brush, brush, baby!

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over the years, there have been times where teeth-brushing with my kiddos has felt nothing short of an uphill battle. we’ve tried introducing songs, games, rewards. there have even been bribes. there have also been tears. i mean, i really mean it when i say it’s felt like a battle on occasion. but we’ve also been pretty diligent. we know forming good habits when it comes to taking care of your teeth and gums is important in those early years for developing healthy grown-up habits down the road. and as our children have grown (the older ones are at ages now where we are beyond begging and bribing), i feel like we are finally getting into a proper routine of seeing them understand the importance of why we brush, how long to brush, and why it’s critical we do it daily.

one of the first things we discovered that really got the kids excited was this video with a catchy song sung by elmo explain why and how to brush your teeth. like seriously, you won’t be able to get it out of your head and your kids will be dancing. this is what helped most with turning a corner for positive teeth-brushing.

another thing that has helped me and our kids is getting a new toothbrush, one that does a lot of work and one they are excited about, too! last spring, i shared my love for quip, an affordable electric toothbrush that comes with no wires or chargers and is sensitive enough for my gums (major plus!). since i’ve been using a quip toothbrush every day since last april, i was very excited to learn they just launched a kids toothbrush with the same beautiful design and features (like the two-minute timer with pulses every 30 seconds so you know when to switch sides and soft nylon round-tip bristles that work wonders)! the kids version has all the same features and benefits, just tweaked for smaller brushers. my kids were pretty stoked, too! mostly to get their very own toothbrush in a fun color that sticks to the mirror in their bathroom “like mama’s!” this has been especially good for conrad who still needs some encouragement and help.

the third thing that has helped is doing it all together. it’s also made me very proud to watch conrad (samson and eleanor have had it down for a while now) begin to take more ownership of his teeth-brushing lately. when he does it himself, i will do a “sugar-bug check” at the end after he brushes to see if there are aaaaaany little “sugar bugs” left. he gets so excited for this. it’s a good excuse to get the brush back inside there for a thorough teeth cleaning while also letting him have that sense of feeling empowered by having done the first round all by himself! i like to make a game of it pretending I spotted a “sugar bug” and usually we both end up laughing. sometimes, he still needs encouragement.  you know what they say, “a family that brushes their teeth together NEVER GETS CAVITIES!” just kidding, but here’s to trying! ;)

the quip electric toothbrush starts at $25, and with a brush head subscription, you can automatically get a refreshed brush head for $5 every three months, sent to you with free shipping, too!

if you’d like to try it out for the entire family, you can get your first $10 refill for free with the code lovetazakids or by clicking here.

the darling line of little toothbrushes on the mirror of the kiddos bathroom!

also, good thing the tub wasn’t full of water because we lost a tooth brusher to the tub at one point! he is just fine, if you’re wondering.

thank you to quip for sponsoring this blog post! and don’t forget to use the code lovetazakids to receive your first $10 refill for free if you’d like to try quip out for yourself or your family!

  1. Katrina

    How fun!!!! Quip is great!
    Can we get a bathroom tour sometime?? It looks darling!

    • naomi

      haha, that’s pretty much the extent of the bathroom! i don’t know how much more there is to show! :) but thank you. i do love it. the other bathroom has a fun very prominent green tile situation happening which i also love. will try to maybe do an insta story of both soon. :)

  2. kim

    Hello! Where are the boys sweatpants from may I ask? TY

    • naomi

      hi! both pairs are from J.Crew!

  3. Emily

    Teeth brushing is such a battle in our house, too. I need to look at that Elmo song!

    • naomi

      the elmo song really did wonders for us! hope it helps!

  4. Jess

    You should check out The podcast Chompers. My husband works for Gimlet and is very proud of this show. It’s a twice daily toothbrushing show with different themes each week. Every episode is different with silly songs, facts, and stories. The whole point is that each episode is two minutes long which will match your quip timing!

    Check it out

  5. Nikki

    You look amazing in these photos, Naomi! Any tips for brushing those baby teeth, since you’ve had to do it several times? My older son shows my 17 month old what to do, but oh my goodness is it ever a battle. These toothbrushes look really nice.

    • naomi

      it is hard around that age! i think making a game out of it as much as you can is great. try to see if you can brush before a song ends (like abc’s or twinkle twinkle or whatever they love) or go on a hunt for some sugar bugs and pretend you caught one and are squishing him with the toothbrush! i don’t know why but my kids loved that sort of thing around that age. we would pretend to kill a lot of silly sugarbugs that were trying to hid between our teeth. GOOD LUCK!

  6. Dee

    Oh thanks for this. So timely for us with two year old refuser. For UK based readers Hey Duggee also has a tooth brushing episode we’ve found helpful.