rome, italy with kids! part II

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you can find PART I of our rome, italy trip right here!

sharing the remaining photos from our week in rome. such a great trip, which feels like a lifetime ago as well as just yesterday in such a wild way. grateful for the chance to travel with my crew and what an incredible city rome is! we loved every second of our time there.

for those interested in clothing, my color block PINK SWEATER, wide legged JEANS and wearing these BOOTS.

we stumbled upon one of our favorite restaurants of the trip on accident. we were on our way to the trevi fountain and the spot we’d chosen for lunch was closed for the month (they were on holiday) so we did a quick search on our phones for something else nearby and decided on nanà vini e cucina which did not disappoint. each pasta dish we ordered was delicious. josh also had a really good fresh fish that we loved.

being silly outside the catacombs.

the catacombs of domitilla were fascinating. these kids did amazing with our quick tour. i think they found it really intriguing as well which was a plus. and the man in the gift shop was very friendly and nice and gave them all lollipops which helped, too!

since we did the overnight flight, we kept our first day wide open schedule wise only making a reservation for the last time slot at the galleria borghese which was a quick walk from our hotel. we used our first day to rest at the hotel and sleep (while josh went to church in italian), and then wandered out around 4PM. i think it’s important not to put too much pressure on yourself or your travel group or family those first 24 hours. this worked out really well for us. we were energized and ready for our first big adventure of the trip and kicked it off with walk through the galleria borghese (again, we chose something close by just to keep things easy) and since we’d discussed a few of the sculptures with the kids beforehand, it was interesting for them, too… until the very last room when conrad let out a loud, “uuugh, another statue! this is boooorrrrring!” haha! he was a good sport during the first several rooms. :)

cannot and will not ever be able to get over this one by bernini.

the best gelato of our entire trip was from come il latte gelateria which was fortunately a short walk from our hotel. we went several nights in a row and i already miss it terribly.

the same day we did the colosseum, we walked around the roman forum with the same tour guide.

as i had mentioned in another blog post, our main reason for heading to rome was to walk through the open house of the new rome temple of our church. it was something we had talked about doing together over ten years ago when the temple in rome was first announced. we didn’t anticipate the timeline it would take to finish it, but 5 kids later, we were still game to go! i shared about this a little bit on instagram while we were in rome, but our temples are open to the public, absolutely anyone of any faith and also any age, during the open house period when they can walk through and tour it to learn more about what we call “the house of the lord.” after the dedication, our temples are used by members of our church prepared to perform sacred ordinances which are different from those we do each sunday in our meetinghouses (which are always open for anyone who’d like to worship with us).

it is very very exciting that italy finally has a temple! it’s the very first in their country and i am just very excited for those who will finally have one nearby. for me personally, the temple is a place where i have felt complete love and received better understanding and guidance, as well as answers to my personal questions when i have taken time over the years to attend the temple. it is a place that has brought peace and purpose into my life and i am so thankful for it. walking through the rome temple was a really special experience and i loved having the chance to do so with all my babies in tow.

beatrice snoozed through her first chance to taste gelato! madalena made up for her tasting absence with a double helping. both babies really enjoyed tiny tastes of that goodness as the trip progressed. it’s funny, because the first few times we got some, i was like, nope, they can’t have any yet. we are waiting for that 1 year mark. and then by day 3 i was like, we are in italy! they are 9 months and like, live a little! but i forgot how persistent babies are once they try something they love! we couldn’t sneak gelato the rest of the trip without them noticing! it’s like they’d be completely zonked out in their stroller and once a gelato cone touched a family members hand, they were UP! and LOOKING AT IT! good times.

rome, you were so good to us! what a trip!

  1. Lindsey

    Experiencing God’s love and truth is not comparable to anything else. Your babies are blessed! I love seeing your kiddos smile and giggle in these photos. They’re a testament to your accomplishment in making life a fun experience for them. So much love!

    Happy weekend!

  2. Tricia

    Omg I actually cried in the middle of the Borghese looking at that statue- so embarassing. I couldn’t get over the talent.

    • josh

      It’s probably my favorite statue ever. Incredible. And still so relevant in so many ways even today hundreds of years later.


  3. K

    I love this so much! Thank you as always for sharing and inspiring everyone with your beautiful life! You have inspired me to live a more colorful life and take lots of photos. My phone and computer are now full and I’m finding it impossible to find photos haha If you wouldn’t mind sharing how you manage the many many images you take I’d appreciate it greatly! Do you use a cloud storage service? Hard drives? Etc thank you again!

  4. Leyla

    Your trip to Rome makes me want to take my whole family there. I traveled to Rome solo many years ago (before husband and kids) but I think going with the whole family would make the city even more memorable!

    Leyla /

  5. Looks like a lovely trip :) My little family is going to Rome in September. Hope I can find the Gelato shop!!

    • josh

      Come il Latte!

  6. You guys look like you had so much fun! I don’t know how you did it with the kids. Such a wonderful experience for the kids.

  7. Tillie

    who makes your belt bag?!