be my valentine! (even for a minute, or two?!)

a few months shy of our 12th wedding anniversary (plus 5 sweet kids later that sometimes make that number feel 70 years longer), i’ve come to learn the best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day (and any special occasion, really), isn’t with a fancy dinner or box of chocolates or tickets to a beautiful show (although those things are certainly nice and wonderful, too! i mean, CHOCOLATE, HELLO!!!). but when you get down to it, it’s prioritizing time together…. however we can get it! running errands together sans kids, a short walk around the neighborhood just us, sitting on the bathroom floor in the dark after all the kids are asleep having a conversation outside of the children, the work, the scheduling and calendaring and appointments and everything else that is always so consuming, for ten minutes. for even six. or just reaching across the sticky dinner table filled with children and a lot of mashed up peas underneath to hold each other’s hands in a sort of “i see you over there and i love you” way which can truly mean everything when you’re in the throws of a chapter of life that wants to yell “THE CHILDREN COME FIRST AND NOT YOU OR YOUR MARRIAGE OR….” but we all know that’s not true. And time, however you can get it with the one of you love benefits everything else and your babies, too. it just does. so don’t feel bad about taking it.

i thought it might be appropriate in the midst of the hustle and bustle of this Valentine’s Day season, to put that little message out as a reminder for any other parents in the midst of the chaos and long nights and tired eyes. to find the ten minutes somewhere in the day to take together, and know it’s okay if they aren’t filled with special plans, just make the minutes, and make them count. happy valentine’s day, everyday!

video in collaboration with the talented ashley lauren!

  1. My mom and dad have been married for nearly 40 years, 7 kids. My parents have always made time, regardless of hustle and bustle, to show their love for one another. My dad has told me before, “my relationship with your mother comes first.” My mom has shown the same. I always admired the love my parents shared, but as I have gotten older— I have realized that putting their relationship first was really a gift to my siblings and I. I am a far better person for having been witness to their daily choice of love— in innumerable ways. A couple “putting their relationship before the kids” is really doing the best thing for their kids!

  2. Lydia

    So so so much fun to watch! Seriously the cutest little video!!

  3. tanja vaillancourt

    love it ! you guys are so cool!

  4. such a cute video and a great reminder!! <3 you can absolutely feel your love through this sweet video — i can just see your kiddos watching this one years from now and it making them smile so much, too!

  5. Carlee Pons

    Hey Naomi! I have been a big fan of yours for years, I moved to NYC about a year ago. I’m looking to add some more families to my weekend babysitting gig circle should you or any of your Mom friends need! Thanks!

  6. Julie Tremblay-Potvin

    This video reminds me of the one you made back in the DC days. You know the one in which you were taking all the furniture across the city for a pie date (if my memory is accurate)? It’s funny how a little date is often enough to remind us we are still that newly-wed or not-yet-married couple under all the family life layers.

  7. Candice

    Cute video & I love your dinosaur bag!

  8. Margaret Forsey

    Who is the musical artist? The song is so cool and fun!

  9. Tracy

    I needed the reminder. We live in Thailand and can afford to have a weekly babysitter (who will even make the kids dinner) and I just haven’t got to organizing that. I mean, we need to prioritize our time with each other. This was a reminder that I needed to put those moments first because it will only help my family!

  10. Nicole

    So sweet!

  11. Ashley

    Love this video — so cute! I also love those boots you’re wearing! Do you mind sharing where they are from?

  12. Kym

    LOVEEEEE the video! So so cute!

  13. Carol

    Love this!!! What is the song playing?

  14. Danielle

    I’m dying to know where your coat is from in this video! I love that fur collar. Can you share? :)

  15. rose

    Great video! So fun watching y’all! And are you sure you had a c-section? I had two and have a mushroom! You look good girl!


  16. alexa

    Agreed! The marriage comes first, and the children are just blessings that come out of the marriage. If you don’t put the marriage first, you and your husband will find yourselves mere roommates when the kids leave the nest.

  17. Wonderful video! I love it !!

  18. Meg

    Long time reader, first time commenter. You guys might have 5 kids but you are BABES and so in love in this vid. LOVE IT LOVE YOU LOVE LOVE.

  19. Hilary

    Cool concept for a video! Loved the colors red and pink of the set.