life lately… a very big photo dump!

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it’s the end of march already! life has been full and crazy and wonderful. we are in a chapter that pulls at you from every possible direction all day (and occasionally, all night) and makes you think you just might fall over and die. but right before you do, you have two babies come hug you and smother your cheek with open face kisses. you have an older little one acknowledge something you work at every single day for them to do, and say “wow, mama. thank you…” all on their own, and you just melt. you realize as you day-dream of the next chapter where you can sneak away for a date or eat dinner while it’s hot or not have loads of laundry coming out of your ears, that this chapter is pretty darn magnificent in its own right.

this juggle is real, but this juggle is mine. forever and ever thankful for it.

josh and i have been working hard on something very exciting, which is why this space hasn’t been updated as frequently as i’d like right now. i will share more when i can. in the meantime, come hang with me on my insta stories. and enjoy this big photo dump from my iphone (and a few i stole from josh’s) with photos from the last several weeks! happy monday!

YELLOW! also, still on the fence about the bang situation. so many of you voted to keep growing them out when i did a poll on instagram but every day i come this close to grabbing a pair of scissors. :)

too many zooz! spotted in the subway and making not just my day, but josh’s! i put the videos in my insta stories highlights if you missed them. these guys are the best!

when conrad is having a playdate and i walk into the playroom to this! it’s a space ship, if you weren’t sure. they exited the spacecraft and walked in slow motion all over the room for several minutes and i was crying i was laughing so hard. taking their astronaut game to the next level and i was living for it. four-year-olds are the best.

will be crying extra hard when it’s finally warm in may (maybe april?!) and we don’t need the snow suit bunting for warmth. these tiny suits have had a good run though.

photos captured by josh who was walking the babies around the block with the stroller and took these outside the restaurant window in the process. i wrote more about it here. the chapter of doing stuff in shifts. ;)

so very excited that verdi garden at 72nd street is being renovated a bit after being taken over by over grown ivy (and unfortunately rats as well) the last several decades. josh saw a sign the other week while we walked to the subway about the porject and emailed right away to get our family involved. we were able to volunteer last saturday for a couple hours and plant some things in the garden. the entire square will be open to the public this summer with some pretty walk ways and tables and benches, so all can enjoy! we walk by this square often, so i’m looking forward to watching the things we planted blossom and grow in the months and years to come. very thankful to the volunteers who have really made this project possible. if you’re a local, anyone is welcome to help them continue to garden on saturday mornings!

that time we were very matchy-matchy! even our stroller was playing along.

first time down the slides!

fun friday night of pulling out the sofa bed and watching TRON together in our tron costumes before bedtime!

uncle isaac came to down for a few days during his spring break! we didn’t tell the kids he was coming and he showed up in the playground in full on disguise (like, a fake beard and sunglasses and a baseball cap.) the kids still knew it was him within a few seconds!

uncle ryan and uncle isaac!

we also got to host my sister rachel and her little guy brody last week! he just turned one, so it’s fun to have a little cousin for madalena and beatrice to grow up with so close in age.

my twin sisters had a birthday a few days before rachel came so we had to celebrate it while she was here. (sadly bekah is in LA and couldn’t make it out.)

samson is turning into the most adorable little runner. he loves going out for a run around the block and last week, he even did one in the rain with josh. he likes to put on his “running shorts” for the activity and i’m so glad josh is down to join him whenever he requests a run. i think he might be catching onto the fact that his mother is not a runner since he has stopped asking me to join him and just goes straight to josh. running is that one thing that i just can’t ever imagine doing. my knees hurt thinking about it.

stole these from josh’s phone. selfie in the elevator after a run in the rain!

had to include this one of this kid and his bike in the snow. there’s no such thing as bad weather! all these months later after reading that book, my kids remind me every single day. ;)

  1. Ans Pauwels

    Go and get that scissors sister!!! You totally rock that bangs!

  2. Patrizia

    Thank you for putting so perfectly into words the tremendous blessing and daily struggle that motherhood is. From one tired mama to anouther, it’s so nice to know that we are all going through the same thing. We want to fast forward at times yet want to bottle up these precious moments and never let them go.

  3. Sarah

    What brand are your black glasses?

  4. I’ve found with my fringe, if you curl it under a little with straighteners you can get an extra few weeks out of it as an actual fringe then it’s eeady to swoop right to the side to grow out.

    Although… I do love yours 🥰🥰 I voted for keep! 🙌🏻

  5. cherry

    oh just cut those bangs!!! you inspired me to cut mine, noone wears bangs better than you❤️ also, i only have one 7 months old boy and feel like dying often, i dont know how you handle it all. love and kisses from croatia😘

  6. Yaindy Lara

    the babies are so big already! time really does fly!!!. Can you tell me where you got Conrad’s bike from? or did you get the handle separately?

  7. Liz

    Where is the dollhouse in the first picture from? It’s so bright and happy! Love the pics, thanks for sharing.

  8. Meghan

    I just love following along with your little adventures. You seem to create such wonderful memories for your little ones. xo

  9. Alyssa

    LOVE your red Nikes! Where are they from?

  10. Divya

    Source for the yellow jacket, please!

  11. Mary C Woodbury Hooper

    there’s no such thing as bad weather! all these months later after reading that book, my kids remind me every single day

    What book? :D

  12. Sara Vaesken

    Love this Naomi! ♥️ I admire so much how you educate your older three childrens! Eleanor, Samson and Conrad.
    I’m a mom of two, Maxi (2 years) and Giuliana (6 month).
    Do you have a post about education? Like school habits, reading, education in general. Maxi is going to kinder next year and I’m so nervous about it. It will mean a lot to read/hear something about it from you!! With so experience.

    I’m following you from Paraguay, South America ;)

  13. Jessica

    Hi Naomi,
    Just a little comment because I wanna tell you that you’re a really inspiring woman ! I love coming here and read a new article about your NYC life.
    As well as a beautiful mama, you have such a beautiful fashion style. I can’t tell you how many times I chopped my hair because of you (hello 3rd day new bob hair).
    I hope you’re gonna continue to write here because i’m that kind of person who doesn’t have instagram or other social media, i don’t like it.
    A big thank you, and for the record, I reading your post since the first year or that page ! (it makes feel a old mama telling you that but i’m just thirty).

  14. Celia

    I love this kind of iPhone photos posts! Life lately acording to mynphone, was it? :)

  15. Ruth

    Love these kinds of posts! I’m sure we’d all love to hear more about growing out bangs….your headband in the first photo is so cute. Can you share where you found it?

  16. Emily

    You are one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram! Your family life just seems so real and authentic! I don’t know if that makes any sense, but you inspire me! And every time I read your blog or look at your posts on social media I get so excited for the day my husband and I start having kiddos!!! Thank you for being real!! And for sharing so many of the moments in your life with all of us!!

  17. omg the photo from Conrad’s playdate needs to be printed and kept forever!!!!

  18. Cate

    Hi Naomi – do you have a photo of your photo walls? I’m looking for inspiration/guidance on how to (slowly) fill a very long walk in the living room without having every piece already framed and sized and taped on the floor before hanging. This will not happen…any advice is welcomed :)

  19. Sarah

    That little bike of Conrad’s is freaking genius! I don’t know how many times I’ve said I wish they had handles for parents to push/pull/steer! 👏👏👏