…keeping up with sunscreen is tough! Thank you! (Also, you mentioned a post about travel with kids on your IG but I can’t find it here…would love to read it as we are not rocking the travel with kids thing just yet and really want to.) Thank you again!

    • josh

      There are different options. Conrad and the babies are wearing some from Polarn like these and these. Samson and Eleanor are wearing some from City Threads like these.

  13. Maggie

    Love Boden’s rashguard options! Especially after two kiddos and currently breastfeeding, this mama is done with the bikinis and it’s so freeing!!

  14. Sarah

    Hi Naomi,

    I am curious if you saw much hurricane damage on your trip?

    Beautiful pics and I love your suit!

  15. Hi,

    Great family and awesome photos of you and El Yunque.
    Bless them all!

    If you want to bring the forest home – [email protected] – check out my store below, we share over 40 days of exploration deep in the forest, available in top quality canvas prints.

    Lets bring the forest home!
    yunque explorer

  16. Jen

    Thank you so much for responding and linking the swim pants :) I will be getting some for sure!

  17. Lauren

    So so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!