take me out to the ice rink!

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i have the utmost respect for figure skaters who dance and jump and do insane tricks on the ice with sharp blades strapped to their feet. i mean! i was a dancer once upon a time and i feel like i have fairly decent balance and coordination, but the thought of lifting my leg up high while moving on a tiny blade over cold ice is just impossible to me. i don’t know how they do it. that said, it doesn’t stop me from pretending i’m a figure skater gliding across the ice rink every time we go ice skating. i just want to be them. i want to do triple axels and stick the landing and skate backwards without ever really looking where i’m going because i’m already so synced with the ice i know where i am exactly already.

josh and i had a little day date sans all our babies a bit ago, and of course when he asked what sort of activity i was thinking we should do, ice skating was as far as my mind was willing to go! i’m sure he was thrilled (i mean, of course he was thrilled!) and so we took off to an ice rink in central park and miraculously left the venue without either of us ever falling once. there were close calls. there were arms flailing and lots of hovering at several moments on the ice, but no one actually biffed it. and like, that’s big over here.

i have enjoyed getting to work with capital one this year and share about their new savor card, which i’ve highlighted a bit already over the last few months since it’s a good one for dining out with 4% cash back every time. but you can also earn 4% cash back with the savor card on entertainment as well, which means going to the movies, seeing a concert, even something like an ice skating date can mean you’re earning cash back on some of life’s most memorable experiences with loved ones! it’s like a double win, which is one of the reasons i have loved using it so far.

some photos from our ice skating date where neither of us ever fell down (wait, did i already say that? can you tell i’m just very pleased and maybe a lot surprised with this news!)


for the record, i thought my leg was so much higher when josh took this photo of me. like, i thought i was in a full out arabesque back there!


something i love about josh that also annoys me about josh is how easy it is for him to just go for it. whatever it is, he doesn’t get scared or worried or over analyze or rethink… he’ll just do it. depending on the situation, this quality makes me fall more in love with him or feel extra frustrated with him, depending. in this particular moment, i was very wow-ed.


got the leg up! does anyone have a contact for the USA figure skating olympic team?


add this to the list of things i wanna be in my next life. figure skater, check! thanks for a fun date, josh. and thank you to capital one for sponsoring this blog post.

  1. Tina Schrader

    How fun! I’ve only been ice skating once and fell more than once. Im afraid I’m not much of an ice skater. I am, however, a terrific bottom-skater. ;) Happy New Year!

  2. I just found your blog and your photos are amazing! Do you take them all yourself? (And if you have any tips or a post on it I’d love to read it :)

    This date looks super fun. I haven’t been to central park in years – so if we’re in NY this winter I’ll make a pit stop. Looking forward to reading more from you!

  3. Carlee

    Love your coat! Where is it from?

  4. Nikki

    Great date idea!

    I did this with my husband last Christmas, expecting it to be all romantic like the movies. Instead he spent the whole time clinging to the side and aI genuinely feared for his life on the few times he let go!

    Not the date for us…

    Nikki x

  5. Pilar

    Nice! I’d also love a post fromyour trip to Disney!

  6. Lauren

    Yay Naomi!!

  7. I used to skate when I was in elementary school and it felt so natural to me, but it’s been QUITE a few years since. This past holiday season, I skated for the first time in forever; I hoped it’d be like riding a bike and that I’d pick skating right back up, but it wasn’t! Nevertheless, it was so much fun because I felt so silly, not in spite of it ^-^ -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  8. Julia

    O Cudownie :) <3