that sunshiney day!

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i know it’s pouring rain outside today in new york city, but wasn’t yesterday so glorious?! a whole 37 degrees, sure. but it felt like summer after a weekend where it was something like -12 outside so I WILL TAKE YOU, 37 DEGREES OF BLISS and I WILL LOVE YOU. thanks for not making my face fall off.

josh and i were able to both be at school pick-up as well yesterday afternoon (something that very rarely happens as we’re trying to juggle and tag team everything right now) so we made sure to swing by a new bakery in the neighborhood (welcome to the upper west side, billy’s!) that just opened up this week after grabbing the kids. then we hit central park together to scoot and run and climb on the rocks and be a little wild. feeling very very lucky to have that amazing park just a block from our apartment. all year round,  but especially in january when everything feels sad, central park is a saving grace for us and the perfect spot to get all our wiggles and energy out (as well as recharge mama’s sanity), before heading back inside.

snapped a few photos along the way, my favorite one probably being madalena digging through the dirt for her very first time!

guess we don’t have to do a snowboarding trip this winter, conrad practiced with his scooter for 3 whole blocks today and i have a sore back to prove it! ;)

baby girls baby girls!!! (madalena on the left, beatrice on the right.)

these cute boys built a snowman! i mean, a tree-rock man! our version since WHERE ARE YOU SNOW?!?!!?

my little miss B!

and little miss M! so fascinated by digging through that cold dirt for the very first time! she was rather content just sitting and exploring it all. i was impressed she wasn’t trying to eat it!

and little miss E, not so little anymore though. almost EIGHT YEARS OLD! just a few weeks away and good grief i sure love her.

and these baby girls about to be EIGHT MONTHS OLD in a few days. WHAT!? time flies when you don’t ever sleep, that is for sure. ;)

  1. Lindsey

    I live in a duplex, with no yard for my littles to play in. Your posts about making specific time to get outside calm my anxious heart a bit. I get so worked up about everything and living in Southern California where it seems like everyone has a yard and the weather is almost always nice, makes me think my kids should basically live in their nonexistent backyard. Thanks! Glad you got some time outside with your family.

  2. Kathy

    I live in New Hampshire. For those of us lucky enough to live here year round, there is a secret to withstanding the winter. Every day, no matter the weather or temperature, go outside for at least 10 minutes. It makes the long nights and cold seem manageable. You and your family are well on your way!

  3. Ahahh I totally feel you on the weather! I took a little more time walking outside yesterday ^-^ Loving the brightness and colour that your family is bringing to the grey winter! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  4. Meghan

    I just adore checking in on your blog. Your twins in those little suits are just over the top! All of those sweet, sweet little faces. What a blessing.

  5. Laura L.

    Thank you, Taza, for shining a light on the beauty (as well as the nitty gritty) of motherhood, and on the joy that children can bring into this world. Heaven knows we need all that light we can get right now. I appreciate all you do to uplift your corner of the internet-it’s my favorite!

  6. Amanda

    You’re such an inspiring pretty mom! Happy photos- makes me want to slap on a pretty lip color and smile! Speaking of lip color 🤣 what color are you wearing here?? I’ve been spying new colors on you this season!! Would love to know what lip colors you’ve been wearing!! I have the same hair color, skin complexion as you- so when I need make up 😂 I literally just write down your lip colors and blush and go straight into Sephora with my list! Haha you save me time and probably $$$$ with less time in there!!

  7. Nicole

    We recently moved from a low-rise to a high-rise and it’s been a difficult transition for our family, since we have young children. Your children always seem so carefree at home, but maybe you’re lucky enough to have a bottom floor apartment. Just wondering your thoughts on children and managing noise in an apartment building.

  8. Rita

    What does Josh do during the day? Would love to know about your routines!

  9. Anica Gilbert

    It’s so sweet that you guys make time to spend together outside! These are memories that the littles will carry throughout their childhood. And the twins coats are so cute!

  10. Alyssa

    The hats the baby girls are wearing are SO GREAT. My little one is 7 months and the winter hat we have is either covering his eyes or slipping off. Ugh! Where are your hats from!?

  11. Lauren

    Hello Naomi – Love this!

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    First of all looking for somehow to do it free from costs to begin with.
    And would love the ability to expand the layout & wait to upgrade using the $20/month accounts to get your own http://www.?.com name as time goes on until a established community is formed. And when you do that is all content lost or can you transfer/upgrade instead of starting from scratch? Did you start off your website with a free WordPress (etc) blog and did you like the path you took to the great unknown?

    Ahh.. so many questions!🤯

    I’m so interested!

    Thanks so much for what you do!
    Do u have any fav influencers?
    I love what you do and how you see being a mother your number one job!
    Thank you! ! 🖤 …

    Love Taza will forever be your lifetime keepsake no matter how long you choose to pursue it!!! ⭐ (I’ve heard of ways you can print all your posts into a book for yourself when someone else wanted to take there blog down)

  12. Mara

    It’s a good plan, nice photos!!!