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about a month ago, i was able to attend vision expo east, which is a big event all about eye education, as well as having a preview of all of the latest trends in beautiful eyewear. i loved the chance of walking the grounds and meeting and chatting with people in the optical industry that are so focused on improving products and design when it comes to eyewear, as well as those who are dedicated to eyecare.

after my pregnancy with my baby girls last year, i noticed my vision was a bit blurry and found it difficult to focus on things far away. i also started experiencing rather dry eyes as winter came on, which included occasional burning and watering randomly during the day. i went in last year to make sure everything was alright and found out i actually needed glasses for astigmatism. i know i’ve shared this before on my blog, but i am such a fan of a good pair of eye frames, and so i was pretty excited to get some official glasses. also, it felt wonderful to see more clearly again.

a few weeks ago, i had my eyes checked once again to check up on my astigmatism and learn more about the health of my eyes. it is fascinating to see how far we’ve come with being able to fully understand (and even see immediately!) the state of our eyes, and which ways we can help keep them safe and healthy.

here are a few things my doctor told me were important. always be sure you have sun protection on your eyes while outside. sunglasses that really cover the eye and don’t allow light in (think like goggles!) are best. if you’re doing a lot on a computer each day, it’s important to give your eyes a break from the screen for ten minutes after every 50 minutes (eek! i do not do this!). and make sure you’re holding your phone at an arms length away from your eyes at all times (major fail of mine over here. i like holding that thing up on my nose most of the time i have it out!).

even if your eye sight seems alright, my eye doctor shared the importance of having an annual eye exam with an eye care provider to check on the health of your eyes for things other than just nearsightedness. we’ve actually begun taking our kiddos in as well, since children’s eye health is just as critical, even if they aren’t vocalizing anything about their vision feeling blurry or fuzzy.

if it’s time for you to have your annual eye exam and you need an eyecare provider, you can visit thinkaboutyoureyes.com and use their doctor locator to find one close to you!

below are some photos from my eye exam appointment, and a few frames i liked. i actually got a new pair of eye glasses during my visit, so you’ll have to hop over to my instagram today to see which pair i chose! (hint, they are in one of the photos below.)

my eye doctor was able to take photos inside the back of my eye (how crazy is this!) and share information with me about how everything is looking.

so many frames, so little time.

thank you to the vision council for sponsoring this blog post. be sure to go check out my instagram to see me in my new eye glasses! for more eye health and trend information, go to thevisioncouncil.org.

  1. Nell

    Please tell us what brand the glasses you got are!

    • naomi

      my new frames are by jacques durand!

  2. Emily

    Those last pair of glasses look super cute! I have really bad eyesight but wear contact lenses for the majority of the time and have a check up every 6 months.

    Emily | Snippets of Emily’s Life xx

    • naomi

      i am so glad! i haven’t tried contacts but they seriously fascinate me!

  3. Allison

    I’m lucky that my eyes haven’t failed me. However both parents have glasses and I’m sure I’ll need them as I get older. Cute frames!!


  4. Lindsey

    I live in Southern California and expose my eyes to the sun all the time! Do you know if contacts are suggested so you can wear sunglasses for protection or just prescription sunglasses? Or does it matter? I was planning on getting contacts so I don’t have to pay such a pretty penny on prescription sunglasses. I’m definitely not up for wearing goggles…unless I’m snorkeling.

    You even look cute at an eye appointment! Amazing.

    • naomi

      hi lindsey! i know he said any sort of sunglass protection is key! i know they can put a prescription into your favorite sunglasses if you really need it! i don’t know about contacts and sunglasses, so i would ask your eye doctor what he or she recommends. :)