april, proving to be the best month ever.

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as i started to say it, i caught myself mid-sentence and started apologizing to my girlfriend who was pushing her stroller beside mine while we made our way through central park with our families yesterday. while saying it, i realized it was somewhere between the 16th and 47th time i was muttering the phrase, “i cannot get over this weather!” and we’d only been out a few hours. i was a broken record, as i always am this time of year, but i couldn’t help myself. when the blossoms come out and the coats come off, the world just feels like a better place. silly as it sounds.

it’s because the city transforms. it becomes a little more occupied. not that it was less bustling or busy in the winter months, but everyone isn’t just moving in a sea of black coats with their heads down and their headphones in, from destination start to destination finish. they wander, meander, glide and – i kid you not – practically skip! i swear our eyes meet more, and smiles are exchanged as we cross paths walking a little bit more freely from destination start to destination finish. there is music in the park, petals from blossoms blowing in the wind, and also probably unicorns somewhere just out of sight, i’m sure. ;)

the city doesn’t just transform though. i transform, too. i think i’m a better mom, wife, human being when the sun is out. and so maybe that’s why i’m particularly thankful when spring shows her face. she comes when i need her most. at a time when i’m not sure if i can hold on any longer, to another day in puffy jackets with frozen ankles (still hate socks) and days where it gets dark around 4 in the afternoon. and so yes, since i’m a firm believer in the love language of affirmations, i’ll just keep thanking her over and over again for what she brings into my soul this time of year, and keep mumbling under my breath as well as to anyone beside me every few seconds, “she’s here! i can’t get over it. this weather! i’m so grateful.”

photos from saturday and sunday, where much of it was spent outside shedding sweaters and light jackets, wandering the park and stopping at every other playground. even had to make a quick run into the drug store for sunscreen at one point, it was that good! ;)

general conference weekend is probably another reason why this weekend will go down in the books as a good one. felt so much love from what i was able to catch of it in-between the mom duties of the day.

all smiles from beatrice and josh!

lash envy from madalena! also, this girl is standing and trying to walk. part of me wants to push her over and be like, “NOOOOOOO!” but the other part of me is excited she’s so ready!

met up with friends for a picnic early sunday morning in central park. she brought her strata (egg casserole dish) in a cast iron skillet which just proved why we are friends! (for those curious about transportation, we both live just a short few blocks from the park and also the bottom of our strollers are basically our mary poppins car trunks in the city. what do they not hold?! that is the question.)

april, we love you so far. have a wonderful week, everyone!

  1. Verity

    London is also soooo different in the sunshine! We love it here so much more, and we love it pretty hard in the gloom too!

  2. Ahhhh! This is going to be such a fun summer for your family– those babies are going to be WALKIN’!!!

  3. Elaine

    Naomi… you write so beautifully! What a gift. That plus your beautiful photos are a treasure, It’s no wonder you beg to be followed!

  4. the sunshine is so wonderful! and a picnic in the park sounds pretty perfect.

    xo, brittany
    mom wardrobe staples are on my blog today!

  5. So glad you guys did conference bingo! I found out about it AFTER the sessions dang it.

    What a beautiful day in NYC for you though. It’s getting that way in Utah… until tomorrow and weds with more snow. Sigh

  6. Margaret

    In Nova Scotia, where I live, we are currently having a snow storm and schools might be closed tomorrow! I am not too bummed, however…..I am a teacher, so I may get an extra day off! But it’s gonna be awhile before we ge to enjoy a picnic…..I’ll have to live vicariously through your family!

  7. April, thank you for springing this gorgeous spring weather on us! NYC is vibrant again.

    Your remark about people smiling and looking up…( gives me hope, hopeless romantic here) that I may meet someone rather than on an app with no future. Crazy I thought about it the other day as I exited Port Authority and smile at a handsome fella walking into Port.

    Love the photo of Conrad with the Egg!

  8. Pamela

    I love the city in the spring. I live in Brooklyn and feel as if a weight had been lifted. Spring is the season of possibilities while
    Summer is more her sister, yes. The earth blooms and so do we. Hope springs eternal.

  9. Didiey

    I love your blog when sun shines too. You are so good with colours!!!

  10. Hilary

    Growing wildflowers here in our L.A. garden to celebrate Spring! I am free with you completely about the longer days, nothing feels better than the light in the evenings.

  11. Sierra

    Such fun pictures! April sure is off to a great start. I feel like I’m a broken record, too. But seriously, life is just better when the weather is nice. Sierra Beautifully Candid

  12. Love your family ! Spring is such a blessing thoses days in Europe :) specially being pregnant and having no winter clothes who fits me anymore haha

  13. Lindsey

    I can so relate to being a better mom when the sun is out! Being in Southern California though, I guess it’s when I decide to take advantage of it. When I get home from work and want to pull my hair out because my patience is SO low, I take us all outside and collect things, play with chalk, or race with my kiddos. It changes everything!

  14. Shana Ball

    This post is making me think our family needs to make our next trip to NYC in the Spring! We were there last autumn, and fell in love! Lovely photos, and that picnic!!!!!

  15. Liz

    1. The photo of Josh and Beatrice is just too cute to handle.
    2. You made me LOL when you said, ” also, this girl is standing and trying to walk. part of me wants to push her over and be like, “NOOOOOOO!” but the other part of me is excited she’s so ready!” I laughed by the push her over and yell NOOOOO!!

    Happy Spring!!

  16. Kate

    Hi Naomi — Where is your trench from? Thanks!

  17. Joyce

    I was gonna ask the same question. Your trench is so cute! share source please! Thanks

  18. Claire

    I wish you still tagged the sources for some of your clothing items. Would love to know where your sunglasses are from!

  19. Tara

    All the smiles and sunshine, I needed that today! Thankyou, you always inspire me xx 💕

  20. Denise Orfield

    Love NYC in the spring!

  21. Mona

    I have been following your blog for the pst year. Love your posts. My kids live in New York, and your posts helps me connect with them. I am an American expat, living in Austria. If you and family planning to visit Austria , you are always welcomed to stay at my home. I am an empty Nestor, live with two Havaneese dogs. , Three bedrooms and you and family are always welcome.

  22. Lindsey

    You look so youthful and fresh!! The no-bangs look is workinnnn for you! Love!

  23. Mallory

    2019 has been soooo incredibly daunting for me (so far)! Nothing life changing or terrible has happened, but I’m just having a tough time. Like me and the universe aren’t sinking up. I’m over here and everything else is over there. Aaah. I do agree with you… it has been so nice to have the sun out and to get me and the fam outside. Thanks for your inspiring and positive post! See ya later.